Synchronicity: New Age Fantasy or Face of the Future?

Parts relate to whole, the chain holds on, and where it ends, unknown

— Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man


Most people have some inkling as to the meaning of the word synchronicity.

“Chance? Coincidence? Signs?” they’ll usually reply when asked.

Religious fundamentalists and conservatives tend to have a knee jerk reaction to the idea synchroncity, seeing it as the workings of Satan. Meanwhile, materialistic skeptics usually dismiss synchronicity as some kind of flaky New Age fantasy.

More mature psychologists, theologians and thinkers, however, are seriously considering the implications that synchroncity might have for cosmology and ethics in the 21st century and beyond.


The term synchronicity was coined by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961).

At one time Jung was a close friend and colleague of Sigmund Freud. But these two titans of modern psychology had a falling out in 1914, mostly due to Jung’s rejection of Freud’s dogmatic insistence on the primacy of the libido.

Before their split, the two corresponded a great deal about the emerging school of psychoanalysis. One of the topics mentioned in their letters was Jung’s idea of synchronicity, which at that time wasn’t clearly defined.

Freud mostly ridiculed the idea, but Jung’s personal encounters with synchronicity along with his study of quantum physics gave him solid grounds to advance this cutting edge concept.


Synchronicity suggests that mind and matter, along with past, present and future exist in a potentially meaningful continuum. As such, it compels us to rethink everyday assumptions about self and environment, causality and time.

By the 1950s, Jung had outlined three types of synchronicity:

1. The meaningful acausal coincidence of a psychological event and an external observable event, both taking place at or around the same time.

This first type of synchronicity might be illustrated as follows: You’re driving home and begin to think of a friend whom you haven’t seen for years. Upon entering the front door you find that the very same friend had just phoned and left a message on your answering machine.

2. The meaningful acausal coincidence of a psychological event and an external observable event, the latter taking place outside the individual’s range of sensory perception.

The second type of synchronicity is illustrated by the documented vision of the Swedish scientist and mystic, Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772). Jung reports that Swedenborg inwardly saw a devastating fire that raged approximately 100 miles away in Stockholm, representing what psi researchers now call remote viewing.

3. The meaningful acausal coincidence of an internal psychological event with an external observable event, the latter taking place in the future.

Also called precognition, this type of synchronicity is found throughout the history of religions. In the Biblical tradition, for instance, Jesus accurately predicts Peter’s finding a coin in a fish’s mouth, as well as his own betrayal, death and resurrection (Matthew 17:27; 26:23; John 2:19).

One could argue, however, that Jesus was absolutely certain that this precognition would come about. He knows because he’s God. So Jesus’ predictions might be construed as ‘synchronicities’ by non-Christians but not by himself and his followers.

For Christian believers, Jesus’ accurate predictions are sure evidence of God’s plan of salvation. And this is a bit different, theologically speaking, from the notion of synchronicity as set forth by Jung.

The chicken or the egg?

Jung says that synchronicity involves an acausal relationship between ego consciousness and the external environment. That is, synchronicity just happens, not caused by any single event.

He also cautions against actively searching out instances of synchronicity. In this regard, Jung says synchronicity is never sought nor anticipated, but discovered.1 Jung adds, however, that the conscious ego is guided by the archetypes of the collective unconscious toward the experience of synchronicity.

If this sounds confusing, it is.

The difficulty may be attributed to Jung’s theoretical limitations along with the somewhat mysterious nature of space-time. After all, the issue of causality vs. acausality is still hotly debated within academic, theological and scientific disciplines.

Some illustrations, analogies and possibilities

While reading these, please note that I’m trying to illustrate some of the complications around the idea of synchronicity within the context of Jungian theory. This might be limiting. For instance, is the dream angel in the last analogy really a “positive archetypal force” or could it be, as many religious persons would believe, a bona fide angel?

I only offer these asides as food for thought:

Ethics and synchronicity

We’d do well to remember that synchronicity is ethically ambivalent. Neither good nor bad in itself, synchronicity is variously experienced by saints, devil-worshippers and the insane.2

In instances of psychological inflation,3 individuals may act in horrendously cruel ways while believing they’re God’s special gift to humanity. Unfortunately, synchronicity may be extremely dangerous when experienced by a demented person who interprets it so as to inflate his or her ego. In such intances the immodest identify with archetypal forces and adopt a false and destructive sense of superiority.

Jung says this kind of self-aggrandizement can occur when psychological complexes remain unresolved. So an Adlerian inferiority/superiority complex may be reinforced by the alleged experience of synchronicity.4

Arrogance and synchronicity

Synchronicity isn’t exactly the most popular topic of conversation in contemporary society. And it likely wouldn’t be a great opener at cocktail parties.

It’s difficult to know if this taboo arises from fear, ignorance or some combination of the two. But it seems reasonable to say that not too many Western people experience synchronicity on a regular basis.

While this may be the case in most so-called developed nations, the paranormal writer Colin Wilson inverts Western wisdom by suggesting that the healthy mind, not the weird or deranged one, regularly experiences synchronicity. In keeping with this idea, saints, gurus and shamans from a wide variety of spiritual traditions often claim to live in an almost perpetual state of synchronicity.

Could the spiritually wise be more aware and, therefore, better attuned to synchronicity than the unwise?

Well, maybe. But this kind of thinking arguably leads to unhealthy, elitist attitudes.

Quite possibly one form of wisdom is characterized by an acute awareness of synchronicity. But those claiming to be wise often seem to be lost in a world of fantasy, wish-fulfillment, paranoia, confusion, deception and error.

