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On The Subject Of God – Part 2


Karma (Photo credit: pixel8 (RCRD))

“On The Subject Of God” was submitted to by the author. It originally appears in the About section at Alfsbootcampblog.

On the Subject of Karma

The word Karma comes from the ancient Sanskrit language of India. Its nearest translation into English, is the word Action. The word karma also has many sub-meanings & associated meanings not in the English language. The following meanings are from this author’s spiritual enquiry into the word karma. Because from a destiny perspective, karma is one of the most important words to fully comprehend in life.

In expanded definition, karma is a by-product of the impulse of creative-intelligence that we call thought. Every thought contains the creative element of karma in its action; it is a ‘cause & effect’ vibratory influence created out of the action of thought. Karmic influence once created is timeless and always returns to its initiated source…to its owner. Merely to think & desire, is to create karma that is automatically bound by affinity to its source. Its creative influence enters the interactive spiritual domain of Nature that underwrites the physical domain of Nature, to eventually return as influence to the individual life-form that created it.

Clarification: In the duel physical & spiritual creative workings of Nature, karma is a creative tool of evolution to process the individual evolution of life via its ‘cause & effect’ influence. It is a creative influence that has no boundaries on the known physical plane or the unknown spiritual plane of life. It is the vibratory influence of karma, that interacts with the
primordial archetypal intelligence of Nature underwriting the biology & chemistry of life. It is this invisible interactive process with the intelligence of Nature, that allows the biology of life to adapt to changes in its physical environment…albeit on a slow time scale.

All brain structured life, has evolved and is continuously adapting through the creative process of karma and its ‘cause & effect’ influence interacting with the creative-intelligence of Nature. Animals have no say in this interactive process, they function through instincts alone. Unlike the highly creative human being, they do not think & create with a thought,
their life is entirely instinctive. They create no ‘adverse karma’ in the quantum workings of Nature as a result, unlike the human being.

Clarification: Karmic ‘cause & effect’ influence enters the spiritual workings of Nature, to interact with the archetypal primordial intelligence underwriting, propelling & processing life. What we input into that primordial intelligence with our human karma, is what we receive back from that spiritual dimension that underwrites the physical processes of life. As we sow so do we reap, sums up perfectly the invisible process of karma operating in the evolution of the unique human species.

Where a human being is concerned, karma becomes attached to the action of words, to the actions of deeds, to the product of our unique human creativity. A karmic influence that takes on the quality of the thought that created it and is attached to the actions & outcomes of that thought. That is where the word ‘destiny’ comes into the equation of human created karma. We create a plus or minus destiny on the ladder of evolution out of the product of karma. What quality of karma we create is what quality of karma we receive back to process our continuing evolution…individually & collectively.

Explanation: All karmic influence we create returns to its initiated state in the spiritual workings of Nature. Returned to the individual, to the family, to the town, to the province, to the nation, to the world that has created that karmic influence. If that karmic influence and its qualities do not return in a present life cycle, then it will return in another life cycle, long after those that created it have departed this planet. Therefore human created karma, is a perpetuating inherited influence contained in the lineage of the deceased. Influence that becomes a karmic inheritance locked
into the family tree. A karmic inheritance tied to the individual, to the family, to the tribe, to the nation, to the civilization that created it.

Returning karmic influence is what we are unknowingly influenced by in life. It invisibly influences our thoughts, actions, deeds and creativity unconsciously. We also perpetuate the deeds of our ancestors through that karmic inheritance. Therefore we are not free of the past, we our anchored to the past within evolution through the product of karma as well as our genes. We only think we are free-thinking, for we are inextricably caught up in its ‘cause & effect’ product. A invisible product (equation) that returns through the hidden workings of Nature to influence our creativity and expression. That is the invisible power of karmic influence, created by mankind and returned to mankind. Returning influence that can be a positive or negative equation in its effect on our biological intelligence, creativity, evolution & destiny.

