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DESIRE: Want, wish, crave, yearn for, long for, describe the dictionary definition of desire. On the inevitable opposing side we have reject, refuse, spurn, decline, repudiate, aversion, dislike. Both opposites will automatically come into play in the decision making process of the individual & society. e.g. The impulse (desire) to support a controversial social issue and the opposing impulse (desire) to reject it. A dividing process the Media thrive on and exploit to create news out of its ensuing argument, dissention & division in society. A lingering disharmony is the end result, not social cohesion. Election time is a prime example.

But, where does desire come from? Why is the need for desire? What prompts a desire? what feeds a desire? What happens when a desire is unfulfilled? Some might say why do we need to know those questions, others might say who cares? The answer is the author does and perhaps so should we all. Because desire is the driving force of human beings in particular and other brain structured life in general. Without the product of desire working with a thought, we would not know when we are thirsty or when we are hungry are just two simple examples. We would not survive as result seems to be the logical conclusion.

Note: To understand the following definition of desire, we need to realize/consider the following controversial statements.

1. The physical component of a thought has three types of intelligence & consciousness underwriting its product. Namely, physical, spiritual & abstract. Two are active and one is inactive.

2. A thought can be likened to a bubble that rises from the unconscious on through the sub-conscious to appear minimally as conscious thought. It stems from a pulsating spiritual vibration (the impulse of creative intelligence) that powers the physical mind as well as the beating heart. When thought is quiet then so is the linked heartbeat.

3. Thought has no boundaries in the physical body. The nervous system and brain are its instant highway.

5. A thought has the creative potential to multiply upon itself into streams of thought and instantly enter all parts of the nervous system & brain.

4. It is only the physical component of a thought that we consciously use and partially understand. We do not understand the spiritual & abstract content of thought. It is off our conscious radar and therefore does not exist in our conscious thought process and existing reality & belief-system.

6. The creativity & energy of a thought and its desire is most potent at its beginning. To gradually becoming weaker and fade away, like the spread of light from a light bulb.

7. The content of every thought contains the latent product of desire and the by-product of karma created out of the action of a thought.

8. The outcome/result of human desire and its ‘cause & effect’, has far reaching consequences beyond our conscious thought to evaluate.

9. Desire unfulfilled, becomes a lasting indelible impression in the mind. To eventually become lost from conscious view and embedded in the sub-conscious and the spiritual component of a human being as karma. Karma in its finest definition is the cause of life.

10. The individual spiritual & abstract element of a human being resides in the unconscious component of the physical mind and separates at death with its karma.

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The point to be made: All the above statements would indicate that life is much more that the sum of its physical parts. Its logic is qualified in the statement that ‘nothing comes from nothing’. Its truth is found in a reality we have yet to acquire on the path of evolution. A reality that does not exist until we create the means for it to exist. In that understanding, it is illogical and a waste of words to argue/debate that it does not exist. The individual has to prove it, the words of others can never prove it.

In this simplified definition, desire is an integral part of a thought. Desire allows the creative impulse of intelligence that we call thought, to fulfill the need of the thought. Desire is a latent product of thought that becomes an active component of thought. Desire arises from the thought to prompt the thought to fulfill the need. Example: when the physical body requires nourishment, the pangs of hunger arise from the stomach and trigger desire in a thought to do something about it. So desire is a very important survival tool of evolution and very necessary for brain structured life to

More complex considerations:

In the highly developed nervous system and brain of our species, desire becomes much more complex and far reaching. It also becomes a double edged sword that can cut both ways in its thought activity to fulfill the desire, because conscious thought can draw its quality from either the positive or the negative duel energies of Nature that propel life…and therefore propel thought & desire and its activity. So the activity of a conscious thought that fulfills a human desire, can be structured & processed out of the negative or positive primordial archetypal spiritual intelligence of Nature.

The point to be made:

We have conscious free-will that animals do not, to consciously choose either negative & positive actions to fulfill a human desire. In the scheme of evolution and its reality, human beings are responsible for what comes out of those actions as perpetuating ‘cause & effect’ influence. A cause & effect influence (karma) that enters the invisible spiritual component of life to interact with its archetypal intelligence underwriting the biology of life. The result of that interaction, has far reaching consequences that ping-back to the physical biology of all life…not just the human being.

Clarification of negative & positive actions:

1. A negative action from a negative structured thought & desire, is action that does not support the evolution of the individual, the evolution of society, the evolution of all life and the Laws of Nature governing the process of evolution.

2. A positive life-supportive action from a positive structured thought & desire, is action that supports the evolution of the individual, the evolution of society, the evolution of all life and enhances the activity of the Laws of Nature processing evolution. Unknowingly that is how powerful we are as a species with the product of thought & desire.

Suggestion: If required, re-read the definition of Right & Wrong & Reality on the About page for further clarification.

Excerpt from the About page @