Conversations with a Mystic, Part 4: Michael Clark, Ph.D. and Teresa Silverthorn talk about Extraterrestrials

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Conversations with a Mystic, Part 4: Michael Clark, Ph.D. and Teresa Silverthorn talk about Extraterrestrials

Copyright © Michael Clark and Teresa Silverthorn 2009. All rights reserved.

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The following took place February 21 – February 24, 2009.

Michael Clark: Hello Teresa. Thank you for agreeing to our fourth conversation at

Teresa Silverthorn: Hello Dr. Clark, always nice to see you.

Michael Clark: Teresa, lately I’ve been thinking about the role of social power in shaping people’s beliefs. To me it seems that we’re all influenced by social ideals to some degree, be these the American Dream or the latest Catholic Catechism.

Do you think it’s possible for any human being – or group of people – to completely rise above their milieu and state a truth without any ideological contamination?

Teresa Silverthorn: Of course, it’s possible.  But, would that truth reach the ears of whom it was intended, without ideological condemnation?

That would be a better question.

It is a matter of reality that there are those in our current times, whose very livelihoods rely on our social construct remaining within the traditional information that has been passed on through the ages.

For instance, if there were a guaranteed cure for cancer, would the medical field actually allow it to be used?  When, at the same time, a billion dollar industry relies on its non-disclosure, and profits continually by merely treating the symptoms?

I doubt it.

As far as spiritual truths, I also am of the understanding that there are organized efforts in place to dissuade full disclosure of the brunt of information that would challenge the financial status, and the future, of those religions who sole agenda relies upon increasing their attendance

Michael Clark: Okay Teresa. I’m going to relate this to our earlier discussion about extraterrestrials and play the devil’s advocate for a moment.

I imagine you’ve heard this question before. But maybe it’s time to set the record straight. The question I’m thinking of is this:

If extraterrestrials are here, as you have stated, why don’t they just make their presence as plain as day?

Surely they’d have the ability to override all TV and radio stations with a message to the peoples of Earth. If all networks around the globe simultaneously transmitted that very same message, who among us wouldn’t believe? (other than perhaps a handful of conspiracy theorists…).

Teresa Silverthorn: Before I answer your question, Dr. Clark, I want you to remember our earlier conversations.  I have, in as many ways possible, shared with you that mystics have faith in only what they know – not what they hope for.  I will respond to this question from the standpoint of personal knowledge, not from perception.  But, I will, indeed, hope that your readers will not only find logic in my response, but solace.

Your question is common, yet valid.  In a world where fear is encouraged, I must remind all those that read these words that these individuals do – indeed – exist.  Whether we, as a world, are capable of accepting that, is simply a matter of choice. Humanity has it’s own agenda for discounting reality.  We continue to walk old pathways, perhaps because we may simply feel it is safer to do so.

But, to answer your question.  You are asking me, in a sense, why extraterrestrials don’t bully their way into our society by taking over radio stations, and making bold announcements claiming their existence publicly.

Let’s accept, for a moment, that we are, indeed, dealing with “superior intelligence.”  In human history, this element has led to both good and bad results.  Abraham Lincoln’s superior intelligence kept this country united.  Yet, Hitler’s superior intelligence created such chaos that the world has spent several decades recovering from his efforts to divide, and terrorize, those that he deemed unworthy.

Obviously, these individuals are conscious of humanity’s need to feel free from outside influence.  Therefore, they are of the superior intelligence more akin to our own historical heroes, rather than our enemies.

So, to be more specific, why don’t they make bold, arrogant moves to prove themselves in the way a human would?

Because they’re not human…

Appearance by Fabrice
Appearance by Fabrice

Michael Clark: Excellent reply!

I agree that both kindhearted and evil geniuses appear throughout human history. To extrapolate a bit, have you any reason to believe that, along with benevolent extraterrestrials, nastier extraterrestrial species may also exist?

Could some kind of great war be raging between loving and exploitative extraterrestrials? I ask this because I’m not certain that high intelligence is always wedded to noble ethics.

