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From September 1 this year, the EU does not allow the production and import of incandescent lamps. View of the progressive implementation of this provision from four years ago, particularly the media emphasis on incandescent lamps on the market is not ‘off the shelf’ In these reports, which have no impact on people’s daily lives, so Austrian consumers’ response to the scheme is more peaceful. From local media reports, the environmentalists have finally breathed a sigh of relief and think this is a step forward toward ‘green energy’. However, many people believe that the EU of this provision is superfluous, reflect the Brussels bureaucratic regulation mad ‘, policy work will take some time.

As early as 2007, during Germany holds the EU’s rotating presidency, someone said that the ordinary incandescent energy consumption efficiency is too low, only 5of the energy consumption is converted into light, the rest is converted into heat volatilization. In contrast, energy-saving lamps can save 65-80 Such as a household saving 15 EU a year can reduce 32 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, per household per year can save 50 euros of electricity. In the face of this account, the European Union decided to phase out incandescent. 2009 is not allowed production or import more than 100 watts of incandescent in the EU, ban extended to more than 75 watts in 2010, and in 2011 expanded to more than 60 watts, September 1, 2012 ban involving all incandescent.

Critics pointed out that market competition should be to phase out incandescent and should not use administrative means. Incandescent come out over the centuries, because it warm light color, color variety, rich styling and low price is very popular among consumers. While currently energy-saving light on the market color dim, a single shape, expensive, and also can be not  dimming, which is difficult to be accepted by consumers. In addition, the energy-saving lamps are also harmful to the environment. Each energy-saving lamps containing 5 milligrams of mercury, once the damage cause mercury leaks, pollution of the environment not only more than incandescent, but also harmful to the body. European consumer protection agency recommended, once mercury leakage after the energy saving lamp breakage should windows open for ventilation, and promptly removed. According to the provisions of the European Union, less than 50 watts of energy-saving lamps of mercury content can’t exceed 5 mg; Experts suggest that, If you want energy-saving, but do not like the energy-saving lamps, LED lighting equipment can be also choose.

In Austria, the energy-saving lamps belong to the ‘special waste’, which must be sent to the designated place to deal with. Consumers also reflected in the energy-saving lamp lighting brightness and light color neither meets the needs of home lighting.

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