Lonely Tree… and UFO

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Author Steve Hammons clearly knows what the words share and care mean.

He’s made several of his popular articles freely available to Earthpages.org and we’re happy to return the favor by passing the word about an innovative event taking place at his blog.

Hammons and others are developing a TV series about the paranormal and are using the power of the web to let viewers have their say as to how it should take shape.

His online poll asks:

For the TV series project “Joint Recon Study Group,” what topics would you like to see explored? (You can select more than one.)

  • UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation
  • ESP, remote viewing and human consciousness
  • Unconventional military and intelligence activities
  • Spiritual topics: Afterlife, angels, a larger intelligence
  • Real current events affecting the US, other countries, Earth
  • Other

To take part in the poll, follow this link:

UFOs or weird science? Online poll asks TV viewers about new series project concepts