Reality Films

Title: Reality UFO Series Volume 2
Genre: UFO, Abduction, Supernatural, Paranormal
Production Company: Reality Entertainment

Reality UFO Series Volume 2 takes us into the strange world of UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligences, probing deep into largely unexamined mysteries of the body, mind and beyond.

The film features four speakers. First, Dr. Richard Boylan talks at length about the Star Kids, those supremely gifted children said to have a host of paranormal powers at their command. Dr. Boylan comes across as a pleasant, sincere individual who’s just saying it like it is. In his presentation he recites e-mail correspondences with a mother of a Star Kid, whose incredible stories will make even the most open-minded investigators rethink human potential and what, in fact, it means to be human.

Boylan also presents an alternative history of the human race, suggesting that we’re being monitored by well-intentioned and compassionate ETs whose only goal is to get things right in the universe. His premise is that all intelligent life is intricately connected, making our Earthly actions perceptible to the far reaches of the cosmos. No wonder, then, he claims we’re being watched. To illustrate this idea he sets up an analogy: Just as developed countries are concerned about violent activity in unstable global regions, Boylan says ETs are keeping an eye on us—especially since we’ve learned how to harness the power of the atom.

Next, Freddy Silva talks about crop circles and their transhuman possibilities. Silva is a well known expert who left everything to immerse himself in the study of these intriguing circles. He believes their odd but beautifully symmetrical designs are cosmic signs and, perhaps, sentinels beckoning us to respond to our inherent spirituality and greater purpose within the expanded multiverse.

Reality Films
Reality Films

In addition, Peter Khoury gives a detailed and highly personal first hand account of his unconventional experiences, including an encounter with a female ET that’s tinged with erotic elements. Although talking about pretty far out stuff, Khoury’s candid presentation lends to his credibility. He seems like a regular guy who didn’t ask for what happened to him. Basically, he tells of a series of UFO-related and possible abduction experiences beginning when he was 6 and a half years old.

Finally, Keith Basterfield lectures on links between UFO encounters and psi abilities. Covering the area quite competently, Basterfield recounts the main trends and figures through 1975 to 1999. Like the other presenters in this film, he gives the impression of a well-rounded individual with feet planted firmly on the ground.

Altogether, Reality UFO Series Volume 2 provides comprehensive coverage of documented cases and leading theories about UFOs, ETs and the paranormal, the respective talents of the four presenters serving up a good blend of personal asides, research and reported evidence.

Unlike other Reality Films, this DVD doesn’t make use of flashy graphics. But those wanting to settle in for several hours to get the facts should come away feeling like experts in the field.


This review has been revised from an original review posted 2009/06/30