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“On The Subject Of God” was submitted to by the author. It originally appears in the About section at Alfsbootcampblog.

About words that are not mainstream in society and may mean different things to different people. To help clear this anomaly up and prevent misunderstanding, listed below are these words, their meaning & definition as applied by the author.

ABSOLUTE. Nothing is greater than absolute. It is eternity. It is forever. Religion has named that absolute, God. In spiritual understanding, the invisible source of Creation can be said to be absolute, eternal and never-changing. Out of that Absolute has manifested relative creation (this universe) and everything evolving in it. That non-physical Absolute, is the invisible source & substance of this physical dissolvable universe. Out of that understanding, everything in creation has the potential of that eternal absolute intelligence underwriting its existence.

Clarification: In simple sense, everything comes from something, because nothing comes from nothing. To argue otherwise, is a waste of human intelligence in boot camp. So this Universe and everything in it, must have come from something. That something is called Abstract Absolute Intelligence or God. Everything that exists is the substance of that eternal Intelligence…including the human being with its dissolvable intelligence. That hard to accept statement for some, is their Achilles heel where understanding a new reality is concerned. Because we have to want to understand its reality for it to become a reality.

ABSTRACT: Beyond our physical senses of perception. e.g. sight, taste, hearing, smelling, touch. The word God falls into this category, because the abstract Intelligence of God is beyond the senses and beyond our conscious thought. It is only the creativity of God and what manifests out of that transcendent Intelligence…namely physical Creation and all that is in it, that is available to our physical senses and conscious thought. In that understanding, God does not talk, because it has no physical attributes in its silent abstract domain. Only human beings and other manifested creations out of the Absolute Intelligence of God, talk.

ARCHETYPAL INTELLIGENCE: Archetypal intelligence is spiritual intelligence, it is unseen intelligence, it is the invisible intelligence that underwrites and permeates every biological component of life, every function of the brain. Archetypal intelligence is the source of our universal emotions, personalities, gifts and talents. Archetypal spiritual intelligence is that which life and its biology & chemistry has manifested out of. It the function of the Laws of Nature, to create, maintain & process ‘order out of chaos’ in that archetypal intelligence…and therefore life. Archetypal intelligence can also be called the primordial intelligence of Nature and the invisible constituent of life, its biology, its chemistry, its reproduction (sexuality) and instincts.

ALMIGHTY NATURE: THE COSMIC MIND:  That forms the status quo spiritual intelligence of this universe and everything evolving in it. It is the active spiritual aggregate of Absolute Intelligence, functioning as the invisible source & brain of evolution. It is the cosmic computer processing evolution through the Laws of Nature from the subtlest level of Creation. The human brain and its myriad functions, are but a physical biological created replica of that Cosmic Mind manifesting in life and therefore linked to life…evolving life.

COSMIC: All-encompassing. Permeating in everything. The invisible Laws of Nature that permeate everything in Creation, are Cosmic in their function and value. They are a manifested creation of Absolute Intelligence or God…as is everything in Creation. They invisibly carry out the cosmic process & purpose of evolution…both physical evolution and spiritual evolution. Laws that can be said to be the personal intelligence of impersonal God active in creation.

COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS: Every level of evolution has its specific quality of consciousness & intelligence. Human life at this point of its evolution, only functions out of biological created consciousness that is dissolvable, it dissolves at death. Underwriting that biological created consciousness and its I.Q. potential, is spiritual consciousness and its I.Q. potential. Underwriting spiritual consciousness, is absolute consciousness and its I.Q. potential. The last two levels of consciousness are latent & undeveloped in the human being. The Laws of Nature operate differently in every level (dimension) of consciousness, its Laws change to suite that different level of evolution.

Clarification: Comic Consciousness (or spiritual consciousness) is the next possible stage in the evolution of the human species. All levels & the different qualities of consciousness in them, have many stages of development in the process of their evolution in the human being. Quality of consciousness, is also a variable in mankind and has no relationship to our variable I.Q. potential and its measurement. That means low I.Q. is no bar to the spiritual development of the individual. Spiritual and absolute consciousness is open to all on the path of evolution…unlike our I.Q. segregated education system.

CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE: In spiritual understanding and its reality, the whole of Creation and all that is in it is composed of, is created out of, is interwoven and underwritten by Creative Intelligence. Everything that exists has manifested out of creative-intelligence appearing as different forms & phenomena. So creative-intelligence, is another name for the manifested expression of un-manifest Absolute Intelligence that sources life & creation. At the highest level of creation and evolution, it is the intrinsic nature of God to perpetually manifest, create & diversify…as it is of human beings.

DIVINE: The active creative-intelligence of impersonal uninvolved God can be said to be Divine. The spiritual function of the Laws of Nature are in this category, for they possess pure-creativity directly linked to the Absolute Intelligence of God. They are the active manifested expression of that uninvolved God permeating in everything physical & spiritual. As such, they possess the status of Divine Cosmic Intelligence that sources life.

EVOLUTION: To grow, to continuously change, to adapt & develop, to become more complex. The reality of  physical biological evolution is known & accepted by most in Science & Education. The reality of Spiritual evolution remains unknown to Science & Education and therefore like invisible intangible God, to be denied & dismissed as a reality because of it. A illogical dismissal that is a loss not a gain in the evolution of knowledge, science & education. Denial of the possibility of intelligence greater that our human intelligence, is the biggest stumbling block to human evolution. It is a denial sourced to the immature human ego of a human being, not its intelligence.

TRANSCENDENT: Lying above and beyond any known physical attribute. Beyond thought, beyond life, beyond the Universe. Such is the transcendent Intelligence of God. That is where religion has gone wrong in its understanding of God, because that  uninvolved abstract intelligence has no attribute other than silence. When the thought of the thinker travels back to its internal source, then the individual mind of the thinker has the automatic potential to transcend the thought process. The mind leaves thought behind in physical creation, to arrive at the transcendent source of thought. Namely, Absolute Abstract Intelligence. That automatic outcome is the process, meaning & goal of Correct Meditation.

THE PHYSICAL & SPIRITUAL LAWS OF NATURE: Science has uncovered and uses the physical attributes of the Laws of Nature. The laws of physics, fluids, mathematics, chemistry, aerodynamics etc, are the physical manifestation of the Laws of Nature. But, Science has no knowledge or experience of the spiritual Laws of Nature that underwrite & interact with the physical Laws of Nature to process evolution. Science has no comprehension of the spiritual intelligence that has created & underwrites the physical biology of life. Science & Education only have extensive knowledge of the physical processes of life, not of the spiritual processes that underwrite life, evolution & Nature.

Clarification: In boot camp reality & therefore spiritual reality, it is wrong to blindly experiment on the biology of life, without understanding or comprehending  the interactive intelligence that underwrites its source. Because at this point in time, the toxic to Nature synthetic products pouring out of the science laboratory & technology, are synthetically polluting the means for life. Polluting this planet and the spiritual function of the Laws of Nature to process the evolution of life. Science must learn to acquire, understand, create and work within that reality and its knowledge, if life is to survive on this living planet.

To be continued…