Alien Abductions: Reality or Dreams?

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If one had asked me 20 years ago if “we are alone”, my answer would have been definitely “yes.” Today, I am not sure. My research into the phenomena known as alien abductions began 13 years ago, in my home on a farm in Rockwood, between Guelph and Acton Ontario. At that time, my husband, myself and daughter (with her young son of 2 years old) all worked for the Ontario Government. Our ritual was to get up each morning before 6 a.m. and leave for work in downtown Toronto, dropping the infant off at the babysitters. This particular morning, we all slept in until 10 a.m.

Our first instinct on waking so late, as if we all had hangovers,’ was of a power cut causing the alarms to not go off. But what most caught our attention was a two-year-old telling us that he had met “God” during the night. His description of “God,” and of being taken up through his bedroom window in a blue light to a space ship, certainly woke us quickly. Of course, our natural instinct was to put it down to a dream. I remember asking my daughter what on Earth he’d been watching on television. Remarkably, the two-year-old turned to me and said “they said you would not believe me Nanna.” Not wishing to call the child a liar, I instinctively said “of course I believe you.” His next words sent a chill down my spine. “They told me to tell you to find the book that grandpa Lennie gave you in England, and read the last two lines on page..” (I cannot remember the page number now). I had to think what book he was talking about; then I remembered that on my last visit a few months earlier to England, my father had given me a book to read on the plane back to Canada. Because it dealt with a form of spiritualism, which I could not understand, I didn’t bother to read it. On my return, it had been thrown in the junk drawer. My daughter and I turned the house upside-down searching for this book. On turning to the page indicated by my grandson, I read out loud the two lines he told me to read “there are more things in heaven and earth than what any of us understand”..

What is so extraordinary about this, is that my two-year-old grandson, who could not possibly read, or have known about this book, was able to tell me about two unusual lines contained in it.. This started me wondering about what he was telling us, and if it could have some truth to it. He also told us, quite in detail, about the ‘children on the space ship’ who were children but not really children–in fact adults; also, about animals in cages that had been taken from other planets, which were nothing like animals on earth. He then told us about a lady and another little boy who looked after him while he was on board this ship. His description of “God” was as one would want to think of him, yet he described the children as having large heads and big eyes. It was not until later that I discovered, through researching aliens, that there have been various descriptions as to what aliens look like. In one description, they were depicted as tall, with golden hair and beautiful. Could these aliens have been the ones that my grandson had met?

The years went by, and we would tease my grandson..”if the aliens come again, wake us up this time and take us with you”…but my grandson always remarked that they had said they would come back for him when he was older – which was very chilling to hear, so we stopped asking.

One morning, I woke feeling groggy and told my husband that I wasn’t going to work that day (my daughter had moved out with her son to a distant town). For some reason, I went back into a deep sleep, only to wake up very suddenly during the morning. I got out of bed, went into the living room, and turned on the television. It was a show called “Bob McLean and Friends.” He was interviewing a lady called Betty Stewart, who claimed to have been abducted on quite a few occasions. As I listened to her, I knew immediately, how I do not know, that this was the woman whom my grandson had said looked after him on the spaceship. Without hesitation, I contacted the television station and was immediately given the producer, who happened to be Bob McLean’s wife. She arranged for me to speak with Betty. During the conversation with Mrs. McLean, however, I discovered that this show, which normally went out live, was a recording which had been put on at the last minute, due to technical problems.

