Hindus want withdrawal of Roma-stereotyping Czech police coloring book

Czech Police (Policie České Republiky) officer...
Czech Police (Policie České Republiky) officer in Český Těšín (Czeski Cieszyn) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Hindus want immediate withdrawal of Czech Police coloring book POLDOVY OMALOVANKY, reportedly meant for distribution in kindergartens and primary schools.

Rajan Zed, based in Nevada (USA), said that it apparently stereotyped Roma, indicating them as criminals. Racial stereotyping should not be acceptable in 21st century Czech Republic and the world, Zed stressed.

Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, urged Czech Republic Interior Minister Milan Chovanec to look into the matter, withdraw all of these coloring books and mandate diversity training for all employees of the department to put an end to all such racial stereotyping, prejudices and caricaturing in the future; which was highly irresponsible.

Zed pointed out that such negative depiction of the Roma community would send wrong signals to the children’s minds at an impressionable age, who would be the leaders of Czech Republic tomorrow. In the future, the Interior Ministry should pre-screen and monitor all such material before it went for public distribution to make sure that Roma minority was not stereotyped, Zed added.

Moreover, police are meant for fighting against the stereotypes and not strengthening them, Zed noted.

Zed argued that Roma people in Czech Republic reportedly faced violent attacks, stereotyping, racism, prejudice, growing gap between Roma and other Czechs, fear, beatings, poor quality housing, systemic employment and overall discrimination, persecution, throwing of Molotov cocktails, social exclusion, segregated schools, marginalization; refused service at restaurants, stores, discos, etc.; municipalities/towns failing to support them; and the state being unwilling or unable to offer protection.

Zed further said that the country of Franz Kafka, Antonin Dvorak, Jaroslav Hasek, and rich cultural heritage should not continue staying apathetic and silent spectator ignoring Roma apartheid. Milos Zeman and Bohuslav Sobotka are President and Prime Minister respectively of Czech Republic.

2 thoughts on “Hindus want withdrawal of Roma-stereotyping Czech police coloring book

  1. racism is so common and a shame – Zed should also protest racist attacks in New Delhi by resident’North Indians’ against students from India’s north east who are mongoloid in appearance and against students from black Africa – case of pot calling the kettle black – i mean one should be equally enraged by what is going on ‘at home’


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