Human consciousness, intelligence may suddenly shift

Image Courtesy NASA/JSC via Flickr

By Steve Hammonsoriginally published at Joint Recon Study Group

Many researchers have hypothesized and attempted to prove that human consciousness is undergoing significant change.

This alleged change is not just increased intellectual knowledge or even social networking via the internet and other mass media.

Rather, people from diverse fields including, but not limited to, various sciences, education, defense and intelligence communities, psychology and spirituality have conducted research about the fundamental nature of individual and group changes in human consciousness.

That is, our individual awareness is purported to be increasingly linked with a larger energy or field in terms of quantum physics theories, spiritual concepts and Nature in ways we may not fully understand at this time.

Over the last few decades, research into extra-sensory perception (ESP), “anomalous cognition” (unusual or unconventional awareness or abilities), “remote viewing” (ESP methods developed in Project STARGATE by the U.S. military and intelligence communities) and similar areas have indicated that new ways of understanding human consciousness were emerging.

Sorting out the truth and the questionable claims and beliefs can be challenging.

Learning about theories of changing consciousness and changing realities around us can cause anxiety for some people, be interesting for others and a little of both for many folks.

With the difficulties facing us in terms of war and armed conflict, social problems, natural disasters, threats to our natural resources (including global climate change) and other developments, any help we can get in improving human intelligence, knowledge and consciousness would seem to be very helpful.


Accompanying continued progress in understanding the potential and apparent direction of human consciousness, some researchers point out that a “unified field” or “zero-point field” probably exists around us and within us.

In addition to this hypothesized energy field underlying what we see and experience around us, there may be various dimensions that we may not always see. Some researchers propose that boundaries or membranes, sometimes referred to as “branes,” separate these dimensions.

For people who wonder about ideas like an afterlife, Heaven and angels, theories about other dimensions actually existing along with our normal reality might make sense. Individuals who say they have had a “near-death experience” or NDE report crossing a boundary, a tunnel of beautiful light, to a different reality.

Some spiritual researchers have hypothesized that there could be several layers or kinds of dimensions in the afterlife.

How do these ideas fit with emerging discoveries and theories in modern physics and other sciences? There seem to be some common elements between the scientific and spiritual views.

Spiritual philosophies and faiths often note that intellectual or brain-oriented thinking can only get us so far in understanding a larger intelligence or force around us.

Transcending our thinking minds, then using our hearts and what is often called a soul take us to new levels of perception, according to certain belief systems.

These same kinds of methods are used in ESP and remote viewing. Using internal resources that are not simply thinking with our brains, people can tap into perceptions we often call intuition, instincts, gut feelings, hunches, dreams and visions to gain new insights and information.

This is one area where science and spirituality seem to be merging. And it seems to be where new phenomena and insights are emerging.


Will the human race continue to develop in awareness, intelligence and compassion at a steady pace so that we will gradually solve some of our problems and succeed as a species on our planet?

Or, might more sudden events trigger increased urgency or progress toward positive and constructive developments? It could be that both a steady trend in our understanding of new discoveries and certain significant events and breakthroughs will happen together.

Our trajectory of increased knowledge and understanding seems to be increasing steadily. And, the possibility of sudden jolts of events could also be on the horizon.

A reason for concern, of course, is that these jolts could be of a problematic nature.

Things like a significant increase in human warfare, including the use of nuclear weapons, are real and current concerns that we see in the news quite frequently.

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic activity and powerful storms are also occurring in devastating ways, causing loss of life and human suffering.

Global climate change with melting polar ice, rising sea levels, impacts on agriculture, fresh water supplies and other outcomes could also be very damaging.

Some people even talk about legends and theories of a global “pole shift” of the Earth’s crust, causing devastating damage to human civilization. A magnetic pole shift is reportedly already occurring, according to some reports.

Concerns about meteors, activity of the sun and possible events in or from space can make us wonder about possible threat scenarios.

Theories of a “Planet X” that may be heading for our solar system also can be interesting and alarming.

For those with very open minds, or maybe inside intelligence information, visitation to Earth of intelligent beings from other planets and/or other dimensions cannot be ruled out. In fact, the nature of possible visitation of this kind could include developing friendships and alliances with extraterrestrial visitors as well as preparing for conventional or unconventional and asymmetric defense and conflict.

The unidentified flying objects (UFOs) that are sometimes spotted in the skies around the world, and even closer encounters that some people report, make us wonder if something along these lines could actually be going on.

Very credible people within the scientific, military and intelligence fields seem to be gradually and carefully letting us know that it is wise to be prepared for more information about this kind of situation.

From the down-to-Earth views to the far-out scenarios of both positive and problematic trends and events, we can see an interesting range of possibilities. What will the future bring?

Native Indians of the Americas, for example, have many legends about the larger cycles of life on this planet and about different ways of looking at and interpreting the nature of Nature around us and within us.

From ancient Native American sources, we might look at prophesies about the year 2012, when some significant development might occur. But what?

As we go about living our everyday lives, many of us wonder about what could happen in the coming days. What disasters or miracles might occur? Are there wars and battles on the horizon or a new era of peace?

Will the human race develop into a more wonderful species or will we destroy ourselves in foolish warfare and destructive treatment of our planet?

Human consciousness is a key element of all of these possible scenarios.

Maybe now is the time to continue and improve our understanding about discoveries in human perception. Because time may be running out for us. Or, time as we know it may itself change in unusual ways.

We can all look into our consciousness. We might discover surprising new insights that can help us individually and globally prepare for the trends and sudden shifts that we face in the days ahead.

About the Author

Steve Hammons is the author of two novels about a U.S. Government and military joint-service research team investigating unusual phenomena. MISSION INTO LIGHT and the sequel LIGHT’S HAND introduce readers to the ten women and men of the “Joint Reconnaissance Study Group” and their exciting adventures exploring the unknown.


One comment

  1. All entities are morphasions appendages of a consciousness that senses and comprehends through these outlet vesels, such as we. Our ability to discern and nuance the relationship of our discernments are important for the data clooection of the greater consciousness as it is important for us to navigate and sustain ourselves in this realm. Our existence is entirely dependent on our free-will.Like the rovers wandering around on Mars, we have an design factor for our existence. The extent we are able to maximize or exceed the design facotr, more so the agnostic better for the consciousness.

    Some appendages operate in such an efficient range of transmission that they are able to receive and comprehend “imperatives” from the mother source. By these abilities they are enabled to have a greater cognizance of their own maintenance for their purpose (mission).

    How we got here is secondary to WHY we are here. We are part of a creative dialectic. Not only does our technical abilities to utilize relationships to provide a more efficient use of our life energy capacity, but it enables the source consciousness to create macro-forms (as below, so above) ala ” in the abstract as it is on earth” from the abstracting extrapolations. The cosmos replicates itself from its expereinces as sensed by its appendages at all levels over the passage of aeons.

    It’s ot about the personality of our egoes and our preoccupation with the manner of our existence. It is ALL about the source to which we are connected and its combined knowledge of associate consciousnesses processed into a coherent synthesis that is pollenated through “coincidences” and othr ultra-normal and paranormal circumstnaces to give us the cognitive mutations which would take longer genetically. Cognitive processes allowed for the exponentially accellerated evolvement of th emetaphysic from their matrial stage that has inherent built in boundaries and limitations.

    Cognitive metaphysics are the building blocks for the morphizing of the consciousness.

    Gratuities may be translated at the reception center, account,


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