Into the Future

This is a wonderful segment about time travel from Stephen Hawking’s Into the Universe DVD, which I watched last night. Hawking seems to believe that time travel is possible, but only into the future.

However, I’m wondering if a subtler type of time travel could be possible. Not time travel involving the body but rather, the soul and, by implication, consciousness.

Many religious believers report the experience of feeling heavenly graces. And this feeling differs from say, a runner’s endorphin rush or the physiological responses related to falling in love or eating chocolate (apparently they’re similar).

If the soul/consciousness can feel graces from heaven, then might not it sense other souls in other places and times? I think it quite possible that the soul could sense blissful souls in heaven, tormented souls in hell, along with souls living in the past and in the future. After all, the soul resides in the body but it also differs from the body. And when we die, the soul goes on and on and on. At least, this is what most religions teach.

I loved Hawking’s video and inspiring example but he always seems to fall a bit short when discussing – or should I say ignoring – the spiritual side of life. I imagine it’s because he’s a brainy physicist, hardwired and habituated into thinking long and hard about problems in a primarily conceptual way. He’s no mystic. At least, I don’t think so. If he is, he sure doesn’t seem like one!

You can read more about Hawking’s views here:



  1. Thank your for taking the time to read my article and visiting my site. I read yours as well and found it interesting and I agree with you that we have spirtual abilities. 🙂 hope you visit my site again.

    The Words Canvas


  2. You have an interesting array of material at your site. I didn’t see an “About” page. I’m thinking that that might give it a helpful context. It’s hard to know if you’ve overcome a challenging marriage or if your great marriage helped you to overcome something else. Maybe you want it that way! Keep up the nice writing. 🙂


    • Thank you so much! 🙂 well I would like to add an about page,, I just have a bit of trouble doing it because I use my blackberry to create pages for my blog.
      I have overcome a lot of difficulties during my life and still am fighting a few….*hope that gives you more insight*…..another question I wanted to ask is how do I increase my readers numbers? And how do I get people to follow me?

      Again thank you.


  3. I get it. Aren’t we all dealing with stuff, all the time! When I use a tablet, like now, it’s much harder to navigate and near impossible to do any kind of rich editing. I get that too.

    So, if you want followers I guess first concentrate on your “product.” You’ve got it, IMHO, and could take your site very far. Little things like the obviously tiled background might deter some. Visuals is half the game, I think.

    But the actual mechanics of getting followers are basically linking to others, commenting on other blogs, and following other blogs. Many should follow back. Myself, I’m sort of passive about it. If someone follows me, I follow back, especially if they are using is sort of connected like a beehive., however is not quite as interconnected.

    Anyhow, I hope this helps. All the best. —MC


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