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Strange Apocalyptic Sounds WORLDWIDE – Video

English: The HAARP HF Ionosonde Antenna Deutsc...

The HAARP HF Ionosonde Antenna (Wikipedia)

I do volunteer work at A recent question pointed me in the direction of this YouTube video.

Parts of the video seem like a hoax to me. The sound quality of the strange sound seems way better than the thin audio of the background sounds (I listened thru a big stereo). And in once instance, it seems the same unidentifiable sound continues from one video to another.

This suggests someone mixing the strange sound into the original audio track, which is probably what happened for most of the “evidence” here. But the TV segments seem more convincing. So who knows?

Some conspiracy theorists believe this video is evidence of HAARP in action. Others see it as invisible UFO activity.

Did something really happen, in several locations? Watch and decide for yourself!

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Area 51 confirmation prepares public for more UFO disclosure

Deutsch: Warnhinweis_und_Sicherheitspersonal_a...

Warning and safety staff at Groom Lake Road (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Steve Hammonsoriginally published August 20, 2013 at Joint Recon Study Group

National and international media, mainstream and otherwise, had fun with the recent news that the CIA had officially admitted the existence of Area 51 in southern Nevada.

Headlines and news reports noted that although an element of the U.S. government confirmed that the Groom Lake base is real, there was no confirmation that extraterrestrial or other strange visitors, their spacecraft or “back-engineered,” unusually-advanced U.S.-built spacecraft were associated with the Area 51 facilities.

Despite the humorous treatment of this development in the media, the fact remains that significant indications point to decades-long research into UFOs and unusual visitors by the U.S. government and other credible researchers around the world. Some of the information about this vast body of research is public and some apparently remains secret.

If we knew more details, we might actually need this humor because the truth might be concerning, worrisome or downright scary. At the same time, there may be encouraging and uplifting new understanding that has emerged from official and unofficial research into this situation.


Did the Area 51 facilities once include research projects on alien spacecraft? If so, those activities are probably long-gone by now, moved to other locations following media reports years ago about such projects in the Groom Lake region.

Groom Lake and Papoose Lake, both in the Nevad...

Groom Lake and Papoose Lake, both in the Nevada Test and Training Range. Groom Lake is also in Area 51. Note that some of the lines you see beside Groom lake are among the longest runways on Earth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is logical that government defense and intelligence organizations would look into highly-unusual spacecraft that have been reported by many reliable witnesses, tracked on radar and sometimes left physical evidence on the ground. And once such investigations began, where would they lead?

How much do inside investigators know and understand? What remains unknown and mysterious?

There may also be reasonable concern that the general public might not be ready to hear all aspects of the situation. And, some factors in play may involve operational security (OPSEC) related to national and global defense. As a result, information about the UFO topic probably needs to be handled in intelligent ways by insiders, the circles of the defense and intelligence communities, the media and the public.

The confirmation that the Groom Lake aircraft development and test facilities at Area 51 are real comes as no surprise. It has been an open secret for many years. The same might be said about the UFO and visitor situation. In both cases, some information has been released, some remains in a semi-public gray area and some is closely-held and classified.


Secret activities associated with Area 51 such as development of advanced aircraft, and alleged secret activities there involving more unusual situations, might help us expand our awareness and understanding about what is happening, and what might be happening.

The end of "Black Mailbox Road" (an ...

The end of “Black Mailbox Road” (an Area 51 access road also known as “Groom Lake Road”), as seen from State Route 375 in the Tikaboo Valley of southern Nevada. The former black mailbox is long gone and was replaced by a white one belonging to Steve Medlin, who runs a farm down the road. The Groom Lake facility is 20 miles from this point, beyond the mountain range seen to the left. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As our situation awareness evolves about UFOs, visitors and other leading-edge scientific developments, more interesting information could emerge.

Topics like teleportation, wormholes or star gates, other dimensions, other intelligent beings, purported cosmic fields of energy and light, and the nature of human consciousness are just some of the fascinating areas being looked at by serious and credible researchers.

For people who believe in the equally interesting possibility or probability of angels, Heaven and a higher intelligent being, integrating those ideas with UFOs and other edge-science developments might be challenging in some ways. How do all these puzzle pieces fit together? Is there some larger intelligence at work?

Today’s news is about the confirmation that Area 51 exists. What will next week’s news tell us about what else exists?

And what might we discover by ourselves that does not require being told it is so by the mainstream media and government officials?

About the Author

Steve Hammons is the author of two novels about a U.S. Government and military joint-service research team investigating unusual phenomena. MISSION INTO LIGHT and the sequel LIGHT’S HAND introduce readers to the ten women and men of the “Joint Reconnaissance Study Group” and their exciting adventures exploring the unknown.

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UFO awareness grows in defense, intel communities

Roswell Daily Record, July 8, 1947, announcing...

