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 by: Arthur Levine

Have there been times in your life when you have resorted to quick fixes like chemical patches or pills to help you stop overeating, smoking, or other similar addictions that are ruining your health?

If you are like me, you have discovered that these temporary measures don’t work. You probably need something stronger. How about a patch of faith?

Faith is not the type of thing you can buy over-the-counter at a drug store. It is something you have to find within yourself.

In order to find your faith, you need to strip away your inhibitions and unlock your imagination. You have to start listening to your inner self.

Sometimes you have to use your imagination to invent a symbol of the newfound faith that you have created – your own personal faith patch – something that can identify you as a Person of Faith.

Every time that you feel yourself about to give in to a weakness, think about your faith patch. Think about the strength you can draw from your faith in God to help you overcome your weaknesses and addictions.

Start by admitting to yourself that you do have faith. Start by listening for the words of God. Start by speaking to God. He may be waiting to hear from you.

Are you ready to get closer to God? Are you ready for him to answer your prayers? Start to believe. Become a person of faith.

You are basically a good and worthwhile person, and you are entitled to have faith in God anyway you chose. You are entitled to be a Person of Faith.

Try to strip away the inhibitions that have kept you from admitting that you are a Person of Faith. Use your imagination to help you reveal to yourself that you do have strong feelings of faith.

Don’t be shy about admitting that you are a Person of Faith. Express your feelings of faith. Make yourself and your loved ones happy by acknowledging that you do have faith.

Have you ever said to yourself that you wish you could be a Person of Faith like Johnny or Linda? You can if you start to listen to your imagination and realize that you do have feelings of faith.

Think of all the wonderful things you could do with the strength that comes from believing in God. Think how great it would be to be able to cope with the troubles of our time without fear.

Imagine how great you will feel when you are free from the addictions that plague you. Imagine how wonderful and secure you will feel when you have used your faith to conquer your weaknesses.

Are you ready to stop patching yourself together? Are you ready to become a Person of Faith? Are you ready to find the strength through faith to overcome your weaknesses? God may be waiting to see what you will do. Are you ready to take action and find your faith?

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