Betty Stewart phoned me back. We discussed my grandson, and I was amazed how she described him in detail, and knew immediately what I was talking about. She also told me about the other little boy with him. While on the phone, I heard my front door open, and to my utter surprise, my daughter and grandson were standing there. They were just as shocked to see me, as I normally would have been at work. For some reason, my daughter had decided to make a surprise visit. Betty asked me to ask my grandson if he had been fed on the spaceship. I thought it a strange request, but found the reply even stranger. My grandson said they had given him a milk-like substance to drink; but it wasn’t milk. Betty confirmed this. She then asked me to ask if the aliens had eaten with him. My grandson became annoyed, “no grandma they do not eat like us, they absorbed the food through their skin…” Betty also confirmed this. The conversation lasted quite some time, and questions were thrown back and forward. Betty then told me that her abductions had been profiled on the CBC television show “Man Alive” and that she would send the video tape to me. She then asked me to show it to my grandson and ask him if he recognized anyone on the show. When watching the tape, my grandson on seeing Betty cried out, “that is the lady on the space ship.. but her hair is funny.” I phoned Betty and told her this. She laughed, “I was wearing a wig on the show. When I was abducted with your grandson, it was night and I obviously was not wearing a wig, so he saw me as I really look.”

Betty had asked me to return the tape, but somehow, I never got around to it. Then another strange thing happened. It was Christmas, and as such, we who did not have small children worked to give those with kids a chance to spend more time with them. Because of my position with the Government, I received phone calls after they’d been screened by reception. A man on the phone told me that he was a friend of Betty’s, and that she had died. He also said that it was Betty’s wish for me to carry on her work. I had to tell him that, because of my position with the government, I could not possibly do this; it could jeopardize my work. We discussed the funeral plans and he hung up. I went up to the receptionist, as we were the only ones in, and told her about the call which she had just transferred to my office. She then told me that she had not put through any calls to me..

On arriving home, I immediately phoned Betty’s home to speak to her. A woman answered the phone, and I explained about the man who, calling that morning, had told me of Betty’s death. The woman was very abrupt. There was no way I could have known–Betty had only just died, and there were no men there. In fact, they were still trying to get hold of her son to notify him. I hung up the phone, not sure what to make of the whole thing. I never heard from Betty’s family or about attending the funeral, so decided to try and forget.

As the years passed, strange things would happen that were hard to explain. However, in 1997, my home was destroyed by fire. All my tapes except one, the “Man Alive” tape with Betty on it, were lost to the flames. I can remember laughing when the insurance adjuster, going through the rescued items, handed it to me. Again not thinking, it was thrown into a box. Recently my grandson, now nearly 17, came to live with me. He found the tape, and asked if he could look at it. Suddenly he yelled, “Nan come here!” and rushing into the room, was pointing at one of the people investigating Betty. It was Terrence Dickenson, the Canadian Astronomer. What made this so remarkable, is that when my grandson was 10 years old, he had an urge to contact Mr. Dickenson after reading his books on space and astronomy. He and Mr. Dickenson hit it off, and it was arranged for my grandson to go to McMaster University in Hamilton to attend meetings with some of the students and persons interested in astro-physics. Unfortunately, a few months after going to McMaster, my daughter and her new husband took my grandson to live in British Columbia, and the contact between him and Mr. Dickenson ceased. Mr. Dickenson, however, had phoned me about my grandson, and remarked how at his age of 10 he knew so much about space, and that most of the people who read and understood his books were university students.

So another part of the puzzle was unfolding. I decided that it was time for me to take up Betty’s work. I had retired from the government, and had free time. So I started researching into alien abductions. Among other things, I wanted to contact Mr. McLean who had originally interviewed Betty, over 10 years prior. I was able to track him down, and spoke once again with his wife. She remembered the show, and told me that she had received another call from a Guelph couple, who like me, had been drawn to watch the show because their son, like my grandson, had told the same story. They didn’t want any publicity, but it seemed that after the “abduction” their child began to have terrible nose bleeds. A medical operation revealed that something, metal like, had been inserted in the nose. It was removed, and although examined, no-one could say just what substance it was. My grandson has also had terrible nose bleeds since this incident, which raises the question, “did he receive some kind of implant, the same as this other child?”