About adverse karma

There are two opposing forces structuring the evolution of the primordial archetypal intelligence of Nature…and therefore life. They are the Negative & Positive poles of Nature responsible for the phenomena of all the opposites found in life…including the atom. In brief definition, negative archetypal intelligence is responsible for dissolving life & matter, as positive archetypal intelligence is responsible for creating life & matter. A perpetuating cosmic authored process, underwritten by absolute intelligence we have yet to understand with our dissolvable human intelligence.

Thus the impulse of creative-intelligence we call thought, can be structured out of the negative pole of Nature or the positive pole of Nature. As human beings with conscious free-will and the ability to think, we possess a unique evolutionary gift to choose the pole of our actions. Thus are we (individually & collectively) responsible for choosing our destiny in evolution as grown adults. Therefore up or down on the ladder of evolution where ‘quality’ of consciousness is concerned. The quotable quote “To Be Or Not To Be” sums it up well.

Clarification: Karma created out of a positive structured thought, always returns as a positive influence to uphold & advance the consciousness of the individual. Karma created out of a negative structured thought, always returns as a dissolving influence to impede & retard the consciousness of the individual. Our human created karma has the creative potential to either support life & evolution, or retard life and evolution. As human beings, we individually & collectively create the positive or negative outcome of our evolution…our destiny.

To sum up: Human creativity & the karma that comes out of it, is a unrealized power that either compliments the primordial forces of Nature underwriting life or degrades them. Thus human creativity, is able to influence the spiritual archetypal intelligence that underlies physical biological intelligence that science knows so much about …yet does not understand where it comes from. A unknown, unrealized, unproven reality that is yet to be uncovered & acquired by mankind on the long path of evolution. That is why the author has said, “it’s a waste of human intelligence to
argue/debate its reality in boot camp”. We have to acquire its reality for it to become a reality…but not with words, but experience. That is the solution to its acceptance in the human mind…not argument or debate.

Kind regards from the author to the reader.


On The Subject Of God – Part 1

Image via Tumblr

“On The Subject Of God” was submitted to by the author. It originally appears in the About section at Alfsbootcampblog.

About words that are not mainstream in society and may mean different things to different people. To help clear this anomaly up and prevent misunderstanding, listed below are these words, their meaning & definition as applied by the author.

ABSOLUTE. Nothing is greater than absolute. It is eternity. It is forever. Religion has named that absolute, God. In spiritual understanding, the invisible source of Creation can be said to be absolute, eternal and never-changing. Out of that Absolute has manifested relative creation (this universe) and everything evolving in it. That non-physical Absolute, is the invisible source & substance of this physical dissolvable universe. Out of that understanding, everything in creation has the potential of that eternal absolute intelligence underwriting its existence.

Clarification: In simple sense, everything comes from something, because nothing comes from nothing. To argue otherwise, is a waste of human intelligence in boot camp. So this Universe and everything in it, must have come from something. That something is called Abstract Absolute Intelligence or God. Everything that exists is the substance of that eternal Intelligence…including the human being with its dissolvable intelligence. That hard to accept statement for some, is their Achilles heel where understanding a new reality is concerned. Because we have to want to understand its reality for it to become a reality.

ABSTRACT: Beyond our physical senses of perception. e.g. sight, taste, hearing, smelling, touch. The word God falls into this category, because the abstract Intelligence of God is beyond the senses and beyond our conscious thought. It is only the creativity of God and what manifests out of that transcendent Intelligence…namely physical Creation and all that is in it, that is available to our physical senses and conscious thought. In that understanding, God does not talk, because it has no physical attributes in its silent abstract domain. Only human beings and other manifested creations out of the Absolute Intelligence of God, talk.