This wouldn’t be a huge problem if misguided people always kept to themselves. But we often hear of arrogant charismatic figures so wrapped up in their own little bubble of ‘reality’ that they hoodwink, exploit and abuse others—emotionally, economically, sexually and sometimes fatally.

Indeed, some sham gurus and alleged guides seem more like puffed up bullfrogs presiding over mud ponds instead of sincere, humble individuals who are closely connected with the Holy.

The big picture

On a more optimistic note, synchronicity may point to a Divine Plan within God’s Creation. It’s hard to say if Jung would have seen it this way. But the Biblical Isaiah illustrates an essentially theological perspective which could account for what many see as synchronicity:

This plan of mine is not what you would work out, neither are my thoughts the same as yours! For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than yours, and my thoughts than yours.5

In his book, The Rupture of Time, the Jung scholar Dr. Roderick Main writes extensively on the wider implications of synchronicity:

Synchronicity suggests that there are uncaused events, that matter has a psychic aspect, that the psyche can relativise time and space, and that there may be a dimension of objective meaning accessible to but not created by humans… If the psyche can relativise time and space, then it becomes possible for temporally and spatially distant events somehow to involve themselves in the here and now without any normal channel of causal transmission. If there is a dimension of objective meaning, this implies that the meaning we experience in not always or entirely our subjective creation, individually or as a species, but that we may be woven into an order of meaning that transcends our human perspective.6

While the idea of synchronicity might seem obscure and perhaps difficult, its defenders will say that it’s a relatively new concept, one that compels us to take a fresh look at ourselves and our place in the ever-changing cosmos.


1. (a) The philosopher Leibniz (1646-1716) says in his Monadology that the soul, body and all of creation exist in a “pre-established harmony.” But for Leibniz the ultimate cause of cosmic interconnectedness is the Divine Will of an eternal Creator, existing beyond time and the cosmos. (b) Freud wrote to Jung that synchronicity is merely the product of unconsciously projected desires. In another letter, however, Freud concedes to an “undeniable cooperation of chance.”

2. (a) For instance, after denying Jesus, Peter heard the cock crow as predicted by Jesus (Matthew 26:74). (b) A comprehensive discussion of the arguably relative idea of insanity is beyond the scope of this article. But perhaps we could tentatively define insanity as “holding a rigid belief in the truth of ideas, persons, objects or processes which are false, to the extent of losing the ability to make reasonable judgments.” This definition is, of course, problematic in that so-called madpersons may see or believe in things that are existing, meaningful and true, but which are visible and understandable only to themselves. To complicate matters, some philosophers speak of imaginary ideas that have, at least, a subsistence, if not a true existence, such as the idea of a “round square.” See William T. Blackstone, The Problem of Religious Knowledge: The Impact of Contemporary Philosophical Analysis on the Question of Religious Knowledge (N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1963), p. 12.

3. Most of Jung’s concepts are competently defined in Daryl Sharp’s Jung Lexicon.

4. (a) See the discussion in ETs, UFOs and the Psychology of Belief.
(b) Jung and Adler’s concepts are noted here for the sake of argument. The idea of so-called “archetypes” and Adler’s emphasis on a “Will to Power” are much debated within depth psychology and related disciplines.

5. The Living Bible (Wheaton: Tyndale House, 1973) Isaiah 55:8-9

6. Roderick Main, The Rupture of Time (New York: Brunner-Routledge, 2004),
p. 2.

My Ph.D. Thesis

Synchronicity and Postructuralism: C. G. Jung’s Secularization of the Supramundane » Hardcopy » Microform » PDF for Adobe Acrobat Reader at the National Library of Canada

“Synchronicity: New Age Fantasy or Face of the Future?” Copyright © Michael W. Clark. All rights reserved.


  1. Michael… I am indeed very impressed by this article. Your thesis is brilliant. It happens to be on a topic which is an affirmation to my beliefs.

    Well structured and very well written. You capture many angles as well as many philosophies… kudos



  2. A well written dialog. While I can identify occurrences in my past that are coincidental/ syncronistic both in random events and that changed my career, I wonder if an open mind would allow more of these occurrences to occur? Does believing in these events cause more to happen, i.e. similar to the action of observing light particles which causes changes in the physical world? As humans evolve will this type of interaction occur more or is it related genetically to some part of our mind that we don’t typically use?

    What makes these seemly unrelated events become relevant? I was involved for many years in strategic planning in various hi-tech companies and invariably chance meetings, random articles, seemingly unrelated world events would happen ‘just-on-cue’ to change my thinking on what the ‘next-best-thing’ would be, which would turn out to be invariably correct. The same has occurred in my personal life with several major life style and direction changes. Have I been blessed, lucky, smart, or syncronisticly helped?


    • Steve, you asked several very insightful questions in your first paragraph.

      I have had synchronistic experiences all my life. I have often thought that since my grandmother, who was a Cherokee healing woman, opened my mind at an early age I probably had an advantage. This may or may not be true.

      As society has advanced, it does not seem that anything other than the physical senses have advanced as quickly. I do see some advancement, but in the US in particular we seem to have an awful lot of folk who still believe that anything outside their own belief system is evil. It is therefore not conducive to speak in public about the things we experience, whether they are synchronous events or metaphysical beliefs.

      You asked if this phenomena might be due to some portion of our minds (brain?) we don’t use.
      This is entirely possible.

      Have you seen the article on the God helmet? It’s very interesting that there is a part of the brain that seems to be geared toward ‘belief’. So it’s possible that those of us who are not religious could experience a religious event just by having that portion of the brain stimulated.

