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Looking to the Future: Expecting the Unexpected

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Faroe stamp 430 The First Human Beings

Faroe stamp 430 The First Human Beings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Author: Ted Nottingham

We are all familiar with the many predictions spoken of from ancient times regarding not only the future, but our future specifically in this age.  Much has been made of the prophecies set for the end of 2012.  The fact that we are in the year 2013 does not mean that nothing has happened concerning those troubling visions and expectations.  What we can know for certain is that the future brings change – on a global scale, a national scale, and for each one of us individually.  As the saying goes:’The only constant is change.’

Many of us have experienced the ways in which our lives can take a radical turn in the blink of an eye. Wise words from a song of the seventies tell us that ‘in a New York minute, everything can change.’  Those of us who need the comfort and safety of routine and familiar ways are bound to be sorely disappointed – in people, in circumstances, in ourselves, in our plans.  A deep friendship can evaporate in an instant over simple misunderstandings or lack of communication, devastating the heart and wiping away years of wonderful memories and hopes for the future. Betrayal can ravage relationships that were soul-based and foundational to stability and joy. Malice and slander can eat up communities that once stood as beacons of light for others.  An ancient saying tells us: ‘The darkness is always trying to overcome the Light’ (whether within us or from the outside).  That darkness need not be metaphysical.  It can be as absurd and tragic as the smallest human frailty letting in a tsunami of destruction.  These awful events happen every day and transform individual futures dramatically, and quite often unnecessarily.  This is when we must learn from the truly wise among us, such as Karlfried Graf Durckheim who stated: ‘Accept the unacceptable.’ Without such wisdom, the strength to go on can be torn out of us.

It seems that life in this world has taken on a new quality of speed in unexpected transmutations, especially due to our high-tech environment.  The natural pace of human life has changed dramatically and most of us are caught up in a lifestyle that is far from healthy and unlike anything known to former generations.

We are also living in an age that has been strangely marked by ancient prophecies.  Consider the following information gathered in my book ‘The Desolation Chronicles’:

The Mayans spoke of a terrible wind destroying entire forests and leading toward the end of the world. Its name was Hurakan. The Hindu Vedas and the Persian Avesta, as well as the primordial Epic of Gilgamesh told of a cosmic hurricane that would sweep the land, devastating humanity. This same mighty wind was known to the Polynesians as Taafanua, to the Arabs as Tyfoon, and to the Chinese as Ty-fong. The Maoris tribes of New Zealand foretold of a wind that was to descend upon creation and turn ocean waves into high mountains. The Buddhist text Visuddhi-Magga described a world cycle that would destroy the inhabitants of earth by wind.

The sacred book of the Mayans, Popol-Vuh, and the Annals of Cuauhtitlan further detailed an age when the sun of fire-rain fell upon the people. The Voguls of ­Siberia also knew of the time when a sea of fire would fall upon the earth, along with aboriginal tribes from the East Indies who told of the ‘water of fire’.

Some visionaries and prophets have asserted that electromagnetic transformations are occurring as the magnetic poles shift and are having an impact on the subatomic levels of our physical ­being. They predict that the increased energy in the atmosphere will cause our molecular structure to vibrate at higher frequencies. Our cells will be infused with new electromagnetic impulses. Information encoded in our DNA may be activated as a result. They claim that this would cause an acceleration of the nervous system which would also trigger a temporary weakening of the immune system and a greater level of aggressive agitation. They further suggest that people are going to be so overloaded with such energy that they will not know how to channel it. It is even suggested that our DNA will evolve from two helixes to twelve or even fourteen strands which correspond to energy centers which the ancient East called chakras. They tell us that that our endocrine systems may speed up or slow down, impacting our hormonal balance. This will in turn create everything from strong feelings to new psychic abilities.

If this all sounds too strange to you, consider the increase in road rage and other forms of abhorrent human behavior. We live in dangerous times – physically, psychologically, spiritually. The most significant issue may become the most personal one of all: How does an individual sustain stability and peace in the midst of a drastically changing environment? Because the days of simple, quiet living are gone and we surely know that the future will not go backward, then we must find that quiet living within ourselves.  We may have no control over the outer chaos of a disintegrating global economy and increasing violence across the world, but we can control and master ourselves.  This is, of course, a spiritual matter and all the great teachings of humanity offer us tools to find our center and to live in a manner that transcends our circumstances, however chaotic they may become.

If we can remember the wisdom of the French priest/scientist/visionary Pierre Teilhard de Chardin — that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience – perhaps we will be better prepared to walk through whatever changes await us over the horizon of the future.  Rather than merely stocking up on food and other rations, let us stock up on spiritual wisdom that impacts our daily lives and empowers us to consciously and peacefully exist in these tumultuous times.  Becoming such people will not only save our sanity, but bless others as well as together we enter the unknown of tomorrow.


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Ted Nottingham is the author and translator of a dozen books, the producer of numerous televised programs, and the pastor of Northwood Christian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana at

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