ARCHETYPAL INTELLIGENCE: Archetypal intelligence is spiritual intelligence, it is unseen intelligence, it is the invisible intelligence that underwrites and permeates every biological component of life, every function of the brain. Archetypal intelligence is the source of our universal emotions, personalities, gifts and talents. Archetypal spiritual intelligence is that which life and its biology & chemistry has manifested out of. It the function of the Laws of Nature, to create, maintain & process ‘order out of chaos’ in that archetypal intelligence…and therefore life. Archetypal intelligence can also be called the primordial intelligence of Nature and the invisible constituent of life, its biology, its chemistry, its reproduction (sexuality) and instincts.

ALMIGHTY NATURE: THE COSMIC MIND:  That forms the status quo spiritual intelligence of this universe and everything evolving in it. It is the active spiritual aggregate of Absolute Intelligence, functioning as the invisible source & brain of evolution. It is the cosmic computer processing evolution through the Laws of Nature from the subtlest level of Creation. The human brain and its myriad functions, are but a physical biological created replica of that Cosmic Mind manifesting in life and therefore linked to life…evolving life.

COSMIC: All-encompassing. Permeating in everything. The invisible Laws of Nature that permeate everything in Creation, are Cosmic in their function and value. They are a manifested creation of Absolute Intelligence or God…as is everything in Creation. They invisibly carry out the cosmic process & purpose of evolution…both physical evolution and spiritual evolution. Laws that can be said to be the personal intelligence of impersonal God active in creation.

COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS: Every level of evolution has its specific quality of consciousness & intelligence. Human life at this point of its evolution, only functions out of biological created consciousness that is dissolvable, it dissolves at death. Underwriting that biological created consciousness and its I.Q. potential, is spiritual consciousness and its I.Q. potential. Underwriting spiritual consciousness, is absolute consciousness and its I.Q. potential. The last two levels of consciousness are latent & undeveloped in the human being. The Laws of Nature operate differently in every level (dimension) of consciousness, its Laws change to suite that different level of evolution.

Clarification: Comic Consciousness (or spiritual consciousness) is the next possible stage in the evolution of the human species. All levels & the different qualities of consciousness in them, have many stages of development in the process of their evolution in the human being. Quality of consciousness, is also a variable in mankind and has no relationship to our variable I.Q. potential and its measurement. That means low I.Q. is no bar to the spiritual development of the individual. Spiritual and absolute consciousness is open to all on the path of evolution…unlike our I.Q. segregated education system.

CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE: In spiritual understanding and its reality, the whole of Creation and all that is in it is composed of, is created out of, is interwoven and underwritten by Creative Intelligence. Everything that exists has manifested out of creative-intelligence appearing as different forms & phenomena. So creative-intelligence, is another name for the manifested expression of un-manifest Absolute Intelligence that sources life & creation. At the highest level of creation and evolution, it is the intrinsic nature of God to perpetually manifest, create & diversify…as it is of human beings.

DIVINE: The active creative-intelligence of impersonal uninvolved God can be said to be Divine. The spiritual function of the Laws of Nature are in this category, for they possess pure-creativity directly linked to the Absolute Intelligence of God. They are the active manifested expression of that uninvolved God permeating in everything physical & spiritual. As such, they possess the status of Divine Cosmic Intelligence that sources life.

EVOLUTION: To grow, to continuously change, to adapt & develop, to become more complex. The reality of  physical biological evolution is known & accepted by most in Science & Education. The reality of Spiritual evolution remains unknown to Science & Education and therefore like invisible intangible God, to be denied & dismissed as a reality because of it. A illogical dismissal that is a loss not a gain in the evolution of knowledge, science & education. Denial of the possibility of intelligence greater that our human intelligence, is the biggest stumbling block to human evolution. It is a denial sourced to the immature human ego of a human being, not its intelligence.

