DVD Review – The Philadelphia Experiment: Invisibility, Time Travel and Mind Control

Title: The Philadelphia Experiment: Invisibility, Time Travel and Mind Control – The Shocking Truth
Genre: Documentary, Conspiracy, Paranormal, UFO
Production Company: Reality Films

Is time travel possible?

Saints and seers from around the world often talk about transversing the corridors of time. Sometimes they claim to experience eternity and other times they speak of encountering far away places located in the past or future.

Occasionally authors, musicians and artists hint at the idea of the psyche transcending our everyday sense of reality. One only has to think of H. G. Wells, Ravi Shankar and Salvador Dali for three good examples. But rarely, if ever, do we hear serious talk about embodied time travel. Instead, mystics and inspired artists normally flirt with the idea of psychological or spiritual time travel. They don’t claim to disappear and reappear in the flesh. Not very often, anyhow.

The Philadelphia Experiment: Invisibility, Time Travel and Mind Control – The Shocking Truth takes us one step further. Here we find a film that, for all intents and purposes, sounds like intelligent sci-fi posing as cold fact. To an outside observer, it’s hard to know what’s what, but this doesn’t take anything away from some of the stimulating ideas forwarded in this video.

The film kicks off with some still photos and voice-over that builds up to a lengthy interview. The interview, itself, is avowedly homemade. But whatever this film lacks in production values is more than compensated by its originality.

One doesn’t have to be a genius to follow the narrative, but at times it can be challenging. This is mostly because the topics discussed go way beyond our everyday notions of time, causality and being.

It’s sort of like a Jane Roberts “Seth Book” in living color, but with real people (instead of a channeled entity) claiming to have time traveled. And not only that. They also say they’re victims of a severe kind of mind control and memory wipe that defies anything we’ve ever heard of. And perhaps the scariest thing of all—the perpetrators were not extraterrestrials but human beings.

Other fascinating tidbits that come out in the interviews include the notion that it’s dangerous for someone to get too close to him or herself. That is, if you time travelled 10 minutes into the past and meet up with yourself, there’s a good chance you’d be destroyed. Also, as the title suggests, the film claims that actual invisibility has been achieved with an entire US Navy vessel, the USS Eldridge, a story that has made the rounds on the internet, if not quite becoming viral.

Both of these unconventional ideas are sheer Star Trek and, again, it’s hard to know what’s what in this film. Skeptics will likely think they’re watching a group delusion or, perhaps, crafty con job. Enthusiasts will probably find the conspiracy theories, metaphysics and 2012 allusions most engaging.

Regardless of what one makes of this film, one thing’s for certain. The Philadelphia Experiment is not your run of the mill New Age fluff. These guys are smart. Whether they’re masters of the tall tale or relating hard fact is something each viewer can decide for him or herself.






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