      Our thoughts actually stimulate different parts of the brain, so it is also possible that events occur around us because of that. It is also possible that we are just more cognizant of those things.

      For myself, it seems that synchronicity is almost a “wish fulfillment” rather than just random episodes of coincidence.

      It isn’t that I concentrate on wish fulfillment, it just happens that way.

      My grandmother taught me one meditation as a child. I did not accomplish the purpose of it until I was in my 40’s.
      The meditation was to sit in the forest on a breezy day and listen. Listen until you can hear the sound each individual tree makes. It’s an amazing meditation that allows you to realize, at the moment you can discern the sound of each tree, that all things are connected.

      Thanks for giving me something to think through.

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  3. Steve, this is a very insightful post, thanks. My view is that human beings almost always interpret reality. Even if some kind of spiritual override kicks in to lead or influence us toward a decision, we still interpret afterward just what it was (e.g. ‘archetypes’ or ‘angels’).

    I myself don’t really believe in luck. I see that as a human concept, one created by those who don’t appreciate that God is active in a world which is not just random chance. But, as per the first paragraph, that’s just my interpretation.

    Now, does a belief or openness toward sync. make it happen more?


    The way I’ve been approaching sync. until now is in terms of a developing sensitivity for recognizing interconnectedness. But you raise an important possibility, a more active approach.

    I’d have to think about it more before commenting further!


  4. I began a search to understand the meaning of the word “uncanny” tonight and somehow found my way into synchronicity and thus, to your blog. I enjoyed your explanation and queries very much and am happy to have found you.


  5. By nature and nurture I distrust co-incidence, both as a matter of choice in desiring to maintain the ability to examine a situation from other perspectives, and owing to an intimate awareness of the ease to which the human mind can be duped into self deception by wishful thinking vanity and desire.

    I can’t though, simply dismiss or deny the presence much less the nature of acausal synchronization in my life any more than I can deny the impact of having children. It is that tangible. That said, it’s presence and my concurrent mistrust often leaves me in a peculiar state of being neither believing or disbelieving of the phenomenon.. a kind of cosmic in betweenness, one maintained without effort, and curiously, without resulting atrophy. It just ‘is’, there is just no judgment that can encompass it or is necessary to define it

    I think a great deal can be understood about acausal synchronization when the expectations and judgments of an individual experiencing it are closely examined.

    An insightful article, thank you.



  6. I’ve been trying to obtain information of what I suppose would be examples of synchronicity:

    1. Reading a word at the same time it is heard on a radio/tv program.
    2. Hearing a word or number spoken (at work) the same time that you are typing it.
    3. Writing a word in a journal or letter, and hearing it the same time on radio/tv/spoken.

    Coincidence, considering all of the words flying around in our space?

    The words do not have anything to do with each other (no similar context). They just occur at the same time.

    I simply accept it as another evidence of connectedness, and don’t try to understand it or attach any meaning other than noticing a bird flying.


    • Helecta,
      You may never see this reply because your post is now a little over a year old. I was searching for the exact subject you were looking for, words that pop up just as you read, speak, hear, or see them, as you described. Thank goodness someone else can do this! I was wondering if I was alone in doing this. I have had this happen for at least a decade now. I posted on a website about synchronicity and was told it was a form of it but told me nothing much else about it. Have you found any good sites on the subject?


      • Hello Dave and Helecta

        It happened one more time, to read and hear the same word and I decided to look for that in the Internet and here I am. I am glad that I can share this “strange” thing with other people. The synchronicity started to me with numbers, where I was looking the clock (even awakening without obvious reason) and the time was always something “special”, like all the same digits or symmetrical digits (like 12:21). Then also started this thing with words, simple at the beginning and then more rare, that I read and hear simultaneously. If you have found any more info about that please let me know.


  7. I find it funny I ended up finding your article. I never really truly understood “synchronicity” until a life-changing event that happened to me at age 22. the synchronicity throughout the day, everyday from the second I woke up until I went to sleep started so strong that I actually thought people everwhere I went were reading my mind. I thought I was going completely insane. something very drastic happend at that time in my life and i have not been the same since. It actually ended up helping me in many ways and I have since come to grips with it. All I can say is, i can definitely never doubt the existence of “something” albeit a higher power, God or whatever you want to call it, ever again!


  8. I believe God is the author either allowing or causing it to happen. God’s nature are for things that are meant to be together to end up being together. God intended Joseph to be second in command. This required that he get together with first Potiphar then the head of the king’s prison. If these events, did not occur some would argue that Joseph would not have ended up prime minister of Egypt. No I believe it is possible that God can continually put something in front of you to send a message to you. You have to be careful because it may not be the case though. That requires discernment.


  9. Yes John, this is how I view it too. God is above and immanent within the entire process. It seems linear to us because we are creatures located in, for the most part, linear time. But God’s view is so much more than what we can see.

    I also agree that discernment is paramount. And discernment is a tricky word, because so many claim to discern while they may just be playing out their own desires, unresolved complexes or whatever. But still, I believe that as we progress toward God and become more self-aware we can get better and better at discerning God’s will.

    While there may, at times, be a conflict between God’s will and our own, this need not always be the case. Sometimes, I believe, God can actually give us a desire that is in accord with the Divine Plan.

    Thanks for your comment. Nice to see a theistic perspective in here. I believe it’s more full and complete than the “it just happens” viewpoint.


