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Lies and Deception: UFOs and The Secret Agenda gives a balanced and informed appraisal of UFO and alleged ET phenomena.

Containing a good deal of material once hidden from public access, this DVD has something for both enthusiasts and newcomers to the area.

The film features two seasoned investigators, Timothy Good and Nick Pope, and doesn’t shy away from the tough questions.

For instance, Pope concedes that 80% of all UFO accounts can be explained away through natural causes and 15% are too sketchy to be taken seriously.

But the remaining 5%, he reminds us, come from reputable sources like commercial and military aircraft pilots and highly trained astronauts. And this 5% is just too compelling to ignore.

Covering a wide range of issues from Roswell, the politics of disinformation, ET ethics, abduction stories, hypnotherapy and animal mutations, this DVD leaves practically no stone unturned. It even asks whether so-called Reptilians inhabit human bodies.

What makes Lies and Deception different, however, is that both featured guests are intelligent, articulate and appear credible.

I found particularly interesting Good’s claim that the archetypes of contemporary ET lore are somewhat “childish” because, in his view, there’s an incredible diversity of beings out there, many of which he believes are in close proximity to the Earth and some even mingling with humanity.

Lies and Deception is innovative but it’s not an ‘anything goes’ video. Instead, different approaches and theories are assessed in light of the available evidence and all speculation is clearly identified as such.

One gets the impression that Good and Pope are extremely well connected in the field of UFO and ET research and to their credit they’re neither dismissive nor dogmatic about the mystery and intrigue which often surrounds it.

For those wanting more, the DVD includes a bonus section with Pope talking about the UK’s recent release of classified MOD documents.

Hosted by Franky Ma and Philip Gardiner, Lies and Deception is one of the best new UFO and ET videos on the market today.