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Spiritual Center in the Garden

By Irwin Myers

Among the beautiful flowers and healthy vegetables you can grow in a home garden, you can also help to cultivate your spiritual center. With the reward of having beautiful plants, you can also use the garden space for meditating. With the proper planning, well-chosen plants and attentive care, your yard can become a peaceful haven. You can turn a standard back yard into a colorful, inviting space.

If you plan on having a drastically transformed garden, it may be best to contact professionals. If you are interested in installing a fountain or other large feature, professional services of some sort are practically necessary. Hiring someone to install fountains or ponds assures a beautiful appearance. An adept landscaper will also provide a beautiful appearance with advice on where to place plants for optimum eye appeal.

The ancient Chinese principles of feng shui can help create a positively-charged space that will help you achieve a spiritual center. Flowers whose colors are in the “warm” section of the color wheel (red, orange and yellow) are good for raising energy and stimulation while the cool colors (blue, green and purple) are more soothing. Think about your needs and how you intend to work on your spiritual center. A fountain is not going to fall within all budgets, but it is a great addition to a relaxing space.

Tending a garden yourself can be a wonderfully rewarding experience. If you have not done much gardening in the past, taking up a garden can be a baffling challenge, but taking up this quest will stimulate your mind. Having this new stimulation set in a relaxing space can help unite two seemingly disparate entities, such as mind and body. This will help you achieve a greater sense of balance and calm, as well as a spiritual center.

Once the primary work for your garden is complete, being able to enjoy the space is of the utmost importance. Having a few pieces of patio furniture will provide a place to sit, relax, read and unwind. A chaise lounge style chair will allow you to sit up and read, or to lie down and take time out from a tiring day. Be sure to purchase patio, outdoor-safe furniture for such a purpose.

Working on a garden can be an extremely fruitful procedure that gives you the perfect opportunity to improve your spiritual center. No matter what you choose to grow, it is the gardening process that can help you gain the greater feeling of calm and self-unity that you are looking for.

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