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Snakes in a dream: a good chance for self-assessment and finding what it means

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By Alex B

From a dream interpretation point of view, interpreting dreams containing snake visions is somewhat difficult to deal with because different cultures treat encountering snake with a variety of meanings and explanations. Dream interpretation therefore is represented by a broad spectrum of deciphering this dream vision: from terrifying promises of immediate threat to the symbols of wisdom and intellectual superiority of the dreamer. Dream meanings most commonly follow the history of folklore and storytelling nuances of particular cultures, as well as based on personal experiences recorded in dream interpretation literature sources.

Most people are afraid of snakes, so any symbol or vision related to snakes contains very powerful and self-destructive fear, pathological in a sense that even a simple image or notion of a snake in a conversation becomes threatening and negative to a great extent. For this group of individuals, dreams containing snakes represent ominous and ill-fated negatively charged premonitions. Dreaming about holding a snake can easily constitute the ultimate in frightening dreaming experiences, although other culture can have this dream interpreted as a sign of wisdom and ordered personal outlook on life and inherent ability to understand and accept the world around them.

For traditional cultures of North America and Asia, snakes most commonly represent wisdom and deep gratification with the world, which is probably based on observations of snakes’ ability to shed their skin, which is subconsciously coded into dreams as the dreamer’s potential for renewal, resolution of life-related problems and issues as well as striving for order and consistency towards things or events present in their life.

Le serpent de la tentation…

Le serpent de la tentation… (Photo credit: couscouschocolat)

For Judaic and Christian cultures, dreaming about a snake is a symbol of temptation and spiritual resistance in the process of achieving personal goals and aspirations. This notion is stemming from biblical stories and description when The Serpent (the snake), a representation of evil power leads to temptation of first human couple, Adam and Eve in the Eden garden. The symbol of snake in a dream in this context is an indication of a person or persons in the life of the dreamer whom they built unstable or far-from-ideal relationships with.

The Freudian theory also contains symbols of snakes, which are most commonly used by the classical psychotherapists and psychiatrists. In this theory, a snake is a phallic symbol, in many instances, this vision containing a snake represents fear and revolting feeling toward sexual acts of any kind.

Cultural disparities lead to a variety of dream interpretation outcomes and the resulting difficulty to provide a meaningful and reliable dream meaning answers to dreamers across the world. The obvious solution for a person who have had a snake dream is to look deeper into what his or her dream contained. What is your personal attitude towards snakes in real life? Do you feel frightened, intimidated or indifferent? What emotions do snake evoke in you when you see a snake: fright, astonishment or perhaps interest in learning more about them? Have you d a dream encountering a snake together with your friends, parents, strangers? What were surroundings in your dream when you had an encounter with a snake in your dream? Using these answers you will become able to isolate the precise dream keyword from the drop-down list in our database to find correct and meaningful interpretation for your snake dream.

tiger and snake, mosaic - size 40×90 cm

tiger and snake, mosaic – size 40×90 cm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some people automatically connect the poisonous nature of snakes with the vision of a snake they experienced in their dream, so they tend to interpret such dream as death or illness portending event after they wake up and recall this dream. Other people associate snake dreams with deception or conspiracy because the common image of a snake is usually described as a hiding and virtually unnoticeable creature.

Archetypal meanings and dream interpretation variations provide a broad range of interpretation options available across cultural and national expanses. The ability of a dreamer to separate and generalize individual feelings and emotions toward snakes can mean success in finding the correct meaning of a dream which includes or is related to these unconscious symbolic visions.

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Looking for instant interpretation of your dreams? Try our Instant Dream Interpretation engine with thousands of descriptions of what your dreams may mean. Look up your dream instantly using our Instant Dream Look Up with extensive database of meticulously compiled descriptions based on trusted sources.

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The Mystery behind Subconscious Mind

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By sendcruz

Have you ever thought of the connection behind conscious and unconscious mind? Or the connection behind practical and divine world? If you have an interest in this greyish part of human mind then surely you have come across the terms of zodiac signs that are solely attached with astrology.