  10. I’m using your “thesis” for my paper. Credit definitely cited. Thank you for your viewpoint on the wonders of synchronicity 🙂


  11. […] know you’ve enjoyed the write up. Here’s another one which would expand our scope of thinking :- Synchronicity: New Age Fantasy or Face of the Future? __________________ Overflowing with priceless jewels and rubies, the storehouse is inexhaustible […]


  12. Helecta..Helecta..Helecta
    Ive been trying to find anyone who has the same experience with synchronicity, I hear words from tv/radio at the exact time that im reading the word or typing it or even thinking it. Ive spent hundreds of hours on the internet trying to find anyone with the same to find out what they make of it and if it has helped them in any way. Please Helecta if you read this could you contact me.


  13. I just bought ‘warm chocolate’ sheets for my bed, on the radio comes the song ‘Sweet Thing’ by Keith Urban, he did a concert lat year in Hershey, Ps., and Hershey, Pa is in Derry township, my last name.


    He’s my honey!


  14. Just passing through and saw Tianca’s comment. All I can say is “wow” and I love hearing about things like that..


  15. I am having a very good laugh right now because after typing a very long comment all about why, in my opinion, acausal coincidences don’t actually have any meaning, WordPress had some sort of glitch that apparently lost the whole thing. I may not believe in synchronicity, but I do have a deep appreciation for irony. 😉


  16. I’m of the opinion that either way we slice it, it comes down to belief. One believes in a meaningful universe. One believes in an all-knowing God. One believes in empiricism. One believes in atheism. One believes in chaos… the list goes on.

    Belief. It all comes down to belief.

    The question is, is one belief more accurate or comprehensive than another?


  17. The conclusion to my 44 year investigation of the nature of Meaningful Coincidences (Synchronicities) indicates that at least for my own and the patients I work with providing psychoanalysis have much more to do with the personal unconscious than that of the so called collective unconscious.

    My findings indicate that synchonicities are markers that a seemingly psychological dilemma has been resolved but its resolution is pre conscious and needs to be interpreted like a dream.

    Enen though these amazing events are experienced as if they are coded messages from some ‘spiritual realm of transcendent experience, they are actually ‘messages’ from ones self, projected, connected to a an external event which is parallel in meaning to the subjective experience, and mirrored back to the experiencer.

    Thus synchronicities in this framework are a naturalistic biproduct of ones own idiosyncratic creative process.

    For more look at my paper on my website (theories section_ gibbsonline .com.

    I believe I am near publication of my manuscript called:

    Demystifying Meaningful Coincidences (Synchronicities):
    The Evolving Self, The Personal Unconscious, and The Creative Process.


  18. Ever since I’ve become aware of synchronicities, they seem to occur more often. It makes me feel connected to the universe, and in some weird way, like my existence matters more. Now, I focus on it so much, that I feel in control of my destiny. I make certain to credit God for everything, but my thoughts seem to constantly come into existence. Is it me writing my life? Or, have I simply just taken the chosen path?

    Well written!


  19. Dr. Clark,

    I’ve read your response to Aurora 3 times now. And, for the life of me, I can’t understand what a sense of “humility” has to do with synchronicity. Synchronicity relates to science and metaphysics. It’s no more religious than having observed a cloud on the way to work, or having mentioned it to your co-workers later. There is no lack of “humility” in mentioning a simple observation, or admitting you had one.

    So, please explain how humility affects the observation of a synchronicity?


  20. Teresa –

    For me humility is a basic prerequisite to guard against all sorts of mistakes that one can make in life.

    A scientist should humbly recognize his or her limits, as should a religious person or, for that matter, a believer in synchronicity.


  21. Scientists who worry about their “limits” rarely discover anything new. Seekers of metaphysical realities, and finders of the same, are often confronted by those who never experience either, and are often criticized for both. Humility, in my opinion, would only allow them to stay under the radar of social judgement and ridicule.

    So, in that light, I might agree with you…


  22. Listen to this crazy coincidence. I lost the tiny bolt that holds the tiny screw in my sunglasses arm. I spent one week going in and out of stores trying to find a tiny bolt and couldn’t. On the weekend of that week my husband picked up two bacon egg and cheese sandwiches from the deli. I opened the wrapper on my sandwich and found a tiny eyeglass bolt inside. This is just one of many, many crazy coincidences I get all the time! I do believe in divine intervention, every time big or small.


  23. i just stumbled across your site. i have had many, many synchronous instances since i read The Secret almost a year ago. these incidents occur on a weekly basis. i made the mistake of posting on a science website, and everyone there calling me basically, a raving lunatic. i had eye surgery in April. I was give 3 eyedrops to medicate, Xibron, Xymar and Prednisone eyedrops. one week later i rode the train into philly. it stopped at my normal stop-market east. i waited in my seat until the riders got off. i got out of my seat and walked behind about 10. i then stepped on what i thought was chapstick lost my balance and grabbed a seat to hold onto. bent down to pick it up and it was a bottle of prednisone eyedrops, made by Alcon. mine is from Allergan. both bottles were blue, and start with the same intials. i could give you a dozen strange occurences in the past two weeks. my wife a co-workers back me up.


    • Thanks for your comments. I find it interesting that Colin Wilson says the healthy not the unhealthy mind experiences synchronicity pretty much on an ongoing basis.

      Group norms, politics, money, etc.. I think all these factors – and more – have something to do with how unconventional phenomena like sync. are handled.


  24. Linda,yes I’ve experienced the TV/radio correlated with written text/thinking type of synchronicity many times.It usually happens when in the “spiritually-searching”mode.From what I’ve ascertained it has something to do with “universal forces epiphanizing thru waking consciosness”(via temporal flux,I suppose.)I’ve developed a theory as to how it(and other synchronus events)might be occurring based on my reading of the Urantia Book.I refer to the phenomenon as communication across the thought-adjuster grid.Check out the book.You can read it online or get it at borders.


