An analogy illustrating how positive spiritual influences might contribute to a belief in synchronicity

Abbey Road (street)
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“Look Both Ways”

A woman named Annabelle dreams of a beautiful angel who says, “always look both ways before you cross the road.”

The next morning Annabelle is rushing to her bus stop, about to cross a busy intersection. She judges the traffic velocities, all set to dash across the road.

Seeing an opening in the oncoming traffic, Annabelle begins to run  for it. Suddenly the angel of her dream vividly comes to mind and she stops on the center line. A speeding car whizzes by, as if from nowhere. Had Annabelle not stopped at the center line she would have been killed.

In this analogy Annabelle represents the ego perceiving synchronicity. The dream angel is a positive archetypal force. The archetypal force is aware of future possibilities. It provides valuable information to the ego so as to contribute to a positive outcome.

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