Teresa Silverthorn: Superior intelligence isn’t always akin to noble ethics in humans, as I have stated.  As far as the extraterrestrial community, again, we must revert to logic.

They have been visiting our planet since humanity was created.  Personally, I’m not aware of any cataclysmic events stirred by extraterrestrials – are you?

According to some conspiracy theorists, there is some kind of plan in motion to take over humanity. They say this will occur over a span of five-thousand years, or so.

If this is true, they’re not very intelligent, are they? Or, perhaps they think it would be more entertaining, for both parties, to wait for humanity to create and engage nuclear warfare technology…

As far as a war between extraterrestrials, I have not been advised as such.

Michael Clark: I suppose I was just thinking that the powers of good and evil, respectively, could originate from a place beyond our usual understanding of time.

So whenever a good or evil act occurs, it’s in part due to an influence from beyond the self.

Many psychologists, sociologists and philosophers would have a field day with this, of course. I don’t mean to say that human behavior is quite that simple!

As for the complexities of extraterrestrial behavior, it seems we have to rely on the accounts of people like yourself.

Why do you think so many different accounts exist?

Teresa Silverthorn: Well, I suppose there are several reasons for the diversity of accounts.  Let’s say, for instance, a group of tourists show up from France.  You meet some of them in a corner drugstore, and I meet others in a coffeehouse.

Would both of our accounts of meeting French people be the same?


I’d like to address, though, why most of the accounts you’ve heard about extraterrestrial encounters seem to be dominantly negative.  I have no proof, or experience, in my reasoning, but only conjecture.

Would a news reporter be interested in a story, if that story were uneventful?  Would a movie producer accept a script, that had no action or suspense within it?

Doubtful, on both accounts.

It appears to me that these accounts have been “fluffed up” in order to gain an audience.  But, even more specifically, a profit.

The actual truth of this matter, is that extraterrestrials aren’t suspenseful, or action-packed individuals.  They may be amusing.  Or, excellent conversationalists.  Or, simply helpful individuals with no bigger agenda than lending a helping hand to humanity.

But, that doesn’t sell books.  Or, make a good movie.  So, the required measure of obligatory violence is added for the human audience who demands it, and voila, a story is born.

Michael Clark: Yes, action sells. So does sex. I think this is a comment on where humanity is at right now, at this stage in evolution.

Speaking of sex, how would an advanced and benevolent extraterrestrial species reproduce?

Teresa Silverthorn: I have no information in that area.

Michael Clark: Okay, let’s try another question. How might the message of extraterrestrials differ from those of, say, allegedly channeled entities like Emmanuel, Ramtha and Seth who encourage us to create our own reality, view life as a cosmic schoolroom, love one another, be gentle and so on?

Is there anything different or outstanding that you might want to touch on?

Teresa Silverthorn: I can only assume, at this juncture, that your readers eyes are opened wide, awaiting some type of ominous “Message To Humanity” given by the extraterrestrial realm.

I’m sorry to disappoint you.  This isn’t a script for a science-fiction movie, although the entire conversation, thus far, would appear as such.

Although I am fairly familiar with the names you’ve mentioned, I have never read their messages.  I can only imagine that they are filled with illuminating thoughts, and beautiful metaphoric language.  In my experience, this is the human way.  And, these entities are, indeed, human.

On the other hand, my dear Dr. Clark, I will promise you that if I receive any metaphoric, illuminating information from the extraterrestrial realm, that would even remotely be considered as ominous as the aforementioned individuals, I will notify you immediately….

Michael Clark: Alright Teresa, it’s a deal!

Thank you so much for making time for this fourth conversation. I hope our readers will find inspiration in these words and stop to consider the possibility that we’re not alone and, moreover, that doom and gloom is not the only way to go.

Much appreciated…

Teresa Silverthorn: Good day, to you, Dr. Clark..

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~ ~ ~

Visit Teresa Silverthorn’s website, Confessions of a Mystic: True Stories



  1. Dr Clark,
    This series contains such fascinating information, I look forward to learning more. Will there be any future Conversations with a Mystic?


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