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Many alternative medical clinics now have a practitioner of psychic skills among their staff, and Sigmund Freud, Hans Eysenck and Carl Jung saw the day when all counseling would be intuitively based. Yet once in a while a story happens that defies the putting into any category, normal or paranormal. Such an event occurred when a guy came into the clinic and told me the following tale.

This guy, a powerfully built and articulate surfboarder with a London accent, said he took his sport very seriously and he was listed as among the very best at his craft which took him to venues and events all over the world. His face, voice and mannerisms told me that something must have very seriously shattered the even tenor of his thought patterning and disrupted his auric energy flow…

He said that although surfing the waves was his life and that it gave him an incredible high, he had this deep fear that he would be eaten by a huge shark which on occasion over the years he would see in his dreams watching him, and stalking him before the dreaded attack.

On a recent visit to a popular surfing spot overseas, he had got up early one morning walked the short distance to the seashore from the small hotel with his surfboard, when as he reached the beach he could see perhaps eight or ten guys scattered across the sands, just sitting watching him with their boards, he nodded to one chap who was holding a bar of abrasive soap and rubbing along the base of his board, he thought; “conditions are just right why is no one in the water”? And enthusiastically in he went.

He was out some way when on looking down he could see the sand on the sea bottom, when a large dark shape glided between the sea bottom and his surf board, and a large eye looked up coldly at him, he started to make for the shore as quick as he could, then he said he saw it all as if watching a film, the creature again swam by under him, this time as the water had got shallower, very close to him indeed, and the large eye was so close he could see it very plainly, and fear overwhelmed him, when the creature came up under him a third time filling him with a deep peculiar horror, throwing him and the board high into the air, he grabbed the board thinking he may be able to help fend it of with it when, he realized he had been thrown onto a small submerged coral reef and he ran along it with water up to his belly button, he saw the creature swimming slowly alongside and it seemed to be smiling at him, and again the huge eye watched him, when the dreadful thought occurred that the ragged coral which was tearing his feet as he ran on it would be putting blood in the water ensuring his awful fate.

The blind panic as he saw the guys on the beach calmly watching him splashing madly for shore as the beast was alongside him watching him with the very eye he knew so well from his dreams. He was suddenly conscious that this may be his last few heart beats, his last terrified breaths, his last exhausted thoughts, and he would never be able to tell his new girl friend how much he loved her or thank his mum for loaning him the money for the holiday. Everything became silent and in slow motion. He no longer heard the seagulls above, the wind went calm, and he waited for the worst.

His next thought as he came round was that he had momentarily lost consciousness in the panic and was now breathing heavily and trembling badly on the sand with his board, his feet were blood spattered from running on the sharp coral, but he was alive and although scared witless the attack had not happened.

He looked around at the guys on the beach, the camaraderie which all surf boarders usually shared was definitely missing here, as he looked round at the guy still slowly using the abrasive soap on the board, and the awful thought occurred to him that they had not gone into the water in these perfect conditions because they knew a shark was out there, and by allowing him to go out and become a meal for the beast to slake its hunger, it would then be safe for them to surf.

He could not get his head round all this and did not go in the water again. He told me the scenario was so similar to the warnings in his dream, but he had survived when the shark could so easily have got him, and what did it all mean?

There are many explanations here, I would like to hear yours.

Terry Stokes, Lecturer in Paranormal Studies