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The Modern Myth

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Prevailing model of the origin and expansion o...

Time Line of the Universe, NASA via Wikipedia

by Jared Hobbs

In the present, it seems people prefer a condescending perspective of past mythological beliefs as less psychologically advanced, as if the intelligence level of humanity has drastically changed since its emergence. Our knowledge of the physical world has definitely been revised and refined through time and experience, but not through superiority. Our intellectual capacity has remained relatively rigid.

Many people misunderstand that humanity continues to enjoy an existence in a mythological age. One myth has been exchanged for another to correspond with the new paradigm. “Let There Be Light” has become “The Big Bang Theory”. Neither provides a sufficient answer to the emphasized philosophical questions of “why” and “how,” although one speculates and both assume the questions valid in regards to the acceptance of a creation, and both attempt to expound the process. Today still, the mystery of the movement from time zero to the initial conditions endures.

Myths are metaphorical. Myths of old often use the concrete to understand the abstract. Today’s myths use the abstract, such as mathematics, to understand the concrete. Not having a complete comprehension was once acceptable, as the goal was more aligned with coping. Now, fueled by the Enlightenment ideals of progress, an ultimate, yet unattainable, answer is demanded using the beautiful tool of the scientific method. But science, by definition and not by fault, is limited to the physical universe. The materialists who do not understand this, or believe that the limits of their senses equate the limits of reality, place as much faith in doctrine as does any religious believer. Science and religion users seek the same objective, yet fail to realize the subjective. One might reference the parable of the scientists who have been painstakingly and figuratively climbed the mountain of knowledge, who finally reach the peak and prepare to celebrate, when they see a bunch of monks already sitting there, and all continue to scratch their heads.

Physics and Metaphysics encapsulate two differing realms, as implied by the prefix “Meta”, meaning above, beyond, transcending, etc. To compare the two would be a categorical mistake, and this is precisely what occurs when people believe the modern myth.

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