Reality Films

Gardiner’s World: The TV Show, Series 2 is a great introduction to various metaphysical ideas, alternative histories and holistic psychologies.

This is the second in a new series for Sky TV (UK) hosted by the acclaimed and controversial investigator Philip Gardiner.

First up on the show is Hugh Montgomery, a retired professor whose views about Jesus not dying on a cross, possibly traveling as far as India and apparently having two wives will no doubt raise a few eyebrows among the Christian orthodox.

Next, author and journalist Philip Coppens talks about connections among the New Pyramid Age, (which he believes began in 1994), the Grail Story and Sacred Stones. Among other unconventional ideas, Coppens says the Grail shouldn’t be viewed as legend but as a family history.

Third, visionary musician and artist Nick Ashron appears unplugged live after talking about the healing properties of music. This is a classic instance of theory and practice working together. One can literally feel the peace as Ashron works his magic on the guitar.

To wrap up the program, the international author and speaker, Brian Mayne, discusses the power of positive thinking, suggesting that looking on the bright side of life increases serotonin levels, which in turn activates the whole brain. With all of our cerebral cylinders firing, Mayne says we can solve problems better.

This DVD is testimony to Gardiner’s versatility. Part scholar, mystic, film producer and now TV host, it seems there’s practically nothing he won’t try. And perhaps it’s that innovative, “can-do” spirit that keeps Reality Films fresh.