Many people believe that subconscious mind is the gift of God while the conscious mind which man deals with in practical world is nothing but a slave of the subconscious mind.

Then it can be derived that subconscious mind is more conscious than the conscious mind. Once Albert Einstein had said ‘The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.’

Intuition that arises from the unconscious mind is a sacred gift of divine. The intellect is a faithful servant. The intellect reflects as we see from the outer world.  In our waking world, the servant rides while the sacred gift (Subconscious Mind) patiently trod behind.

A picturesque analogy can be depicted between iceberg and human mind. The subconscious mind is the bottom part of the iceberg that remains below the water level. Yet subconscious mind is the maximum portion of total human psychology that is responsible for all the events.

Coming to the ocean part, it is the ultimate consciousness. Specialists often discuss about the consciousness field which covers a major part of the subconscious mind.

Basically the true nature of ice-berg is water. Again ocean, which comprises of water, is considered as God. So speaking frankly, human being is part of a divine soul.

The subconscious mind is superior to conscious mind.

In ancient times while considering the sun shine symbols, the total sky which is considered as round (360°) is divided into 12 segments based on constellation which has an angle of 30° each. These symbols are also called Sabian Symbols. These symbols are a set of 360 phrases of words. The different images of the zodiac signs corresponds to the different word phrases. The phrases might consist of 2 words to 21 words.

These symbols were born in San Diego in 1925 by Marc Edmund Jones. He was a famous American astrologer and spiritualist.

The name was termed as Sabian because Sabian people were an ancient race of alchemist, who lived in Harran, a city on the banks of Euphrates river in Mesopotamia. The city existed from the third millennium BC to thirteenth century AD. The Sabians were engaged into Talismanic magic. It is such a type of magic that is involved in coercing a deity’s power into a physical object.

The Sabian oracle opens the door between our inner feelings and intentions and the conscious mind.

In ancient times at Babylon, the moon-cult was the national religion. They are also known as Chaldeans. The word Chaldeans mean ‘Moon-worshippers’. As the religion removed elsewhere, the Sabian people practiced the tradition of Chaldean astrology.

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In this article author Shane Dawson discusses about the conscious and subconscious mind. Apart from that the article also describes about the Sabian Symbols.


The Power of Attitude

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By Steve Sekhon

I was recently speaking with a friend and remarked ‘attitude is everything.’ Even though the comment sounded marginally trite at the time, the idea kept coming back to me throughout the day. Do I really have control over my attitude? Can changing it actually transform my life?

It became crystal clear to me that I’m free to hold whatever attitude I choose, whenever I want. It is this choice that creates my experience of life.

It can be easy to forget this obvious truth on those days that I feel I’m swimming against the current. But even then I know that, when I’m consciously aware, how I respond to life is entirely up to me.

The attitude I have about the events in my life creates my emotional and psychological experience of it even more than the actual events themselves.

I determine what I think should be happening and consequently how I’ll feel if things don’t quite work out the way I planned. I decide if I’ll be discouraged, happy, critical or sad. I define what success or failure means. I determine the way particular outcomes will make me feel. I am the only one who can decide to tune my attitude by selecting who I spend time with and what I do.

When I focus my attention on things that encourage, support and enliven me, I reap immediate and positive dividends. When I give my attention to problems, constraints and fearful potentialities, the results don’t feel nearly so good. They actually make me more likely to see my life and the world in a negative light. The more I experience disappointment from my negative expectations, the less reason I see to be joyful. The longer I do it, the less choice I feel I have.

I can change my habits from ones that don’t serve me to ones that do. I can cultivate a daily practice or join authentic happiness coaching that helps keep me on track. I can read daily words of encouragement, surround myself with positive people and make a point of noticing when I’m being negative.

The more I stay aware, the more I realize that I’m as free to choose my attitude, as I am to select a flavor at an ice cream parlor. The difference between a trip to the dessert shop and the spontaneous choice of attitude is that the former is a one-time event, while the latter can create a beautiful or vicious cycle that affects my entire life.

