Human abilities ‘remote viewing’ and ‘anomalous cognition’ are important for us now

Perceptions by Martino Sabia
Perceptions by Martino Sabia via Flickr

By Steve Hammons (originally posted 2006)

Looking at the many challenges we face as individuals, families, communities, nations, cultures and as the human race on Earth, we may find that the natural, but often untapped, abilities we all possess can be very helpful in making progress.

In addition to our normal skills and efforts in a wide range of everyday human endeavors, the somewhat unconventional areas often called “remote viewing” and “anomalous cognition” should also be added to our list of resources and assets.

These categories of human abilities can be generally lumped in with the ideas of a “sixth sense,” “extrasensory perception” and “telepathy.”


The term remote viewing is often used in a broad sense to describe the ability to perceive details of things, places and people at a distance, out of sight and at with no other normal means of perceiving them.

A more limited definition of remote viewing is the intelligence-gathering techniques and procedures developed in secret programs during the 1970s, 80s and 90s in conjunction with U.S. Army intelligence, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the CIA and private scientific and psychological researchers.

Anomalous cognition is a kind of umbrella phrase that includes all types of unconventional perception and unusual, but natural, abilities. Most anomalous cognition is somewhat understood in terms of theories of physics, but mysteries remain about it.

Intelligence programs of the U.S. and other nations are not the only groups interested in these interesting skills. People from all walks of life seem to find them helpful and, in some cases, vitally important.

Trusting our gut feelings about danger, following hunches about life decisions and respecting intuition about people and developments are part of these abilities we all have.


In down-to-Earth activities and decisions, our sixth sense can be useful in understanding the developments in play around us.

What is going on in society and the world? What is happening behind the scenes? What is the truth of the many complex and confused situations we read and hear about?

Sadly, much of our news media often only scratches the surface of important issues and sometimes presents slanted and false perspectives on current important topics.

Our elected leaders are not always reliable sources of accurate information.

War, terrorism, international relations, science, spiritual matters, economics, justice, good and evil are all areas that can be complex or simple, confused or clear.

Frequently, we must rely on our own initiative to investigate what is going on and how to interpret it.

Using our normal skills of listening, reading, discussing and thinking about things going on around us can be supplemented by using our intuition, instincts, gut feelings and even our dreams.

Anomalous cognition and remote viewing simply include another sense we can use in addition to our sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.


“Psychic spies” of intelligence services have now been joined by people who assist law enforcement peace officers in locating lost children, apprehending dangerous criminals and solving puzzling cases.

Anomalous cognition and remote viewing also include research about the ability to understand time in unusual ways. Can we perceive things that happened in the past and the future?

Even trying to understand the afterlife and where, if anyplace, our loved ones go when they pass on is a focus of some kinds of anomalous cognition.

This question, of course, is important because each of us will take such a journey one day. Will we meet up with our friends and family who have passed on? Can we communicate with them now?

Some people hypothesize, suspect or even pray that one day the human race will make a breakthrough that will help us make a quantum leap to a new kind of life on Earth. For those who are spiritually-minded, a greater harmony between Heaven and Earth is hoped for.

Undoubtedly, the inner connections that are part of anomalous cognition and remote viewing will play an important part of such developments.

By exploring and understanding these abilities within ourselves, we just might make progress in our individual lives and in discoveries about the destiny of the human race.


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