  25. I work in a bank. I currently handle about 35 accounts. Thursday morning, a week ago, I got to work, sat down in my cube. I flipped through my files and pulled one I had not worked on for weeks. I said to myself, “what the heck is missing on this account”? At that instant, my co-worker walked in and said, Bruce, here is a letter for you. The letter pertained to the account I had pulled 2 minutes ago. OK- on another account, I requested our accounting unit do a calculation of “accrued income to date of death” a week or so ago. Last Wednesday at noon I went to the men’s room. I opened the door to leave and smacked right into the accountant doing my calculation. The clinker is he had the calculation in hand, gave it to me and thanked me for saving him some steps. OK- here is the “double clinker that happened this morning. I took a shower this morning, got out my razor and cream for a shave. While shaving, I thought about synchronicity, said to myself, “people ask god for a sign”. I thought again and said to myself (notice I did not ask for a sign, more later) people may say “dear god, give me a sign”. At THAT INSTANT, one those fragile white spiders dropped from the ceiling and was dangling 2 inches in front of my nose. I ran in to the bedroom and told my wife. By that time I got in the bathroom, the spider was back on the ceiling. It seems that when a straight generalization is given to the Universal Mind, the occurence happens. I may not wish it but the mere thought of conjuring something in the brain causes the occurrence. I am amazed and astounded. I am becoming more obsessed with this stuff everyday. And I am one who used to scoff at Psychics. Nevermore!!!!! I know I am NOT psychic, because the stuff happening to me cannot be predicted in any way, shape or form, CURRENTLY. I think in the future we will find answers through some kind of physics . Quantum physics has already proved that for events to occur, an observer is required. Mind boggling to say the least!!!


  26. That’s interesting that it was a spider because the image of the spider’s web is pretty widespread in world myth and religion as a symbol of the visible universe, all that is, etc.

    Thanks very much for sharing your accounts.


  27. If I meet a July 15th deadline my book on Demystifying Meaningful Coincidences (Synchronicities)
    The Evolving Self, The Personal Unconscious, and The Creative Process is quite likely to be published by Christmas. For the many of you who believe these wonfrous events are evidence of divine intervention you may be right. However I urge you to have an open mind and follow my argument. Then let the chips fall where they may.


    • When your book is published, please send me a mail. I am devolving into mysticism, and find “divine intervention” very interesting. I have had multiple synchronous events occurring in my life and am astounded and amazed. I used to be a scoffer and now realize how ignorant I “used to be”.


  28. Today my mind is boggled and I really believe this entiity is doing somethnig with me, communicate, or otherwise. Here it is – This afternoon I drove about 5 miles to my Wegmans supermarket to by 2 sixpacks of beer. I perused the aisles and on a top shelf found Warsteiner Dunkel . I have drunk Warsteiner Premium but never heard of “Dunkel”. They were loose and not in a pack so, instead, I picked 2 other brands, paid for them and went home. I turned on my computer and went to Topix and read a blog about Michael Jackson. The blog was such that I clicked on the blogger’s profile to see who this person was. Under “Favorite Thngs”, the blogger mentioned his family, friends, music preference, and that – – his favorite beer is “Warsteiner Dunkel”. I got up from my chair and looked around the room, as I was home alone. I felt and saw no other presence, but I now believe I am being watched/guided/supervised by “The Entity”. I could not believe this and told my wife when she got home from work. She was also amazed as the events keep recurring. Please let me hear some comments. I will relay this, as I always do to my co-worker on Monday who does regularly consult a psychic. Now, I have no doubt there is “a force” out there. Again, I am astounded and amazed.


  29. This is my wife’s experience for this past Wednesday. She works in a shop, that sells soaps, candles, etc., in the local mall. A teenage couple walked in and were studying the soaps. The girl says, “is this a piece of cheese”? The boyfriend said something like, “no, why would a soap store sell cheese”? They then walked to a different part of the store. Two minutes later, a mall guard strolls in, with a smile, walks up to my wife, and asks if she has any soap that “smells like limberger”. She was aghast, told the guard to come back later, as she couldn’t say anything as the couple was still close by. Well, the guard did come back later, my wife explained it to him but it went right over his head. He said the “cheese thing”, that he said, just popped into his head. He just smiled at her (probably thought he is talking to a nut case). So synchronicity also happens to my wife, occasionally.


  30. Hi Browser, thanks for your comments. My feeling about synchronicity is that we shouldn’t make more or less of it than it really is.

    Most people find it amazing at first because it suggests a potential interconnectedness over space and time that, yes, can boggle the mind.

    There’s also a danger, and I am NOT saying this applies to you or your wife, that some people start getting almost fanatical about it and start reading into everything as a synchronicity.

    It’s good to remember that Jung says synchronicity always comes after the fact–i.e. we don’t consciously look for it but, rather, it just happens as we go about our daily lives, making our own decisions.

    Some critics say that people who perceive synchronicity are just playing out and interpreting life according to their unconscious biases. This perhaps isn’t totally wrong because the ‘meaningfulness’ of it could involve, in part anyhow, getting to know ourselves better.