TRANSCENDENT: Lying above and beyond any known physical attribute. Beyond thought, beyond life, beyond the Universe. Such is the transcendent Intelligence of God. That is where religion has gone wrong in its understanding of God, because that  uninvolved abstract intelligence has no attribute other than silence. When the thought of the thinker travels back to its internal source, then the individual mind of the thinker has the automatic potential to transcend the thought process. The mind leaves thought behind in physical creation, to arrive at the transcendent source of thought. Namely, Absolute Abstract Intelligence. That automatic outcome is the process, meaning & goal of Correct Meditation.

THE PHYSICAL & SPIRITUAL LAWS OF NATURE: Science has uncovered and uses the physical attributes of the Laws of Nature. The laws of physics, fluids, mathematics, chemistry, aerodynamics etc, are the physical manifestation of the Laws of Nature. But, Science has no knowledge or experience of the spiritual Laws of Nature that underwrite & interact with the physical Laws of Nature to process evolution. Science has no comprehension of the spiritual intelligence that has created & underwrites the physical biology of life. Science & Education only have extensive knowledge of the physical processes of life, not of the spiritual processes that underwrite life, evolution & Nature.

Clarification: In boot camp reality & therefore spiritual reality, it is wrong to blindly experiment on the biology of life, without understanding or comprehending  the interactive intelligence that underwrites its source. Because at this point in time, the toxic to Nature synthetic products pouring out of the science laboratory & technology, are synthetically polluting the means for life. Polluting this planet and the spiritual function of the Laws of Nature to process the evolution of life. Science must learn to acquire, understand, create and work within that reality and its knowledge, if life is to survive on this living planet.

To be continued…


Life Is About Evolution

Evolution by Stupidiotic – congvo via Flickr

By Dee Gibson

If you truly want to be a person of influence you first have to embrace evolution. Wisdom will always let you know that fighting change is definitely a losing battle so it is imperative that you move towards being a more evolved enlightened human being. One of the great principle of life is stated this way; “Freedom and happiness are found in the flexibility and ease with which we move through change.”

If you truly want to transition or transform from someone who moves through life unconsciously to a person who becomes the wealthy individual who’s completely aware of and completely at ease with all things around him or her then you must embrace change. It doesn’t matter at all where you are from or what you’ve done in the past, you’re never trapped in any circumstance, relationship, cycle, or situation unless you say and/or believe you are. It’s always better to take each and everyday and treat it just as it is; a new day with new opportunities to do what’s right.

English: Conflict Resolution in Human Evolution

Conflict Resolution in Human Evolution (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’re at a point in your life where you realize you’re going in the wrong direction which means you’re producing the wrong results then simply in most cases do the opposite of what you’re doing right now. Trust me this will make a world of difference and you’ll almost see small and/or big result quickly. I know this is easier said then done but when you add courage and persistent practice to your constant thought pattern that’s saying “it’s time to make the necessary changes” then I’m absolutely sure you’ll make great progress in living a more happy and fulfilled life.

About The Author

I’m a man that loves to empower everyone on how to become better. The author invites you to visit:
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The Qualiasphere

Dolphin Crest

Dolphin Crest: Steve Jurvetson via Flickr

by Tony Brussat

Welcome to the qualiasphere.

According to Wikipedia, the first photosynthetic organisms changed the Earth forever when they began to oxygenate the atmosphere about 2,400 million years ago. The new atmosphere allowed the evolution of complex life, and what we now call the biosphere.

Complex organisms have been reacting to qualia for a long, long time, for it is qualia that attracts their senses to sources of food, to mates, etc. Only in the last 100,000 years (to put it generously) have some animals taken notice of internal qualia. That is, humans, dolphins, whales, and perhaps some other species, have become self-conscious.

And the qualiasphere was born…

Much of the evolution of complex life depends upon the qualiadelic relationships between living organisms – mutual attractions in which both organisms evolve together. When the relationship stabilizes and evolution slows to more or less of a halt, it becomes a symbiotic relationship, as we learned in biology 101.