Roswell Daily Record, July 8, 1947, announcing the “capture” of a “flying saucer.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Steve Hammons

This article originally appeared at Transcendent TV & Media on November 18, 2012.

For the past several decades, there reportedly have been robust secrecy and security within the U.S. and international defense and intelligence communities about UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation to Earth. Military pilots and others who had close encounters or were curious about these topics were often told they did not have a “need to know” about what might be going on.

Now, however, that situation may have changed. Today, our duty might be to learn more and become appropriately informed about extraterrestrial visitation and other leading-edge research topics.

In the past, national and global security may have depended on total secrecy. Or at least that was a viewpoint for many years. If you didn’t have a need to know, you were probably expected to deliberately remain uninformed for national security reasons as well as for your own personal career.

Yet, in November 2012, it’s possible that national and global security could be enhanced by greater awareness and understanding about UFOs and related subjects. People in the military and intelligence communities certainly bring important and valuable skills and perspectives to these challenges.

What is the current situation report or “sitrep” about UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation?


This past summer, a respected 35-year veteran of the CIA went public with his claims of seeing materials at CIA headquarters that demonstrated to him that the 1947 Roswell incident really was the crash of an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

This CIA officer’s statements follow several years of increasing public discussions and forums involving retired military personnel who have reported multiple close encounters involving apparent intelligent spacecraft or other objects interfacing with military aircraft, personnel and facilities.

But these kinds of reports are not new. Several high-ranking military officials publicly stated decades ago that UFOs are real. During World War II, glowing orbs flying near U.S. military aircraft were dubbed “foo fighters” and reportedly were photographed and investigated. The Army’s alleged Interplanetary Phenomena Unit (IPU) was reportedly formed to research the situation further.

Another group, often said to be called Majestic-12, was allegedly formed at the highest levels of the U.S. government following the Roswell incident. This group of scientists and defense leaders coordinated investigations and secrecy on the UFO topic, according to many researchers. When military personnel or others had close encounters of some kind, reports were sent through certain chains of command to Majestic-12, researchers allege.

Witnesses were sometimes told to keep quiet and that the incidents they encountered “never happened.”
Even the Air Force’s Project Blue Book, formed in 1952 and based in southwestern Ohio at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, was actually somewhat of a cover for other levels of activities regarding UFOs, according to some investigators. Reports sent to and investigated by Project Blue Book personnel may have been forwarded on to Majestic-12 for further analysis.

Certain military and intelligence personnel may have been screened and recruited to be part of the efforts to handle the extraterrestrial visitation situation. People involved in special operations, search and rescue/recovery, covert/clandestine activities as well as scientific experts may have been brought into the compartmented loop of UFO and extraterrestrial activities, and given an alleged MAJIC security clearance level.


While previously there may have been a perceived duty of military and intelligence personnel to ignore and not know about UFOs, today our duty may lie in gaining greater awareness about this important area. This is probably true for the general public as well.

But beyond simple awareness that something very interesting is apparently going on, the task of understanding what it all might mean seems to be a greater challenge. How do the puzzle pieces fit together to give us some reasonably comprehensive picture of the current situation? What do we have a need to know, or not know?

It has been widely speculated that U.S. aircraft and spacecraft development may have been enhanced by what has been learned in the study of UFOs that may have been obtained and examined. Naturally, the details of secret aircraft development are not appropriate for public disclosure. However, the broader overview of this possible scenario might be worthwhile for us to be aware of.

Are there dangers or risks to average people that are somehow related to the UFO phenomena or other outside-the-box discoveries? That seems to be an area where we would have a need to know.

Likewise, can our lives be improved – maybe very significantly – by greater understanding about these kinds of developments? Certain advanced technologies and knowledge could help human understanding about a number of crucial issues facing humanity and Planet Earth.

Thanks to valuable research by people associated with and within the defense and intelligence communities, we seem to be more ready to move forward to the next stages of disclosure and education about UFOs and other advanced knowledge.

Our duty to not know may have morphed into a duty to know … and understand.


DVD Review – The Philadelphia Experiment: Invisibility, Time Travel and Mind Control

Title: The Philadelphia Experiment: Invisibility, Time Travel and Mind Control – The Shocking Truth
Genre: Documentary, Conspiracy, Paranormal, UFO
Production Company: Reality Films

Is time travel possible?

Saints and seers from around the world often talk about transversing the corridors of time. Sometimes they claim to experience eternity and other times they speak of encountering far away places located in the past or future.

Occasionally authors, musicians and artists hint at the idea of the psyche transcending our everyday sense of reality. One only has to think of H. G. Wells, Ravi Shankar and Salvador Dali for three good examples. But rarely, if ever, do we hear serious talk about embodied time travel. Instead, mystics and inspired artists normally flirt with the idea of psychological or spiritual time travel. They don’t claim to disappear and reappear in the flesh. Not very often, anyhow.