  31. This afternoon I phoned my sister and we talked at length about the Phillies. She mentioned a pitcher, Kyle Drabek. I said I knew nothing of him, would check him out on the net. I hung up and perused Drabek on the net (Wikipedia). Turns out he plays for a Phillies minor league team and had “Tommy John Surgery”. I clicked on that highlight and read about the surgery. OK- I got out of the site and went to CNN sports to check the Phillies score. They were winning so I left the computer, turned the radio on to listen to the game. The first words I heard were “He had Tommy John Surgery”. I have no idea who they were talking about though, as my brain stopped functioning at that point. Again, I was dumbfounded with another primary synchronous event. In a previous post, I used the word “obsessed”. That was a bad choice. “Purely focused” is better. But what happened is the truth, and I also had several synchronous instances last week in my workplace, but this “Surgery” thing is the biggest. I know of Tommy John, but never heard of the surgery named after him. Again, I said to my wife, “I think I am the Chosen One”. I know I sound ridiculous, but this stuff is more exciting every day. I told my wife I may be able to transition off to another plane, at will, soon. She did not laugh.


  32. The “grid” was re-configured in 1999, which has resulted in increased synchronicities which are currently being experienced by humanity. I have to agree with Dr. Clark’s statement above, when using the term “humility.” By this, I am suggesting that those experiencing these phenomenons, bear in mind that they are wide-spread in current times. Therefore, it is important to understand that we are all part of something massive, and that these experiences are not selective to those with pre-conceived notions of superpowers, etc.

    Best to absorb the commonalities around us, than divide ourselves at this time, with delusive thoughts of feeling you are alone in what you are experiencing.

    All in all, consider the beauty that there are means of sharing these experiences with others freely, finding a unity among those who share these amazing realities….


  33. Teresa – thank you so much for your beautiful comments. I am just in awe of what is happening. I feel so sorry for those who have not experinenced these sort of joyful events. They are unfolding in front of me. The first think I think of is “divine intervention”. However; I am not religious, as the last church service I attended was when I was 19. Through intense focus, I have achieved so much. I envisioned that I would have a partner to talk to on the train home from Philly. In a sense (I welciome my beauiful friend when we arrive at the station, and we are able to converse, shortly, thought intensely, until we depart for our vehicles) it has happened and I am so grateful, words cannot express my joy of this happening. May the Force be with everyone!


  34. Browser,

    It is truly beautiful what is happening world-wide. Consider documenting your experiences for not only personal reasons, but for the resources they may provide you in the future. Always walk with integrity, and keep your focus clear. And, by the way, welcome to the New World…


  35. Thanks for this great discussion on synchronicities. But I would just like to direct this comment to Teresa Silverthorn. On May 5th you responded to my share about the synchronicity of finding an eye glass bolt, well just now I had a synchronicity involving you! I had been on Google searching “awakening 2012” and I happened upon your website! I recognized the picture of you with your glasses and then checked back on this site which I had saved in favorites and yes there you were! You have a very interesting website, and are now also in my favorites! It’s synchronicity that gives me a sense of connection to all things.


  36. I am falling behind on recording my episodes. Two weeks ago I went for my power walk, from 5th & Market to 11th, left on 11th. I said to myself about 6 times -“‘someone is going to stop and talk to me”. at that point, a raging insane person ranting and cursing, passed me and all other people walking that way. I got out of his way. I kept walking , got rattled, and later realized that had forgotten the thought. I got to 9th and Chestnut, walking east on Chestnut, and an older lady pushing a baby carriage, stopped and asked me, “sir, could you tell me where Cozi’s is”? Well I stopped and excused myself and could not tell her where it was, though I had passed it many times. I just told her I was sorry I could not remember (BTW, all my life I have no sense of direction)and walked half a block and only then realized that what had transpired there, (someone would stop me), had come true. I felt so high, I virtually “floated back to work”. Again, I am amazed and astounded. There are four or five more episodes I have had in 2 weeks, I don’t want to take everyone’s time here. I have to post the most profound ones.


  37. I was alerted by email there were new postings here. I have to relate another peculiar event. I visited my eye doctor for a checkup a month ago. She gave me dilating drops. The exam went fine. On my way out, the receptionist offered me those funny sunglasses that fit behind eyeglasses. I showed her my regular sunglasses and said I don’t need them. I just thought about odd those “stickon” glasses look. That night I took the train home from work. I stopped at a Giant to get some milk. I parked my truck, got out, took 3 steps and lying directly in front of me on the macadam, is a pair of those “funny” stick on sunglasses. I ignored them and went into the store, bought my gallon of milk. On the way out, something on the ground about a hundred feet ahead was shining so brightly into my eyes, I had to look away. I walked up to where this shiny thing was, and was the same pair of stickon sunglasses, reflecting the overhead parking lot lights right into my eyes. This time I picked the sunglasses up, and keep it in my locker at work. I look at them from time to time. Another mystery. BTW, I had cataract surgery in April.


  38. Browser,

    I’ve been watching your comments. And, although I agree with the concept of synchronicity, your experiences indicate a much more complex situation, in my opinion.

    Honestly, in my opinion, you’ve got another “party” looking out for you. This can create a synchronicity, but isn’t quite the same, because of its source.

    I’m sure you’ve considered that “somebody out there likes you,” as it is obvious you’re being tended to.

    Some would call it angels. Or, guides.

    Or, simply God.

    It must be humbling, either way.

    Fascinating. Enjoy your journey, Browser.


