Dr. Robert E. Carter talks about self-cultivation

Professor Carter was one of the best undergraduate professors I ever had. His lectures on Chinese philosophy were second to none.

I remember presenting the Tao of (subatomic) physics for his class in the mid-1980s. Back then it was a pretty new idea. So I broke it down with a lot of diagrams.

The presentation went very well. So well that Dr. Carter asked me to present again for another group studying the same course. Interestingly enough, the second presentation bombed. Same material, same presenter, very different audience and response.

Dr. Carter was diplomatic about it. He said something like, “Well, now you can see the other side of the coin.” His comment seemed to fit with the yin-yang philosophy that we were studying at the time.

After that, I was invited to present my Ph.D research at Dr. Carter’s retirement gathering at Trent U. Although my little talk about C. G. Jung’s concept of synchronicity was adequate, it certainly didn’t bring the house down.

Again, Dr. Carter was kind and diplomatic. He really did embody all that was great about undergraduate learning.



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