New Jersey: remote view
New Jersey: remote view by JonathanCohen via Flickr

By Steve Hammons

Article first posted in 2008 at Joint Recon Study Group and

More than 30 years after elements of the U.S. military and intelligence community began research into unusual “psychic” projects being conducted by the government of the former Soviet Union, we may be seeing interesting results emerging.

When looking at anomalous phenomena like the ESP “remote viewing” techniques developed and used by U.S. military and intelligence personnel (later called “Project STARGATE”) as well as other unusual developments, it can be useful to consider that in 2008 the unconventional can be integrated with conventional thinking and human activities.

For example, in 2001 a Navy SEAL officer studying at the Marine Corps War College submitted a paper on remote viewing titled “Unconventional Human Intelligence Support: Transcendent and Asymmetric Warfare Implications of Remote Viewing.”

To some readers, the report appeared to indicate that discoveries in remote viewing extend to many others areas of human endeavor – not just national intelligence, defense and warfare.

In fact, the very nature of remote viewing makes it clear that human consciousness, and what human consciousness is connected to, are elements that are fundamental to our survival and success as individuals, communities, nations and as a species on Earth.


SEAL officer L.R. “Rick” Bremseth, who held the rank of commander in 2001, wrote in his paper about transcendence when it comes to national defense activities.

“The real challenge for the United States is not asymmetric warfare, but rather what this writer calls transcendent warfare, the ability to conceptualize and subsequently actualize an entirely new form of warfare that transcends all previously known models,” Bremseth wrote.

He continued, “Granted, transcendent warfare reflects Zen-like qualities that elude definition thereby making the above challenge more difficult. Non-linear/multidimensional and abstract/metaphysical are tentative terms that convey this concept, however, ascribing to a pat definition may in fact signal inability to comprehend the concept altogether.”

These concepts can be somewhat confusing to the average reader. However, if we familiarize ourselves with psychological concepts of the “collective unconscious” and physics theories of a “unified field,” “zero point energy” and related ideas, we can get a glimpse of what Bremseth was getting at.

Put simply, there may really be an energy in the Universe like “The Force” described in the STAR WARS movies. It is within us and around us. We can tap into it. It works with us. It has intelligence and a communication capacity.

When we transcend our everyday thinking, we can utilize new approaches to accomplish many worthwhile goals.

Transcendent operations can apply to “peace operations” and humanitarian efforts. Transcendent solutions can be geared toward the problems of climate change, oil dependence, overpopulation, disease, poverty, hunger, injustice, crime, drug abuse, slavery, child abuse, social and international conflict, political corruption, pollution of natural resources and many other challenges.

The relatively narrow slice of unconventional and transcendent phenomena called remote viewing is a small part of the larger opportunities available when examining the potential of human consciousness.

“Anomalous cognition” is a term that is related to remote viewing that sometimes brings to mind wider and deeper kinds of abilities and insights via consciousness. Still, for many of us, this term, too, can be limiting.

How can humankind achieve transcendent breakthroughs on the many difficulties we face through, as Bremseth said, “Zen-like qualities that elude definition?”


When information about the U.S. military and intelligence community’s activities in Project STARGATE surfaced in 1995, some people made fun of it as another waste of money by the defense community.

Some people were concerned that “mind control” programs by unethical people in government could damage our liberty and our nation.

What had the intelligence officers and scientists been doing in this field from the mid-1970s, when projects were developed, through the mid-‘90s when the public was told that these programs were discontinued? And, what has been going on since? Were these activities really ended or did they just go to a more covert or “black ops” status?

However, as the ideas of connections between human consciousness and modern quantum physics started to seep into society through films, books and other communications, and people saw how these ideas merged with spiritual thought, a different kind of awareness slowly developed.

Those who chose to take an objective look at remote viewing started to understand that this was something very empowering for individuals and for the human race. It was something within all of us and an ability that we can all tap into.

What Navy SEAL Bremseth called “non-linear/multidimensional and abstract/metaphysical” was a way of saying that concepts like time, space, spirituality, a higher intelligence and other ideas may not be exactly as some people thought. Or, they may be more surprising and interesting than people believed.

Now, more than a decade after news of Project STARGATE reached the general public, not only in the U.S. but internationally, and we face continued serious threats and dangers of many kinds, we might wonder if or when the seeds of remote viewing research will bear fruit.

Bremseth noted in his 2001 paper that “… transcendent and asymmetric warfare necessitate and exemplify proactive approaches that envision these efforts as opportunities … for the exploration and advancement of human and/or institutional potential. Such a readjustment in thinking will require dynamic, visionary leadership …”

Do we have that kind of leadership now? Maybe more importantly, do we have this kind of visionary consciousness among the grassroots people of America and the rest of the world?

If we are to see the significant advancement of human potential, it may be probable that it will emerge from everyday average people – people with good hearts, compassion, intelligence and courage to look within their societies, themselves and the deeper realities we are connected to.

The legacy of Project STARGATE may not yet be fully apparent. This may be because these kinds of phenomena are subtle and discreet.

The possible outcomes related to anomalous cognition could include greater knowledge of other dimensions in physics and Nature, discovery of new energy sources, enhanced human development and other improvements … improvements that could be viewed as miracles.