An analogy illustrating how deceptive spiritual influences might contribute to a belief in synchronicity

The Fortune Teller, by Art Nouveau painter Mik...
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“I See A Secret Admirer”

A lonely man called Lorenzo visits a fortune teller. But the fortune teller is a scam artist. She extracts all sorts of details from Lorenzo, including his home address. “I see love for you in the near future. A secret admirer… flowers in the mail…”

Meanwhile the fortune teller’s husband is secretly recording the entire session. Later that week the fortune teller’s husband drives by Lorenzo’s house in the middle of the night and drops a flower with an attached “From a Secret Admirer” note in his mailbox.

Lorenzo is impressed and delighted. He’s hooked and returns to the fortune teller for many more visits.

In this analogy, Lorenzo represents the ego that has been duped into perceiving a contrived synchronicity. The fortune teller and her husband represent dark archetypal forces. These archetypal forces manipulate individuals by providing the ego with deceptive information, thus influencing their ego-choices in such a way as to seem to bring about synchronicities.

The ego has been manipulated by the archetypes but doesn’t know it. So it sees only wonderful and amazing acausal connections.

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