Betty, in one of our conversations, had told me that the children had been implanted with some kind of “tracking device.” Still not sure, we wondered if the whole thing was an imagination problem which should be ignored. Now, we still are not sure…

There have been so many coincidences that I have not written about all of them, or of my research into alien abductions. I am now working on a seminar about these phenomena, and look forward to talking with people about it over the next few months. Anyone wanting to book me for an after-dinner/corporate event, or just for an unusual talk/seminar, can contact me at:


  1. hello..

    Many years ago, when i was just a child (i think about 3 or 4 years old, born 17-8-83) my parents found me at the top of the stairs, dizzy (this is what my mother told me) I said I had just came of a ‘ship’ and was therefor still dizzy (from the ship spinning arround). My mum send me back to bed, thinking i must of just had a dream.. i therefor said to be really tired, because i had hardly slept that night.

    In the afternoon my mam had told my father about the story. So they both sat me down and asked me what had happend.

    “A light had came in to my room, and took me to a spaceship”. (This is what i still remember) there where lots of childeren, all about my age. We all had like a small room. A tube would lead us all to the main big oval like table. We were all sat eating ‘something’ out a bowl. I had no fear what so ever and everybody was really nice, though i dont recall talking verbal to anyone. Thats all i can really remember.
    My father looked me on the face and seen like a red star underneath my left eye, i had said it was so they could find me later on.

    As the years gone by the star faded away… when i would get sick the star would become red and really noteable. Now the star has completly gone (it was like a dot in the centre and red strikes going out of it)
    Well this is actually the first time i have ever spoken about this openly, i always thought it might of just been a dream, but something tells me it wasn’t.

    If you could, let me know what you think of this.
    Thank you,

    Greeting, Carolina


    • I too have a red star like dot under my left eye. It just appeared when i was younger but have no recollection on how it got there. The older I get it seems to fade away. I never looled In to what it really is. But its interesting to know someone else has the same thing.


  2. Thanks for sharing an interesting account. From my perspective, nobody really knows (a) what an ET really is and (b) what a dream really is.

    I mean, some people think that all ET’s are Satan trying to vex Christian or would-be Christian believers. While others are convinced that we’re not alone as an intelligent species in the universe.

    As for dreams, well, who knows what they really are. Some say they’re just creations of the brain. Others believe that they’re portals to other kinds of reality.

    I think the healthy choice is to remain open-minded but critical. By critical I don’t mean negative. I just mean that we should use all of our faculties to try to understand phenomena as you’ve outlined.


  3. I’m glad that you found Anita Welsh’s article helpful. I just did a search at google using these keywords

    >> alien abductions help

    and several links came up which you might be interested in.


  4. You do not mention what book it was that line is from that your grandson quoted. I’m interested to know…as it sounds oddly familiar.


    • I believe it was in one of William Shakespear’s stories, but honestly do no know. Ironic when my grandson said it, it sounded familiar, but I could not even think where I had heard it. I believe someone told me it was in a Shakespeare story, but which one I have no idea. To be honest I have been interested in Shakespeare and found it boring when we had to read about it when I was at school over 65 years ago.


  5. i think this might be true because during my childhood i saw a shooting star which went on moving slowly that i could see it for about 15 minutes im not sure that whether its a shooting star but resembeled like that it was white in colour with immence brightness anyone want to know more can contact me


  6. I had not realized that people had been emailing looking for answers: Over the years I have done a lot of research into finding out my own answers, and if anyone would like to discuss this with me, or have questions, please contact me at :

    As for the wording at the bottom of the book (Roys story), I believe it is a quote from Hamlet (Shakespear);

    I recently held a meeting at the Woodstock Library in Woodstock, Ontario on Monday Nov.24th; if I had known I would have posted this on this website for anyone interested in coming out to it. As it happens I met 6 young people and are having one on one meetings with them;
    If one of them who I spoke with for hours after the seminar would like to contact me, I have a lot of information for her – (re Seed Children) I did not ask anyone to tell me their real names unless they wanted to; or their contact info, but they could contact me.
    Thank you. Please feel free to email me if you have a question or need more infomration.