Tendencies we may have toward resentment, generosity, victim consciousness, self-confidence, fear, trust, self-acceptance, or self-hatred are obvious to everyone we encounter, but sometimes we take our own approach to life for granted without being aware of our power to choose it.

When we realize that it’s not the conditions in the outer world but our attitudes about those conditions that cause us to feel the way we do it can be an enormous game changer.

Others pick up on our attitudes, subconsciously or consciously, and respond to us accordingly. Whatever opinion we have of the world will be mirrored back to us and we’ll feel justified for holding it because the evidence to prove it shows up repeatedly. Our attitudes essentially create a self-fulfilling prophecy. That’s why it’s so important to find some high quality and easy-to-digest daily words of encouragement that keep you on track.

If you’re having difficulties with someone in your life, look for just one quality you like and see if you can find compassion for the rest. If you’re having problems at work, try focusing on what’s going well instead what’s not. Keep your attention on what you appreciate in every person, place or thing in your life and watch the situations evolve and improve. Notice the words you use and remind yourself that the perceptions you form are simply the result of how you characterize what you see.

If you want an easy and powerful reminder to help you maintain this practice, subscribe to daily words of encouragement and receive them in your inbox everyday. It could change your life!

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Steve Sekhon and Jarl Forsman are the founders of, which produces courses, workshops and daily messages to remind you of wisdom (which you already know) that will help you get unstuck, enjoy life and be more fun to be around.

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Lucid Dreaming – What Is Lucid Dreaming?

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Author: john

Lucid dreaming is the process of dreaming while you are still awake or at least consciously aware that you are dreaming. This is different than daydreaming, which is simply a short-term attachment of one’s immediate surroundings where it looks the subject is simply ‘dazing off’ or has a blank stare. Unlike lucid dreaming the subject is awake and alert during a daydream and they can easily be brought back to reality.

They generally happens at night when the subject is attempting to sleep. The primary factor of lucid dreams that sets them apart from regular dreaming is the subject has full control and influence over their dream. In this manner they can essentially ‘control’ their dreams. It has been extensively researched by the scientific community and there has been much debate about its existence, although current scientific theory is that it does exist and can be controlled to some extent.

However, the results cannot be achieved by everyone. It can be a very difficult process to initiate a lucid dream and actually control the dream once you’ve established one. The most common type of lucid dream occurs when the user is already sleeping and they start dreaming. At some point during the dream the subject becomes aware that they are sleeping but also dreaming at the same time. While the subject is not ‘awake’ per se, they are able to exhibit some degree of control over the dream and control the subject matter.

English: Zhuangzi dreaming of a butterfly (or ...

Zhuangzi dreaming of a butterfly (or a butterfly dreaming of Zhuangzi) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The other type which is much less common is called wake-imitated lucid dreaming. This of it is much more difficult to achieve and can only be achieved with practice, determination and meditation. There is no apparent lapse in consciousness (such as falling asleep) upon entering a wake-induced lucid dream. Instead, the subject simply goes from being awake to dreaming while at the same time being aware of their surroundings, the time of day, where they are, who they are, etc. Scientifically a wake-induced lucid dream occurs when a subject enters R-E-M sleep mode without even realizing it. This phenomenon is known as losing self-awareness when exiting the waking state and entering the dream realm.

It can be very difficult to achieve but the results from doing so can be incredible. Oftentimes people use lucid dreams to find out their path in life, fix nightmare problems, determine their future and recover from past issues in their life that may be haunting them.

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John Wonder – Please Visit: What-Is-Lucid-Dreaming

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A Passion to Serve

Cosmos bipinnatus on a field of Cosmos sulphur...

Cosmos bipinnatus on a field of Cosmos sulphureus, Compans Caffarelli garden, Toulouse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Meena Suresh

‘Each one of us has a moral duty to help those in need’ this is a basic lesson taught in any moral science class. There is a much deeper significance and wider perspective to this lesson.

Every individual inhabiting this planet wishes to be happy at all times. The question to be asked is why do most people find happiness in life to be elusive ?