  39. OMG – where to start. OK, a week ago I browsed a blogging site. Someone posted passages from the Bible (Matthew something) that indicated Christ was egoistic. Really, the passage truly indicated so. I printed it out and handed it to someone in my workplace (she is psychic) a week ago, just for her to see. This morning that same person walked over to my cube and said, “Bruce, you would not believe it, but on “Criminal Minds” (TV show), last night, there was the story of a cultist that quoted that exact passage you handed to me last week”. Well we were both astounded/dumbfounded. Now – today – Again – – I work in a financial services organization. I close out accounts. To close them out, I have to get tax clearance from our tax departments. The tax officer for this account sent me an email. I was reading it. He referenced the personal representative of the estate of the deceased. He asked if I had heard from them. At that very instance my phone rang…. It was the personal rep for that estate. OMG OMG- All I said to her was I was reading an email from our tax officer when she called, what a “coincidence”. I won’t get into details, but I swear what I am saying here is the truth. I am in my mid sixties. Here is another something that is peculiar – Every night I take the train home. There is a young lady that always sits 3 or 5 seats behind me. She is married and always sits 3 or 5 seats behind me, never has sat with me, as she does work on her laptop constantly. When we get to our station,I always let her pass first and follow her off the train and we always talk until we get to our vehicles in the parking lot. We then depart. This has been going on since I had cataract surgery in April. That is when we started this “talking relationship”. She is an avid skier and her husband is a hunter. I refer to her a my “train buddy”. I do send her emails form time to time, absolutely innocent ones. She is at least 35 years my junior, so I don’t think there is anything going on. I have no idea why this is happening. Can you advise me?


  40. Browser,

    I’m not sure how the young lady fits in with the other accounts. I doubt if anything is “going on” but it’s very important to remain neutral in that situation. Don’t misread it. (I’m sure you know what I mean)

    Sometimes, in order to enhance our experiences, those that guide us can step inside a living human being – in order to magnify the understanding that you are, indeed, being contacted. It does not harm that human being, whatsoever. It is a natural part of our existence.

    It would make sense that a “walk-in” might occur during this experience. Evidently, it has been noted that you are a willing student. When that occurs, the spirit realm steps a little nearer via the type of experiences you’ve been listing.

    I know that this can be almost too dynamic to handle at times, but understand that it is both normal, and beautiful. You are very fortunate to have caught the attention of this “team” of individuals that are so willing to aid you in your evolution.


  41. “cautions against actively searching out instances of synchronicity. In this regard, Jung says synchronicity is never sought nor anticipated, but discovered.”

    Could obsessive tendencies arise from this notion? One who experiences these obsessive or maybe compulsive tendencies may say to themselves, “if I don’t check the light switch (for example), I will have a bad day tomorrow.”

    Wouldn’t this be an example of seeking out or anticipating some kind of synchronicity? I do not believe that a person would consciously make the assumption that it is synchronicity, but would it not, in fact, be an assumption or anticipation of a synchronicity? Are there any articles on this idea?


    • Dean, there are many articles and not a few books coming from several different perspectives about Jung’s methodology; the free will, providence and archetypal determinism debate; unhealthy self-fulfilling prophecy vs. a healthy sense of ontological interconnectedness, and so on. Some you’ll find in my Ph.D. bibliography, but they’ll be a bit dated by now.

      Click to access nq21958.pdf

      For newer publications I suggest searching if you can get access through a local library, university or institution. Try keywords — jung synchronicity. Failing that, you can Google using keywords — JSTOR jung synchronicity. This won’t give you the full articles but some titles will come up.

      I hope this helps! 🙂


  42. I too experience synchronicity on a continual basis. Recently just about everyday for the past two weeks. I’ve had it occasionally all of my life but never so much as now. It is indeed rather haunting. It think it is the subconscious making itself known in rather a quirky way. There is a rich intelligence afoot and I think what we experience is a punctilious manifestation that can be recognized by the conscious mind although not fully understood. In part, I think it’s the same reason why it’s difficult if not impossible to communicate a mystical or spiritual experience to the intellect of another.

    Whenever I experience synchronicity I sometime thank the angels or realize the awareness of God.


  43. More interesting comments here passed on by Theresa. Thank You! Maybe once or twice a month, I have a new experience. Today (Friday) was the day that some associates play Bingo. The lady in the cube adjacent to mine, asked me to pick a card for her. I took the stack from a third party and pulled one out of the middle with the thought, “I hope this is a good one”. I handed her the card. I went away from my cube to do a copy of a document. I came back to my cube and opened an email from an associate on our floor, that said, ” A fresh pot of coffee will be ready in 5″ (We run a coffee pot in our break room). As I was reading it, the lady I picked the card for, says, thanks, Bruce, I am a winner!! (Now she knows I love coffee) She then says “I will buy you a cup of coffee”! I called her over to my cube to read the email I was reading. She was amazed, as she is aware of these ongoing occurrences. So it’s not only me at my workplace that knows these happenings are “legit”. That does make me very happy and really keeps me sane, that others are my witnesses!!! In fact, another associate was having a problem and said to me “Bruce, use your power”. I laughed….I wonder if she meant it as a joke, but I think not. Let me say I do NOT have an ego. These things just happen – true synchronicity. I tell everyone that. It is amusing at times, but truthfully I am astounded.


  44. Teresa- I reread your comment from above that says – -“Sometimes, in order to enhance our experiences, those that guide us can step inside a living human being – in order to magnify the understanding that you are, indeed, being contacted. It does not harm that human being, whatsoever. It is a natural part of our existence.” – -and the magnitude of what you have said does now truly astound me. I do feel the connection you are writing about. It is exactly as if “another being” is inhabiting the body of this person I am having conversations with. It is so strange, I cannot put this experience in words. Teresa, the closest I could come, is that “I am communicating with some kind of Spirit”. This is absolutely out of sight. Where have I been spending my life? I have taken your, and my own advice and do remain “Neutral” here. Again I am astounded, that I finally experience what you are saying, and I almost would say (I still am not sure exactly what is happening) “you are right on the money”.