  7. A lot of your question can be anwsered on this website
    the website is in french but click on the video ,they are all in english.
    I have lived abduction too when I was a child.but i cannot tell if it was a dream of true
    Im afraid to see an hypnotysm.I dont want to remember it but in a way i want to know what happened
    have a great lecture


  8. I ve had many experiences but i cant still believe which are true and which are not. I had a vision 2 years ago, while i was awake i saw outside my room’s window 2 thing figures coming from the sky, on some weird.. mechanism like a plate. Their feet were on that thing which carried them on air spining around. The figures were so thing and they were naked and not having genitals. Their color was weird like coral or orange idk and their head was big. I watched landing on my balcony touching my window like they were trying to get inside. And then! I saw my self going towards the window. The strange figures seemed to be kind and i was not afraid. I cant really understand it, seeing my self amd my brother too in that room while i was awake i could see me. The strange thing was that we were both in different ages. According to my sighting my brother was 4 years older so was i. It was the weirdest thing ever and it wasnt even a dream. Am i crazy or do i have such a great imagination that could make me a millionaire???


  9. Hello, something happened to me last night that I will try my hardest to explain.

    Let me start off with explaining my surroundings, Im 16 years old. I use to live in Utah where i seen my first UFO above the beautiful mts. Now im in FL, I live in a area where there is only one other house on my entire street. I also have seen a UFO only about 10 minutes away from here. I live right by huge powerlines & i live in a 6,000 square foot house with only 3 people living in it now My mom, stepdad & me. its two storys & im isolated on the other side of the house, top floor. They think that I am crazy when I talk about aliens, but they wont say it to me. My brother just moved out last week, and my sister moved out about 1 year ago, so the house feels very empty.

    Ever since I have moved into this house just weird things have happened.

    But last night…

    I don’t know if this was a dream or not. But this is what I can recall, [not part of my so called “dream”] i had woken up at 3:25ish having bad asthma so I took some pumps out of my inhaler and quickly went back to sleep. I had kept my bathroom light on(located in my room), only sometimes i do this when i am scared, very random days. so i drifted back to bed… “dream” I remember being so scared because I knew something was in my room. I remember screaming WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!! and crying. but it wouldn’t come out its just wat i was thinking i couldn’t speak, nor move. I was stuck I tried so hard to get up, my vision was somewhat blurry. I don’t recall seeing any aliens but I do remember feeling there presence in this dream. I just remember being able to turn my head to look at my alarm clock to see if i experienced missing time, because this dream was so realistic. it was i think 4:57am.towards the end of the dream i cant remember but i think it said 11 something pm. Anyways when i was paralyzed i could still open my eyes i would try to scream as loud as i could but nothing would come out. My thoughts are the only thing that was there. I remember putting the blanket over my head because i was terrified. I cant remember when or if I slipped out of this or not. But i awoke @ 5:30ish terrified, thinking about what the hell had happened, was it a dream, or was it real? I also remember knowing that my bathroom light was on in the “dream”. I just think that if it was just a dream, it would of been darker, not the exact setting you know? Anyways when I woke up I felt like something was watching me. I could not go back to sleep, I was too scared. I had to wake up in an hour for school anyways, so I just tried to calm my nerves and watch some tv. At first I could not keep my eyes off the window. Nothing happened after that. I did look in the mirror and realized that my eyes were dark and baggy like i hadnt slept. Strange this is, i’m young, i was sleeping a good 9 hours, so why would i look like i hadnt slept at all! Weird thing is also, I always listen to my ipod after school on the bus, on my way home.And today, the day where i awoken from whatever had happened, The moment we turned down my street, my ipod started skipping, i looked at the screen and the time was rewinding instead of like fast fowarding, idk i cant really explain it. I mean its malfunctioned before, but strangly only around my home. Coincidence, not sure. doubt it. But very weird, I want to know whats out there. I need to know.

