Title: Nick Pope: The Man Who Left the MOD
Interviewer: Michael Bourne
Director: Philip Gardiner

Media: DVD
Reality Films

Nick Pope isn’t exactly a household name. But among UFO investigators and devotees he’s become a controversial figure.

In The Man Who Left the MOD we learn that Pope joined the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) in 1985. By 1991 the MOD wanted to assess any potential threats that UFOs might pose to national security. Ready for a change, Pope took a position in the MOD’s new UFO Project.

That’s just the background. The Man Who Left the MOD probes far deeper into the history and experiences of this articulate spokesperson for investigators of UFO lore. Some may not like my use of the term lore. But it seems appropriate as the ‘U’ in UFO stands for unidentified, and Pope is the first to uphold a question mark rather than make absolute statements about extraterrestrials and UFOs. Indeed, Pope remains scientific throughout the interview, saying we can’t rule out ET explanations for some phenomena but admitting that there’s “no hard proof.”

The DVD covers a wide range of group and alleged personal UFO sightings in the UK, US, Belgium and the former Soviet Union. Pope’s account seems to ring true with a credibility often missing in other paranormal videos. And he provides some great insider information about the technological side of the RAF, especially with regard to the pros and cons of radar.

What makes this DVD better than most, however, is its balance of tech talk and psych talk. While not lapsing into psychobabble, Pope offers some valuable insights in the area of mental health and UFO reports.

Having said that, his comments about the role of interpretation in paranormal and religious experiences were less satisfying.Β Here Pope wonders if visions of angels, the Virgin Mary, spirits and ET’s could all stem from an amorphous subatomic ground of existence. Interpretation likely comes into play with most extraordinary encounters but there’s arguably a more complex discussion to be had than the one that Pope provides here. Viewers can make up their own minds as to whether Pope’s remarks in this area could be further nuanced…

The DVD also gives much attention to the well-known Rendlesham case. Here Pope explains why he believes the investigation in this case was mishandled. He also provides an intelligent discussion on the alleged Men in Black phenomenon.

The most compelling segment of the DVD, however, comes when interviewer Michael Bourne candidly asks if Pope is just a disinformation stooge who never really left the MOD. Pope turns to face the camera, takes a sip of water and says…

Well, you’ll just have to watch to find out.

The Man Who Left the MOD is a fast moving and informative DVD.Β This is one UFO film that researchers, enthusiasts and even skeptics will definitely not want to miss.

—MC (revised from 2009)