We’ve decided that our annual award will be called the Halo Award!

Main Entry: 1ha·lo 
Pronunciation: \ˈhā-(ˌ)lō\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural halos or haloes
Etymology: Latin halos, from Greek halōs threshing floor, disk, halo
Date: 1603
1: a circle of light appearing to surround the sun or moon and resulting from refraction or reflection of light by ice particles in the atmosphere
2: something resembling a halo: as a: nimbus b: a region of space surrounding a galaxy that is sparsely populated with luminous objects (as globular clusters) but is believed to contain a great deal of dark matter c: a differentiated zone surrounding a central zone or object d: an orthopedic device used to immobilize the head and neck (as to treat fracture of neck vertebrae) that consists of a metal band placed around the head and fastened to the skull usually with metal pins and that is attached by extensions to an inflexible vest —called also halo brace
3: the aura of glory, veneration, or sentiment surrounding an idealized person or thing 

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See also » http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/halo.

We considered very seriously the “Polaris” Award. Polaris is the North Star that sailors used for navigation because all the other stars seem to revolve around it. It’s with great reluctance that we don’t use Polaris but Halo seems to be a notch above in that it refers to both observable and spiritual light. And it’s an idea found all around the globe. So Halo it is!