Ahwatukee, Arizona - Approximate path of the lights shown in red © R. Hawkins 2008 - 2012

Copyright © R. Hawkins 2008 – 2012.
All rights reserved.

What We Observed

The map at right, shows the area where my husband and I witnessed the Lights in a Perfect “V” shaped formation, travel the night sky on March 13th, 1997.

This particular night, we left the house at almost exactly 8:30 PM.  I’m certain of the time, because we had just finished watching the Jerry Seinfeld comedy which began at 8:00, and we left immediately thereafter for my daughter’s home, several blocks away. We drove Northwest on 43rd Place towards South Mountain Park, which was very near to our home.  About one block from home  my husband noticed an unusual  formation of lights, just coming into view from above South Mountain directly in front of us.

He pulled over the curb, and got out to observe, as did I. What we saw was a huge “V” shaped formation of  lights almost above us, moving silently and slowly towards the east.

We observed the lights, moving past us very slowly, they then appeared to bank over, as would an airplane, and headed in the direction of Tucson (see Map above), parallel to I-10. Our neighbors, who were out in their opened garage, ran out to observe the very same thing we are describing here. To the West in the night sky, quite visible that night, was the “Hale-Bopp Comet”.

The “V” shaped object was not only silent, appearing huge, but as we could not see the stars as it passed in front of them, it leads us to believe that it was a solid object.

The Controversy

Later on that same evening, around 10:00 PM, there were massive reports of lights in the sky, over Phoenix. This is the event which is most often incorrectly referred to by news organizations and in numerous UFO documentaries, as a UFO sighting.

The 10:00 event is a completely separate from and has nothing to do with my 8:30 observation of a UFO over Ahwatukee, Arizona and South Mountain, as well as the observation of others across the state of Arizona.

The lights associated with the event I described above, were sighted by witnesses over a number of hours, all the way from Northern Arizona and as far south as Tucson before finally disappearing. It’s trajectory was tracked and a timeline was constructed based upon the observations of these witnesses. This event took place before the much publicized and well photographed subsequent event, (known as the Phoenix Lights) at approximately 10:00 PM.  It has since been proven, in my opinion, by the Discovery Channel to have been flares dropped by the Maryland National Guard over the Estrella Mountains, from Luke Air Force Base.

We feel it is a very important distinction that has been overlooked by most all historians, even the History Channel and Discovery Channel seem to have forgotten there were two separate events which took place that evening. One as we described above, and another at approximately 10:00 PM. Over time they have been merged somehow into one event known simply as The Phoenix Lights. This is a gross misrepresentation and confusion over what actually occurred, which may actually be by design. It think it is worthwhile to point out that there have been no reports or photographs of flares dropped by anyone before or after the night of March 13, 1997.

Until these two events are separated and examined individually as they should be, the UFO skeptics and debunkers can dismiss this as one easily explainable sighting.