While happiness is the birthright of every individual, often man draws boundaries around himself in his search for happiness. Happiness is perceived to be attained through the fulfillment of one’s desires and possibly the health and wellbeing of one’s own family and loved ones.

What is the reason for man confining himself and his happiness to these boundaries ?

The question finds an answer when man analyses his life from birth. By his very nature man is a free soul longing to exist without boundaries in the infinite space. However, with no choice that he can perceive, he finds himself trapped in an infant body. This infant is taught by his parents and older siblings to view them as his own. As he keeps growing, he is told that this is HIS house, those are HIS friends, these are HIS relatives, this and that is HIS…likewise these and those are THEIRS (others).

These concepts act as a double edged sword. They expand his boundaries and therefore his sense of responsibility, duties and belongingness to include perceived near and dear ones i.e. makes him grow beyond his immediate selfish / self centered notions, however they also prevent him from feeling a sense of belongingness with the rest of creation.

To what extent do participants in joint activi...

To what extent do participants in joint activities experience a sense of community? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some families, societies, communities and even governments foster a feeling of oneness in each growing child, instilling in him a belongingness to a wider group, community and even country.  A man who feels his oneness with all his fellow countrymen and women develops a sense of patriotism for his country. Great heroic acts of patriotism and service to their countries are done by these men and women.

Going a step beyond identification with one’s country is the identification with the world and universe at large. True teachers are those who instill a sense of belongingness by removing all boundaries which prevent man from expanding his vision to consider all of creation as his own OR to put it differently recognizing his true nature of being a free soul with no boundaries.

Such a man, finds his very being overflowing with love and compassion for all creatures of the world as they are all his very own. He feels their pain as his own. Serving others just comes naturally to such a man. Thus arises in him the very passion to serve.

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Bible verses about motivation for Tough Times

English: PACIFIC OCEAN (March 26, 2010) Chapla...

PACIFIC OCEAN (March 26, 2010) Chaplain Lt. Jason Gregory reads bible verses on the weather deck aboard the guided-missile cruiser USS Bunker Hill (CG 52). Bunker Hill is supporting Southern Seas 2010, a U.S. Southern Command-directed operation that provides U.S. and international forces the opportunity to operate in a multi-national environment. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Daniel Barker/Released) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By jeramie

A lot of people would surely agree if we say that life is tough. It is always reassuring to read bible verse about motivation for it somehow gives us the strength to continue with whatever it is that we are doing. Anything could happen in our life regardless of how well we lived, like bankruptcy, job loss, divorce, sickness and a lot more. In times that you think the world is going against you, finding hope and inspiration on bible verses is the best thing to do.

We all have difficult times. Do not think that life is unfair for you experience a lot of difficulties. We all have a fair share on the goodness and difficult side of living. If ever faced with a lot of challenges, do not blame God. You could ask God why, but never blame. When you ask why it’s happening to you, try also to ponder on the possible message that God wants you to realize on the problems you encounter.

Despite of all the problems and difficulties you experience, you should never lose faith in God. If you are down, you simply need to read some bible verses to lift you up.  Always remember that God will never abandon you. He will definitely put you to the test, but on the right time, He will be there to save you and bring you comfort. You need to experience difficulties first before enjoying some good times. Experiencing hardships is part of life. It makes life challenging and exciting. Instead of hating the problems that come your way, be more constructive and try to see what this problem could make you realize.

There are times that the hardships we face are simply eye openers. It makes us a better person and realize how wonderful life it. These problems could also make us more creative and responsive. This way, we become a better person. Try to see other people who are deeply troubled and are into a deeper situation than you are. How come they are still able to live their life? It is simply because they have faith.

Every one of us has to realize that we are nothing without God. This is why when dealing with problems; we need to rely on bible verses about motivation. Reading these verses will not only inspire us but would remind us that we have a God who constantly watching us.

The greatest mistake of a lot of people today is they often turn to worldly comfort when faced with problems. This is the reason why these issues are never solved. When problems strike, be strong and hold on to your faith.

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Finding your own healthy diet

A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in ...