    Also im pretty sure in my “dream” i had felt nacious at the ending of it. i cant remember if thats how i felt or i just think i felt that way.

    More things that have happened to me. I recently realized that I have strange dark spots on my midd upper back(few monthes ago). They have never been there before. Also one night I had came home late, it was about 11:00 or so when I was about to go to sleep. But i heard a humming sound, coming from my window, iwalked closer to it & it was still there, terrified of what it was i ran out to my living room & started wondering, wtf is that. I was going to get my stepdad or mom, but they were dead asleep, i didnt want to be rude. So i walked back into my room to see if the noise was still there, and it was. So i grabbed my shit n slept on the couch.

    Also a few time my tv has switched channels without me doing anything. And street lights, im a new driver and i have started to notice that during the night many light will turn off on me or usually just dim very low. It happened aprx. 7 times in one week! And many times before that and after. I want to know why this is. And also my friend I feel has something to do with them. She reminds me of one. ha but it was weird I seen her at the fair & right when we hugged the light above us either turned out or dimmed, cant remember. Ive seen her eyes go white before & it really freaked me out. Like the night when theres a weird vibe in the air.. like an extraterrestrial feeling, idk if you guys have felt it but anyways on those nights n im with her just weird things happen and she kinda scares me, but I love her cuz shes my best friend. I do feel like something has happened to her, but she doesnt think so. Shes got white spots all over her back that no one can explain either. My radio has malfunctioned on me as well, & i have been stuck in my sleep only once before last night. But the same night I woke up not being able to move , twice.

    Thats pretty much it, I just want to know the truth about everything. I hate how it all is covered up I just wish the government would let us know whats really up. I was scared this morning greatly and hopefully I will be fine when I go to sleep but I tell you I have not been that scared in so long.

    I have accepted the fact that ive probely been visited, and thats fine, I just dont wana be hurt or taken away forever.

    I’ve shared my story, and for anyone that wants to contact me just reply to this. I would love to hear you or you to hear me, theres no one I can talk about this too except my friend stephanie who i rarely see anymore.

    She was with me when I seen my 2nd UFO, it was at night but Im sure it was one. It was pulsating like dimming then getting bright, over and over again. Going very slow across the sky. No light flashing, nothing like that. It was a pretty cloudy night. Two planes were comming in from opposite sides very high in the sky they were both coming closer to the object. i could tell they were planes because they were blinking, and thats usually a plane. But as they came closer, the object stopped! And stopped dimming, and stayed looking exactly like a star. Its as if it was trying to blend in and not be spotted, i kept my eyes on it the entire time, when the planes were farther away, it began to carry on . Her family seen it too. It was 12at night, around then. And we were just talking about it and what weve seen then came back and i was like lets just look in the sky & we spotted it, she ran in got her dad who is a believer too who had seen them when he was younger and he was amazed too. it was crazy tho, truely crazy, it gets my mind spinnin real fast sometimes.


