Review – Tarot Stripped Bare (DVD)

Tarot Stripped Bare - Reality Films
Tarot Stripped Bare – Reality Films

Title: Tarot Stripped Bare
Genre: Tarot, Occult, Esoteric Knowledge
Production Company: Reality Entertainment

Tarot Stripped Bare is a comprehensive guide for learning about and developing skills in tarot card reading. The DVD is arranged into clear, distinct sections that encourage learning through hands-on experience. Perhaps most refreshing is this DVD’s lack of emphasis on divination—that is, fortune telling.

Taking a practical approach, Tarot Stripped Bare advocates personal reflection on reactions to the cards to find out where we’re at and how to get what we want out of life. Never lapsing into spurious sign reading, Tarot Stripped Bare is not so concerned with the question, what will happen? Instead, it asks, how can I make this happen?, which seems a healthier way to go.

Skeptics may write the tarot cards off as a cheap gimmick and some religious folks may see them as a prime example of Satanic mysticism, but when taken as a mirror to the self, the cards could be a valuable tool along the path of self-knowledge.

The DVD also has a bonus section outlining various spreads and a complete reference guide to each of the cards within the Major and Minor Arcana.



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