A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in products such as soy milk and low-fat yogurt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I was a kid I ate a lot of junk food and had a noticeable pot belly. I got so used to sucking in my stomach in public that it almost became an automatic reflex.

Sound familiar?

I think many adults can relate. And as adults we tend to get even chubbier as the years go by. The metabolism slows down, and so do we. I don’t know all the latest theories about weight gain and loss. But I do know what actually works if I want to slim down.

I’m not huge on food. Some folks invest a lot time and energy on the ephemeral pleasure of eating. It baffles me. Master chefs might want to stop here. These diet tips probably won’t work for you. Nor will they speak to those happy with their weight and body shape.

If you are satisfied with your weight, then skip this article. But if you’d like to shed a few pounds, read on.

The Clue

The first big clue about weight loss came when I lived in India. I was there for two years. And shortly after arriving, I began to lose weight, quite dramatically. Everyone noticed. Teachers, students, even Indian office workers would say that I’d “reduced,” which was a sort of cute way of putting it.

The foods that I mostly cut out were

  • meat
  • fats and cooking oil
  • ice cream

The cow is sacred in India, so it’s not commonly eaten. And grease, well, there’s plenty of that but I steered clear. I’d heard stories about Indian restaurants and street vendors reusing their oil, which taints it with all sorts of nasty micro-organisms that can wreak havoc your digestive system. As for ice cream, I had no freezer. Problem solved.

My food was prepared by a local cook. He delivered a tiffin three times a day. The tiffin included a tiny piece of fish, lots of flat bread, rice, dal (chickpea sauce), veggies and misti (an Indian sweet). Looking back, I was probably malnourished. I was young and didn’t know any better. And the weather was hot for most months, so I didn’t have much of an appetite. For a little treat I nibbled on a chocolate bar every day. And maybe some Maggi instant noodles or processed butter on bread. And still I was thin as a rake.

Fruits and vegetables from a farmers market. c...

Fruits and vegetables from a farmers market. circa 2007, USA, California, Long Beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Coming home to North America I remember a friend being startled when embracing my skinny bag of bones. I’d lost fat and muscle. It felt good in a way. But it couldn’t last. Not in the overindulgent West.

Later, while writing my doctorate in Ottawa, I was on a strict student budget, so ate simply. Modifying my old Indian fare, I had coffee, cereal and milk in the morning. Noodles, tuna, veggies, all mixed in a single pot for dinner. And the occasional serving of Häagen-Dazs for those dull days. And yes, I did stay thin. But it was a good thin.

After graduating I moved in with my folks. It was nice to live in a house again, but what a tremendous diet change! Suddenly food was everywhere. All types, all quantities. And guess what? I began to gain weight again. Fast. A friend came to dinner and said I was “quite portly,” and he was right.

So here’s what I do when I want to lose weight:


  • Coffee (as much as I like) with a tsp. of sugar or honey
  • Cereal (any sugar-slathered corn duds I like) with 2% milk
  • The occasional eggs on toast, without bacon


  • I always skip lunch at noon because my cereal is taken mid-to-late morning


  • Late lunch/dinner of a tuna sandwich around 5 p.m. Add a bit of margarine OR a bit of mayonnaise. Not both. Calories are calories. And we have to make sacrifices somewhere. I do, however, gobble up the extra tuna that I don’t use in the sandwich.
  • Another favorite meal is brown beans, fleshed out with a bean medley on toast. Maybe add a bit of ketchup. It’s not glamorous but it’s cheap and definitely low cal.
  • Some nights I eat instant noodles mixed with tuna (or egg) and lots of veggies. Add cheese powder or seasoning and maybe a slice of processed cheese. Sprinkle with a quality soya like KIKKOMAN.
  • I also eat the occasional frozen dinner. Mostly noodles of some sort. But they’re not very satisfying.
  • Once in a while I’ll have some fresh chicken and veggies pie, the unfrozen kind without preservatives.
  • Once in a while, salad. I should probably eat more of this but I find the preparation is too much hassle. And I’m not wild about bagged salads. Sometimes I add tomatoes and other goodies to bagged salad, but still, I don’t enjoy food preparation too much, so this is not my norm.