  10. Ok I just started with these abductions an I have sleeping problems now. I’m tired of staying awake till 5 in the mourning an maybe some1 can help me I live in Nebraska and I’m 18 just started college and the sleepless nights are killing me.
    This is what happend to me when I was 17 I was sleeping one day and I woke up to a weird noise it sounded like talking but I couldn’t make out the noise I knew there were 2 of what ever they were. So I thought it was my brother trying to pull a joke on me but I always lock my door b4 I go to sleep so I’m about to take my covers off so I could shut him up but right when I take my covers off I feel like 4 things go under my back and all of a sudden I’m gettin shocked or I don’t know but I’m tryin to stay concious but then I start to shake and my hands start to move around and I cant stop so then I black out.
    The next day I wake up on the floor and I think it was all a dream later that day I find a weird scare on my foot but I think it’s just a scare from soccer practice.
    Then after this I start hearing weird noises coming from my attic and I think it’s a squirrel or a raccoon but then the noises start coming from outside of my door an I’m too scared to go an look but I’m usually a person that docent like to get messed with.
    Then I start to get my sleep back but the day I go to sleep I have a dream I think it’s a dream where I’m awaken with the same noises as the first night an it shocked me again but this time I escape an I find out that I didn’t lock my door an I see it he wa standing next to my bed it was short and skinny with a big head so I try and run to my brothers room to wake him up but when I get to the stairs I see another alien but this one is big and skinny with a big head and his eyes are black so I run back to my room (I would rather b with the small alien) but the lights don’t work so I use my lighter that is on my counter. But then an then he comes in an gives me a kiss in da check for me I thought it was ***** but I didn’t wan to get zapped with the thing but then the big 1 takes something out an then everything goes black. Next day I wake up an my door is wide open an for the next few days I wake up during the night with nose bleeds and my arm hurting. So ever since that day I told my parents everything and they think I’m crazy an they want me to go see a therapist and they told the rest of my family and they make fun of me for it. An now at night I stay awake till 5 so there can b a little light coming in through my windows so I can see in my room an I’ve been having nose bleeds and I see lights in my room when I’m on my computer but when I look up It goes away an for some reason I can see what in detail what people will do next I usually just know when they are going to slip and fall most of the time but I still think I see the little alien once in a while running in my room waiting for me to go to sleep or it might just b the lack of sleep.
    If this is happening to some1 with the same aliens or if it’s even in Nebraska u should post something up an we could talk.
    Oh yea and for some reason I want to know more about space. And I always feel at night that I am being watched I tried to record my self sleeping on my laptop but the batterys life died so I had to buy a new one but I also had it plugged in to the wall but when I woke up it was diconneted.


    • I live in western nebraska and Almost the same thing has happened to me. There have been a couple of nights where I’ll be laying in bed and get these crazy vibes that aren’t usually there, like I can feel something watching through the window, and theres another watching me through my closet. I’ll get this feeling when I’m just about to fall asleep then I hear movement in the kitchen then it moves down the hallway. Then it gets real scary… I see short dark figures along my wall and then my eyes start getting really heavy. I always try to fight closing my eyes but it’s like if I keep them open my sight just starts going black. Then I feel something holding me down and I can feel like pinches on my arms and legs and I feel things being put around my head but I can’t see it. Then when I finally do “go to sleep” I dream of skiiny naked creatures creeping through the house. Once I saw a small (I thought it was a child) creature keeping my beagle calm while all the commotion was going on.

      And then two nights ago I had a new dream. New as in it wasn’t the same creatures as I usually see.
      I was watching the Labyrinth in the living room and saw something peeping in the window, it was taller, the eyes were bigger and not slanted, just like circles, and a rather long mouth. When I made eye contact with it, it let out this high pitched meow, then somehow he got through the window and he grabbed me. It was weird because with the other dreams and creatures I felt peaceful but that night the feeling was way more dangerous.

      A couple months ago I woke up with some really weird cuts above my right hip, at first I just shrugged it off. But like a week and a half later I was in class and had a sudden pain inside my right hip, it was so bad I had to go to the hospital. They said they couldn’t find what caused all the pain, so they just gave me painkillers and sent me on my way. Two or three days later I wake up with another cut on my hip and the pain was gone. I never even took the painkillers.

      Lights turn on and off around me too. One night I had 3 street lights go out when I drove under them, a light in someones living room turned off and then back on and I didn’t see anyone in the window, and then when I got home the light in the kitchen went out, so did the bathroom, and so did one of the lights in my room.

