Reality Films

Title: Europe’s Roswell: UFO crash in Aberystwyth
Genre: UFO, Paranormal, Conspiracy
Production Company: Reality Films

Have you ever wanted to see a UFO? Well, this just might be your chance. Mark Olly’s new DVD, Europe’s Roswell: UFO crash in Aberystwyth, tells the story of a 1983 UFO crash in a remote Welsh village.

After the crash was witnessed by a local farmer, reported in a major newspaper and investigated by the Ministry of Defense (MOD), a civilian team goes in to see what they can find. Strangely enough, the MOD didn’t investigate an area where treetops had been visibly clipped. And this is where the civilian team collects alleged debris from the mysterious craft.

The DVD is particularly refreshing because it’s not just a lot of talk. Instead, we see actual pieces, up close, of the… well, whatever it is. This points to another endearing feature of Europe’s Roswell. No definitive conclusions are presented. Instead, we’re compelled to ask if the fascinating, honeycombed fragments are remnants of an advanced fighter plane or, perhaps, a bona fide UFO.

Olly also tells of his own UFO sighting and presents some interesting theories about life on other worlds – or possibly from mankind’s future – connecting with us in the here and now. Meanwhile, other experts in UFO lore are consulted to round out the overall picture.

Along with a balanced and intelligent commentary the DVD offers some sublime scenery of Wales, set to an innovative soundtrack. The fact that Reality Films productions just keep getting slicker and slicker at an almost exponential rate seems to suggest that the company is going somewhere. Perhaps somewhere important.

Europe’s Roswell is a real breath of fresh air for those willing to think out of the box. And the DVD comes with lots of extras, which is always nice!

—MC (revised from 2009/01/29)