  45. Browser,

    I’m glad you understand my meaning. It is the construct of humanity, and is yet another element that aids in our evolution…


    • Yes, Teresa, understood. Your advice stands above all, as usual. Thank you so much! Here is something interesting. I have become fanatically interested in the deceased pop star, Johnnie Ray, of the early 50s. BTW – my wife is just crazy, also, about his rendition of “Josephine”. This is the guy who was so popular, when his plane landed at Cleveland airport, several thousand females broke through the gates and tore his clothes off. He swore never to buy pricey suits again! Somehow I stumbled across him on YouTube and watched his videos. I absolutely cannot get this guy out of my head. I memorized his lead song, “Cry”, and sing it every day, a song that sold millions in like 1951-1952. He is but totally forgotten now.


  46. David,

    When you have a synchronicity occur, review, immediately, anything that had come into your mind a split-second (or so) beforehand. This is called “reading the land.” These synchronicities can also serve as validations for communication with an outside source. Also can be called “affirmations” in a loose sense.


  47. I have been experiencing what could be termed synchronistics events since the fall of 2007. Many of them seemed to be connected to one individual who is no longer in my life for a number of reasons. Some have been pretty bizzare. The question I have is that aside from making note of them, is there any way to analyze or find any real connections? The problem is I keep expecting that perhaps this person will come back into my life, but after 3 years I find it difficult to put any faith in something that seems to be nothing more than wishful thinking.


  48. To exit our office, we have a set of security doors on each side of the banks of our elevators (3 elevators on each side between two sets of security doors). In early March I had to access another department, so I walked up to the security door and pressed the handle to open it. At that instant the “Up Light” on the elevator, adjacent to the security doior, went on as it “dinged” and the elevator door opened. I peeked inside and no one was there and none of the buttons were pushed. I did not think too much of the happening but I did mention it to my co-workers. None of them acknowledged this happening to them. OK- 2 days later I entered the security doors from the “other side”. Again, as I pressed the handle, the elevator went “ding” the “up light” went on, and the elevator door opened – the elevator adjacent to the security door I was entering. This time I again looked inside and no one was there and no buttons were pushed.

    This happening occurred two more times, the latest, this past Monday when the center elevator door, on the side the security door I was entering, “dinged” and the up light went on. It is just amazing that the elevator doors that open, are the ones on the side I am entering. There are no security cameras on our floor and as far as we know, there is no connection between the security doors and the elevators. That makes these events more amazing. I questioned a dozen associates on my floor and they never heard of such a happening.

    I am just simply so excited and amazed of these happenings and many others, I believe they have changed me for the better!


    • Yeah, I’ve discussed that at – Think Free:

      Some philosophers dismiss the entire notion of synchronicity with the idea of “confirmation bias.” Confirmation bias is described in Wikipedia as

      a tendency to search for or interpret new information in a way that confirms one’s preconceptions and avoids information and interpretations which contradict prior beliefs. » Source.

      However, we can turn the idea of confirmation bias right back to those who adhere to it as if it were some kind of untouchable universal principle. While the idea of confirmation bias is certainly worthy of consideration, Jung stressed that one doesn’t look for synchronicity but simply witnesses it.


  49. Excellent article – and great comments! Thank you!

    Over the last years, synchronicity has become normal to me, but sometimes it still feels “weird” to talk about it.

    It began with remembering certain “coincidences” which led to asking “could I possibly repeat this”, testing, trust, conviction and regular use – which, for me, confirms and reinforces further that synchronicity is “real”.

    Over the past few months I’ve noticed more and more people, locally and on the internet, opening up to this concept, and once they open up they begin to experience.

    So how does synchronicity manifest on a larger than personal scale, that is collectively for communities, countries, globally, universally? Combined with taking responsibility and choosing trust and peace over fear and fear-mongering, a lot has been accomplished; a few examples: the Wall in Germany coming down 1989, the peaceful (at least on the side of the “rebels”) Egyption revolution this spring, the Belgians doing very well without a national government for about 500 days already.

    Looking at synchronicity from a theoretical point of view, the trend converges towards Zero Delay = Now = instant connections and exchange. In our time-dependent system (including our experience of time being linear) we may still be heading towards Now, but acknowledging the small now’s (= every moment) is part of the whole, already.

    Collective consciousness consists of individual consciousness-es contributing to the whole – or put simply, sticking one’s head out takes courage, but the more people share our opinion, the easier it gets to talk about it, and the more “normal” and accepted it becomes. This happens with every technical or artistic invention, every scientific or philosophical insight which contribute to the “pool”.

    What I’m wondering about is: What is the next stage, what does synchronicity imply? What do we need to learn in order to cope with synchronicity on a grand scale? In my mind, this comes down to learning how to choose and focus on how we want our world to be – rather than stating or complaining about (and thus focusing on) what we don’t want.

    What do you think?


    PS: I found you via your ping-back to my blog – thank you 🙂

    I include here a link to another post which I believe is related to this subject via “collective consciousness” although the title may not suggest that: “Political” and “Politics” | Definition | Etymology >>

    If you don’t like links in your comments, please erase the last paragraph 🙂


  50. You might be interested in my blog, which talks about religion and synchronicity, with a special treatment of reality. I’ve attempted to coalesce technology and magic, with religion; and leave only the truth.

    Here are three of my posts you might be interested in. I’m interested in starting a dialogue, if you have time.

    This is what I have come up with, as a model for the “truth,” after quite a bit of searching.


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