But the age of self-consciousness in animals has only begun. We are only at the beginning of an incredible evolutionary growth-spurt because of the qualiadelic relationships we are developing with intuition and our thoughts. As humans, we have only developed the complex symbol systems of language in the last 15,000 years. We are very young.

Yet, in a mere 15,000 years of communicating with symbols we have generated a new element into our cozy planet. The atmosphere and the biosphere are now supplemented by the qualiasphere. Everything we see around us is a part of a symbolic world, in addition to the physical world.

The symbolic world is nothing more than our ideas and intuitions made manifest. Houses, cars and banks; forests, farms and glaciers; wars, pollutants and diseases – all are symbols filling up the qualiasphere as well as realities populating the physical world.

Alas, our young qualiasphere has become polluted with things. It is at risk of becoming spoiled altogether, before ever having a chance to truly blossom.

As most scientists and artists realize, the beautiful is synonymous with the good. “Truth is beauty, beauty truth,” sang the poet Keats. The most powerful scientific theories are, by definition, simple and symmetrical.

Qualiadelic theory is simple enough. It is not too different from the law of attraction, in that how we express ourselves echoes back to us our intuitions and ideas – our songs. Unfortunately, humans express themselves by manipulating the world, killing, destroying and raping in order to create. That is not good karma.

The whales and dolphins sing, undistracted by any compulsion to harm the environment. They are in harmony, not just with the biosphere and the atmosphere, but with the qualiasphere, which stretches into the cosmos beyond our planet, beyond our consciousness, and into the furthest realms of the imagination.

Can we stop the human cacaphony long enough to listen to the music of the spheres? Shall we evolve ourselves or will we settle into a limited symbiotic relationship with our dying Earth?

Be Qualiadelic. Be Conscious. Change the routine.

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The Truth Contest: The Veil is Lifting

what is the truth?

Image credit: emdot / marya

By: Lily Prazsky

Global communication has made it possible to see the big picture, to see the effect of our lifestyle on others and the environment. Along with awareness of the big picture, communication technology has also made it possible to define and spread the truth of life. The truth is being spread on the Internet, and the veil is lifting. We are starting to see that we do not have to fight each other to survive, argue to defend our egos. Instead, we must come together and embrace Oneness as a global community, the human race.

Common denominator: The truth is the only thing that can unite all human beings. It is what we all have in common, and that will never change. There is only one sky for all of us. Everyone eats and breathes and is born and dies etc. The ultimate truth is universal truth; it is the same for everyone, everywhere. It always has been and always will be. We can now see the big picture of life.

Only the truth can stop the wars and make the world the paradise it can be.

Reason: We can now use our ability to reason, deductive logic and extrapolation of the known evidence to know and understand things the evidence does not reveal directly, such as life after death. We have progressed enough to know and understand the fundamental truth of life. It will transform us and our world.

The root of all the problems we face is in our minds. People are trying to change the world backwards; we try to fix the external world, forgetting the source from which it is manipulated. Einstein said; “The real problem is in the hearts and minds of men. It is easier to denature plutonium than to denature the evil spirit of man.” Human beings do not know the truth. They do not understand the natural harmony and order of nature and the universe; therefore, they do not understand themselves.

Our adversary is not other people, but the invisible beast within, our animal minds. The drawing early on in the book The Present makes the beast visible. Our emotions are running wild, and we are lost in the fantasies and illusions of the mind, living in the extremes. In this time of relative peace and prosperity, we have a small window of opportunity to learn the truth overcome the animal mind.

It is now time to see the truth and accept it to take the next step in evolution. We have used our minds to change our outer environment to suit our desires and dreams, to create the world we live in today. Now, we have to use our minds to change our inner-environment; we need to use the truth to overcome our own minds. To change the world, we must change ourselves, as our world is just a reflection of us.

The mind will still be the key to the next step in evolution, but not by doing what it did in the past. It has to change for us to change.

There is a simple website with one goal; to find, define, and spread the ultimate truth. It is called “The Truth Contest.”

