The Ten Commandments by Sylvia Ortiz Domney
The Ten Commandments by Sylvia Ortiz Domney

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Documentary film “ARTICLE VI: Faith, Politics, America”, in which the scene of protested historic first Hindu prayer in United States Senate appears prominently, is reportedly making the rounds of leading film festivals.

According to Jack R. Donaldson, Director of award winning “Living Biography” who made this film, this documentary will be screened in some of the renowned film festivals in USA and Canada, including Washington DC Independent Film Festival.

The scene when Rajan Zed, Hindu leader, who read this first prayer in the 218 years history of the Senate, was protested, appears prominently in this documentary alongside interviews of protesters and others about their reactions to Hindu prayer in the Senate, besides Zed.

Directed by Bryan D. Hall and Jack R. Donaldson under Living Biography Media banner, this documentary, which took over two years to make, offers an intense discussion of the role of faith in politics and examination of the religious freedom and intolerance in America.

The filmmakers traveled across USA as they interviewed religious voices like national radio host Hugh Hewitt, Former Chief Justice of Alabama Supreme Court Roy Moore, Internet Evangelist Bill Keller, Christian Rights Advocate David French, Pastor Robert Jeffress of Dallas, Richard Land of Southern Baptist Convention, Reverend Flip Benham of Operation Save America, religion professor Randall Balmer of Columbia University, etc.

Rajan Zed has urged world filmmakers to come up with films giving deeper, broader, and more inclusive understanding of religion as religion is a complex component of human life and is arguably the most powerful force in human society.

Donaldson says that Living Biography is interested in making a documentary about race in America and Rajan Zed will be interviewed for that along with others.