Other Stuff

Obviously I eat more than the above. I honestly can’t remember everything I eat, and it changes through the seasons. But here goes:

  • Through the day I snack on fruit. I like bananas best. But any fruit will do. Carrots and celery are also great snacks. After dinner I might have a few shrimp. Maybe a small amount of cheese. Or possibly just some chick peas. I may also eat toast with a bit of margarine if my stomach is grumbling.
  • When invited for dinner, I choose to eat whatever is served. Meats, fancy deserts, etc. That doesn’t happen too often throughout the year. But I do gain a bit during holidays like Christmas!
A jar of Ovaltine from the UK (2006), a mug of...

A jar of Ovaltine from the UK (2006), a mug of ovaltine made with hot milk and a tablespoon of the powder. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Midnight snack

  • I love late night food. It’s a quiet time and things literally taste better. This is my danger zone. If I’m going to fall off my diet, it’s at the midnight hour. So I have to recognize that. I suggest we all recognize our danger zones, and change our habits accordingly.
  • One thing I find helpful is to microwave a bowl of frozen veggies instead of diving into the ice cream or flavored yogurt. And if I still want to eat, I drink something like a meal replacement powder (with lots of vitamins) in milk. Or fill up with a mug of Ovaltine (made with water, and a bit of milk as a creamer). I may also eat simple bread with margarine. But that’s probably not the best.

The other night I got bored and fell off my diet, big time. I thoroughly enjoyed two cups of ice cream with lots of sundae topping. But I didn’t beat myself up over it. Whenever I falter like that, I think, Well, you probably needed it. Tomorrow is another day. And when tomorrow comes, I try harder not to fall into that pattern again.

We can choose. It just takes conscious awareness. Try thinking like this:

If I eat this food, later on I will feel this way…

Spiritual elements

Sometimes I wonder if overeating is, in part, a spiritual issue. When I spend time with over-eaters, later I often sense in myself a compulsion toward unrestrained eating. Let me theorize for a moment. Or do some theology. Whatever. It almost seems like a spiritual presence that compels others to overeat comes to me. Please understand that this is not intended to insult anyone in any way. It simply has been my way of reflecting on my experience.

Image via Tumblr

You don’t have to agree with the idea that there might be a link between negative spirituality and overeating. Many would argue that my experience comes from learned behavior, mimicking, or some other social dynamic. And many would add that my interpretation of that experience comes from my analytical bent.

However, I see human beings as partly spiritual creatures. And I believe it’s incomplete to reduce everything to biochemistry, psychology and social learning, as do so many medical doctors and health gurus.

In Catholic theology the compulsion to eat more after being with over-eaters could be partly explained in terms of spiritual attack or spiritual obsession. And in Hinduism, as karma transfer. I realize this is beyond the ken of most people. Industrial culture is, one could say, immersed in a kind of techno-materialism. I just put these ideas out as food for thought. Thinking about overeating as a biological, psychological, social and spiritual issue might help some to discern previously unrecognized factors contributing to their unwanted behavior.


The other half of losing weight is keeping fit. I don’t go to health clubs. They’re not my scene. I wouldn’t like rubbing up against machines that complete strangers have been sweating on. And I imagine the vibes at those places are pretty thick.

So I fit my exercise into my daily routine. I do a lot of household chores. I mow the lawn with a manual push mower and clippers. I rake the leaves. I don’t hire someone to shovel out the driveway in winter. Every few days I walk about 30 minutes, or ride my bike to Mass. I often park the car around the corner from busy parking lots and walk a minute or two to my destination. It’s amazing how even this can help.

Feel better!

I hope my story helps you to find your own healthy diet. Remember, everyone is different and these are just suggestions. So be sure to get all the essential nutrients you need. But I suggest minimizing things like excessively greasy food, chips and ice cream. I’ve been both skinny and chubby, and can honestly say that I feel better, all around, when I’m not carrying those extra, unwanted pounds.

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