Hindu Leader Rajan Zed

Special to Earthpages.org

The broader aim of worldwide Hindu protests against upcoming Hollywood movie “The Love Guru” is to protect the interests of various minorities and ethnicities of the world and save them from future ridicule, Rajan Zed, acclaimed Hindu leader who is spearheading these protests, said in a statement from Nevada (USA) today.

“Through these protests, we are attempting to safeguard the rights and respect of all minorities including Hindus and including ‘mind-body’ guy Deepak Chopra who makes a living by repackaging Hindu concepts, terminology, and products and who is unsuccessfully trying to defend this apparent mockery and in the process creating more confusion,” Rajan Zed said.ย 

Everyone is a minority in some place and in some sense in this world and deserves to be respected, Zed stressed.

Hinduism is the oldest and third largest religion of the world with about one billion followers and should not be taken lightly. Filmmakers should be very responsible when handling faith related subjects because movies being a powerful communication medium have far reaching effects, Zed said.

Hindus world over are deeply concerned about the apparent denigration of their traditions by this movie portrayal of Hindu characters like buffoons and parody of yoga, which is one of the six schools of Hindu philosophy. In Hindu tradition, guru is sacred and associated with the divine and leads disciples from darkness to light; and guru-disciple relationship is at the heart of Hindu tradition, Zed clarified.

“We hope that Paramount Pictures, presenters of ‘The Love Guru’, will be positively responsive to our concerns which we point out at the pre-screening of the movie promised by Paramount, and be prepared to make amends if requested”, Rajan Zed said.

Comedy should make everybody smile and should not come at the expense of ridiculing others’ faith and spreading misinformation, he said and added that besides Hindus, leaders of various other faith traditions have come out in support of the protest.