The Philadelphia Experiment: Invisibility, Time Travel and Mind Control – The Shocking Truth takes us one step further. Here we find a film that, for all intents and purposes, sounds like intelligent sci-fi posing as cold fact. To an outside observer, it’s hard to know what’s what, but this doesn’t take anything away from some of the stimulating ideas forwarded in this video.

The film kicks off with some still photos and voice-over that builds up to a lengthy interview. The interview, itself, is avowedly homemade. But whatever this film lacks in production values is more than compensated by its originality.

One doesn’t have to be a genius to follow the narrative, but at times it can be challenging. This is mostly because the topics discussed go way beyond our everyday notions of time, causality and being.

It’s sort of like a Jane Roberts “Seth Book” in living color, but with real people (instead of a channeled entity) claiming to have time traveled. And not only that. They also say they’re victims of a severe kind of mind control and memory wipe that defies anything we’ve ever heard of. And perhaps the scariest thing of all—the perpetrators were not extraterrestrials but human beings.

Other fascinating tidbits that come out in the interviews include the notion that it’s dangerous for someone to get too close to him or herself. That is, if you time travelled 10 minutes into the past and meet up with yourself, there’s a good chance you’d be destroyed. Also, as the title suggests, the film claims that actual invisibility has been achieved with an entire US Navy vessel, the USS Eldridge, a story that has made the rounds on the internet, if not quite becoming viral.

Both of these unconventional ideas are sheer Star Trek and, again, it’s hard to know what’s what in this film. Skeptics will likely think they’re watching a group delusion or, perhaps, crafty con job. Enthusiasts will probably find the conspiracy theories, metaphysics and 2012 allusions most engaging.

Regardless of what one makes of this film, one thing’s for certain. The Philadelphia Experiment is not your run of the mill New Age fluff. These guys are smart. Whether they’re masters of the tall tale or relating hard fact is something each viewer can decide for him or herself.




DVD Review – The Murder of Mary Magdalene: Genocide of the Holy Bloodline

Reality Films

Title: The Murder of Mary Magdalene: Genocide of the Holy Bloodline (DVD)
Genre: Religion, Conspiracy, History, Occult
Production Company: Reality Films

Synchronicity is a hard thing to prove. It’s even harder to prove a given theory by citing a series of perceived synchronicities. And this is exactly what Dan Green sets out to do in The Murder of Mary Magdalene: Genocide of the Holy Bloodline.

Offering an alternative history to the story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Green weaves an intricate tapestry of symbols, codes and clues to support his belief that Mary Magdalene was murdered to prevent word from getting out that she and Jesus Christ were much closer than commonly believed.

This is the kind of film that gets traditional religious persons up in arms. Similar claims made in The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail (1982) led to that book being banned in strongly Catholic countries such as the Philippines.

Likewise, Dan Brown’s fictional The Da Vinci Code (2003) sparked off a lot of heated debate and its overall content was deemed “offensive” by many Catholics.

Sociologists and Religious Studies professors like John Gager say that whenever the beliefs and practices of an out-group get a bit too close for comfort to those of an established in-group, members of the in-group get upset. The in-group then wants to better define its boundaries, which may lead to exclusion, condemnation or, as we’ve seen in the often grisly march of human history, persecution.

According to this theory, it’s the similarity of the two groups that riles the established in-group. Radically different out-groups lacking some kind of thematic overlap with an entrenched in-group are usually ignored. But when an out-group hits a nerve by getting too ideologically close to the in-group—that’s when sparks fly.

This dynamic apparently took place between the early Christians and the Gnostics. And a similar kind of dynamic continues to this day.

As for The Murder of Mary Magdalene‘s challenge to the traditional Christian story, I found this DVD far more a Jungian-style treatise than a flaky religious rant. If anything, it’s a testament to the power of synchronicity. From watching this film, it seems that Dan Green perceived an ongoing set of synchronicities all through the research and production phases of The Murder of Mary Magdalene.

In case you’re wondering, synchronicity is a word coined by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung to point to the idea of meaningful coincidence. From the perspective of synchronicity, nothing happens by chance. And the idea of chance, itself, is taken as nothing more than a human concept.

The DVD’s special features include an author interview by director Philip Gardiner. This summarizes the film’s main points while giving a biographical sketch of Green. Here, Green’s eyes sparkle whenever he talks about the synchronicities he encountered during the film’s production. And that’s something pretty hard to fake.

What did go through my mind, however, was a question. Not the central question posed by this film – was Mary Magdalene murdered? – but another one regarding the interpretation of synchronistic events.