      And I’m pretty sure me and two of my friends have played cat and mouse with a ufo.
      One night we were driving by this lake that’s about 20-30 minutes away from town, there had been a lot of sightings in our area lately so we thought we’d check it out. We were heading East towards the lake when we saw this strange orange light hovering rather low by some hills, it turned white then started moving North East. At first we thought it was just a street light bugging out but then it crossed the road and whizzed off really fast, once it reached the lake it just fell into the trees, as if it dove into the lake. We continued driving freaking out about what we just saw. Little did we know things were just getting started… A couple minutes go by and we get to a stop sign and turn South. We get around this bend in the road when the light pops out of the trees and flies up really high, almost to where we cant see it. Then it headed South as well. It flew ahead of us a ways then came back. It started lowering itself more and more next thing you know it’s like 300-400 yards above the car!! We opened the sunroof and could see this large dark circle with like 4 or 6 lights on the sides, we could hear this humming noise (My dad used to be a pilot so I grew up at the airport and I know what an airplane engine sounds like, and this was not that sound.)
      I was driving and I freaked out and slammed on the brakes making it whiz next to us in this empty feild where it literally flew next to us for like three miles!! A car came over a hill ahead of us and it raised into the sky to where it was almost unnoticeable and stayed up there until we got to another stop sign and turned West, but even then it stayed high but it followed us back to town then disappeared.
      We’ve gone back a couple times in both my car and my friends car, but we only see the strange lights when we’re in my car.


  11. Oh and when I’m driving lights go out and everytime I use 1 o my brothers video gaming systems they always stop working right when I play them so I gave up games. I really do need help I sleep with a bat next to me every night. An now I sleep 5-12 I really want to go back to sleeping at 9pm-8am i just don’t want to get takin away and never being brought back


  12. i have dreams of aliens and they feel so real!!!!am so scared i don’t know what to do.i have the dream every night.and am scared to go to sleep.


  13. I know this is four years too late, but I figured I would leave my “dream” on here as well. This dream, by the way, was the most realistic dream I had ever had, and the only one that I can remember so clearly. Only a few nights ago, I had a dream that I was walking around in the dark with my boyfriend and a couple other friends. We were gazing at the stars, looking for some kind of proof. I saw a star shoot across from the upper middle of the sky to the left, almost 90 degrees around me, and then start to come over to us. Somehow I was at a home, by myself. I stayed up, gazing at the stars all night on this house’s porch which was a concrete porch with some sort of covering over the concrete area, and I would only peek around the covering to look if the ship had come back. For some reason, I felt fear that they wanted to take me. Daylight came soon, and a few people were then under the porch with me, they had come from inside the house. They did not speak to me, and I can’t remember what they looked like. I don’t even remember if they looked at me, but I remember that they were there. I was still in fear of the ship still wanting me, for some reason. Everytime I peeked around the covering at this point, I saw the ship and panic would spread through me. Then, my mom (who came out of nowhere, and wasn’t in my dream until now) just walked by me and out of the covering. I ran out to her, and a yellow/green beam started to lift her, so I jumped into it right when it was about to lift off the ground. I remember telling my mom not to be scared and that I was still there with her. We were lifted for what felt like forever, and I had my arms over my nose, to where my eyes peek over the top, and I was taking deep breaths, wondering when the atmosphere was going to stop and I wasn’t going to be able to breathe anymore. I remember VERY little from the inside of the ship. All I do remember is being told I was going to be safe, and bright lights. I don’t remember any aliens, or anyone, for that matter. I then felt like I was falling for almost a minute, but everything was so bright around me that I couldn’t see anything but white. And then I woke up. Scared the crap out of me, honestly.


  14. It has been interesting reading the comments after the story I wrote. I had no idea what effect it would have on people. Hundred of people from all over the world, and all ages, have written to me about their experiences. what I did find from the emails to me, that many people had similar dreams or abductions and lived thousands of miles apart and in other countries from each other and would have no way of even knowing each other. I had one young boy tell me his story who lived in Texas, and received a similar story from a woman in Australia, and then heard one from Hong Kong. All within a few months of each other. All asked to remain anonymous as they were afraid of people laughing at them or a similar excuse. I can understand their fear, I too felt the same way prior to writing this article. However, not one person has emailed me with unkind remarks.


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