DVD Review: The Rosslyn Frequency


Title: The Rosslyn Frequency
Genre: Knights Templar, History, Conspiracy, Occult, Paranormal
Production Company: Reality Films

The Rosslyn Frequency takes us to Scotland’s Rosslyn Chapel, which some say has esoteric links with the Knights Templar. The DVD author, Brian Allan, adds that the chapel could be a kind of mystical portal to another world.

Allan tells how he and a team of investigators set up an audio frequency modulator to play an augmented fourth, based on their reading of cryptic symbols found within the chapel itself.

The results of this experiment leave Allan and his team firmly convinced that something strange is going on at Rosslyn, something so unusual that one of his team members gets too upset to continue the investigation.

Essentially, Allan believes the chapel is a kind of architectural amplifier for spiritual powers. And his own unique experiences within its walls seem to support the idea that the building is structurally tuned to something out there—just what, he’s not sure.

"Green Man" of the
“Green Man” of the Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One might be tempted to dismiss this as sheer bunk, but instead of coming across as a flake or scam artist, Allan appears to be an intelligent, level-headed investigator seeking to get at some mysterious truth within the chapel.

Allan’s reflections on quantum physics, gnosticism, DNA and the mediation of otherworldly powers suggest he’s a sober thinker using everything at his disposal to try to make sense out of the paranormal experiences he’s had within the sanctuary.

The Rosslyn Frequency doesn’t give all the answers but, then again, it doesn’t pretend to. Like all good science and alternative history, hypotheses are presented for further research, testing and analysis.

Some of Allan’s ideas may irk traditional religious persons—for instance, the assertion that prayer and magical spells are identical. But for those who don’t mind reexamining their habitual or cherished beliefs (instead of reacting defensively), this film should leave them feeling better informed about what’s happening in the world of parapsychology today.



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