Read the entries to learn the truth, submit your own entry if you think you can do better to define the truth, and spread the truth contest to raise awareness. All the entries are free and provided online. We are not asking for anything except for the truth.

The word “apocalypse” means to unveil, not the end of the world.

The meaning of the apocalypse is the opposite of what most people think. It does not mean the end of the world; it means the revealing of hidden secrets and the beginning of a heaven on earth. The apocalypse is starting now.

Check it out for yourself, and spread the word.


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Review: Alien Origins by Lloyd Pye (DVD)


Reality Films

Lloyd Pye is no ordinary researcher. In Alien Origins he proposes that human beings were in part created by extraterrestrial intervention.

The two presentations in this DVD differ from most due to Pye’s persuasive style of argumentation, backed by well-researched claims.

Agree or not with his conclusions, this DVD compels us to look again at several of the assumptions passed on by Darwinian theorists.

To touch on a few points, Pye questions the glossy magazine recreations of Mankind’s supposed forerunners, along with the very notion of a “missing link.”

For Pye, there simply is no missing link, and the whole idea is a clever fabrication developed and reproduced by those hell-bent on believing in Darwinian theory, and who wish to keep Creationists at bay.

While Pye agrees there’s convincing evidence for microevolution, he says it’s invalid to extrapolate these findings to support the myth of macroevolution.

And while he concedes that we possess incomplete fossil records, Pye counters that this, alone, is not enough to account for the many gaps – not exactly popularized by Darwin’s believers – in the alleged evolution of species.

Next, Pye argues that standard evolutionary theories attempting to explain the jump from quadrupeds to bipeds don’t make sense.

As an adult I’ve always questioned Darwinian theory, not because I wanted to believe in the Creation story outlined in the Jewish and Christian traditions, but because I probed on more than one occasion the mind of a respected zoologist who admitted just what Pye is saying–there are gaps and counterexamples in Darwin’s theory, and not too many people know about it.

Not only that, the zoologist agreed that the whole taxonomic scheme of Biology is really quite arbitrary. Sure, taxonomy is usually in Latin and sounds impressive. It has an authoritative ring and associated legitimizing effect. But the question remains–just because something is in Latin, does it reflect reality?

To get at truth means throwing away the assumptions we’ve been taught as children and reassessing in the light of reason, careful study and, when possible, direct observation. This often leaves us with more questions than answers but, to my mind, it’s better to admit uncertainty than to fall victim to regimented, authoritarian or facile thinking.

Along these lines, Pye touches on the idea that the Sumerians were somehow genetically engineered by the Annunaki or some other such beings, and duly notes ancient cuneiform passages that some believe support this view.

Part 2 of the DVD gives a detailed account of Pye’s passion, this being the 900 year old Starchild Skull, discovered in a cave in Mexico and brought to Pye’s attention by its inheritors.

Here we find a fascinating glimpse into a mysterious being with unusual eye sockets and half the skull thickness and weight of a normal human adult skull.

Pye outlines other anomalies about the skull, noting that at some places it appears more like hard tooth enamel than regular bone tissue. Moreover, odd fibres seem to exist within, almost like today’s fiberglass but with strands not nearly as dense and on a much smaller scale.

Whether one sides with Pye’s conclusions or those of his critics, the value of this DVD lies in its tendency to shake the cage and question conventional thought.

How often we forget that theories are just theories. Be they Darwinian or Einsteinian, popular theories are still just theories.

For those interested in the backstory and considerable details of Pye’s argument in support of Intervention Theory, Alien Origins is a must. Meanwhile, scientific studies on the intriguing Starchild Skull continue, as do debates about the meaning of their results.


  • “Starchild Project Research Coordinator Lloyd Pye briefly covers the most unusual features of a 900 year old skull undergoing extensive scientific investigation since 1999″ (This YouTube video is not in the DVD, Alien Origins).

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