No doubt, Green believes he encountered genuine synchronicities. But we’re compelled to ask if Green’s interpretation of those inner-outer experiences is more about his own personal journey instead of a universal truth about the supposed unwritten history of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

We can’t know for sure, of course. But the question does arise.

On the cinematography side, viewers will enjoy the UK’s archaic Lincoln Cathedral, along with many other sacred treasures so very well presented in this film.

The Murder of Mary Magdalene: Genocide of the Holy Bloodline was the perfect antidote to the mid-February grind of Canadian winter. Whether or not you agree with its conclusions, this is the kind of film where you can just sit back and let it take you away.

Chances are the only folks who’ll find it upsetting are those who aren’t really comfortable with their beliefs anyhow. It’s a button pusher. But only if  buttons are there to be pushed.

Revised from original review published March 22, 2010.

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Review – The Truth Injection: More New World Order Exposed (DVD)

Reality Films

Did you get your flu shot this year?

Every fall, scores of people rush off to the doctor for a vaccine that scientists admit is based on inexact science.

The reality of several different hardy and adaptable flu viruses makes it difficult to predict which will be dominant for a given year.

However, most doctors say the flu shot activates the immune system in general. So it’s still a good idea to get the flu shot, especially as we grow older and become less resistant to viral attacks.

That’s the official story.

The Truth Injection tells quite another story, one full of politics, intrigue and allegations of brash moneymaking.

The film kicks off with a controversial music video by Trillion and a vintage CBC news broadcast about the failure of the Swine Flu to materialize in 1976. It then moves into the main feature, which is a detailed presentation given by Ian R. Crane at Glastonbury in 2009.

For those under the impression that things aren’t always what they seem, Crane’s talk provides more than enough food for thought. In fact, at times the film comes off as a media blitz. However, Crane encourages his live audience to check instead of uncritically accepting his claims.

Not unlike a Michael Moore film, Crane weaves an intricate conspiratorial web where major political players keep cropping up over the decades, apparently with one thing in mind: making money. Well, that and keeping the masses deceived, disempowered and in a ‘state of fear,’ as it were, through propaganda.

Crane says most of us are too apathetic and willfully ignorant because it’s easier to play the proverbial game than risk the repercussions of stepping out of line.

And he believes it doesn’t stop there. The common person isn’t just bullied, pushed around and cheated by politico-corporate heavyweights. Our very lives could be endangered by, ironically, the same thing that law enforcement officers work tirelessly to eradicate–namely, drugs.

But these potentially debilitating and, perhaps, lethal drugs aren’t smuggled inside stereo speakers, spare tires or through some other wily means of getting past legal check points. Nope. According to Crane they’re passed through a long and costly process of certification that only the biggest players can afford.

While allegations of collusion between so-called Big Pharma and some psychiatrists certainly have surfaced, it seems that Crane’s argument goes well beyond a few isolated cases of rule breaking.

For Crane, there’s an all-out conspiracy infiltrating the system and the handful of individuals driving this disturbing global agenda are tagged as “sociopaths” and “psychopaths.”

Pretty strong stuff.

This outlook arguably could give the benefit of the doubt a bit more. True, only a naïve person would see politics as pristine. But to assume that the major players are chiefly concerned with power and greenbacks might reduce a complicated dynamic to an unduly simplistic one.

Thankfully, Crane’s solution to the present world disorder doesn’t call for more environmentally polluting drugs. Instead, and with the Mayan prophecies of a new world cycle for 2012 just around the corner, the film advocates a combination of self-knowledge and responsible action.

By holistically “being and doing,” Crane says we can surmount all the rot that threatens both personal happiness and collective survival.

If politics is a game of socially constructed truth and power, The Truth Injection says it’s time for the ordinary person to rise up and participate rather than simply cheer or boo from the sidelines.

A nice idea, to be sure. Whether or not it will ever happen is another issue, altogether.

–MC (updated on 2011/03/22 from the original of 2010/04/30)

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UFO sightings, reports: Friday, Jan. 22 – “The Joiner Report” online radio show


UFO? - Harry Willis / Dave Ellis

Special to

Former head of the U.S. Air Force’s Project Blue Book, Col. Robert Friend, will be the guest, Friday, Jan. 22, on “The Joiner Report” online radio show.

Host Angelia Joiner is the newspaper reporter from Stephenville, Texas, who broke the story to the national and international press about the multiple UFO sightings in 2008 in that area.

Joiner’s reporting led to widespread national and international news coverage and a MUFON investigation which concluded that radar reports indicated unusual unidentified aircraft activity in that region, including near the George W. Bush ranch.

Local law enforcement officers in the Stephenville and Erath County area, as well as reliable local citizens were involved in several sightings of solid anomalous craft as well as strange light formations in the skies above their communities.

Please join Angelia and Col. Friend as they discuss important aspects of these unusual and important topics.



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