TRANSCENDENT MEDITATION: This term for describing a type of meditation, became very popular in the 1960’s onwards and rightly attributed to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of the Transcendental Meditation Movement. Unfortunately, whenever new knowledge is presented to the public…or in this case, very old revived knowledge, it comes through the interpretation of the Media. As a result, the Media then re-manufacture and relay that information to the Public in their understanding…and in this case, misunderstanding.

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moon night vision (Photo credit: AlicePopkorn via Flickr)

Note: As is the way of the Media to generate news and capture the attention of the public, all sorts of weird make-it-up as you go along stories began to circulate about the Maharishi’s activity…including being labeled a sexual deviant and dirty old man. In that climate of commercial media mischief making & misinformation, credibility becomes lost and so does the original information. This Article, is an attempt to restore that original information and set the ‘got it wrong’ media interpretation straight in the process…maybe. Because as previously stated, the mind will only understand what it wants to understand. That may well sound a dismissive statement…nevertheless, it can be at the heart of instant denial in the complex mind. `

The phrase ‘a type of meditation’ in the opening paragraph, is the key to unraveling why the writer has chosen to temporarily call Transcendent Meditation, Correct Meditation. Because there are as many types of meditation practices, as there are those teaching meditation practices in society. But, there is only one type of meditation, that automatically transcends the thought process in its simple practice. The word Correct, is to indicate that fact.

Note: Yes, all meditation practices have their value in a physical sense, but unless they transcend the thought process, the product of Absolute Consciousness will not be cultivated in the human physiology effortlessly. The word effortlessly, indicates that other than setting the process in motion with a specific thought, nothing else is required of the mind. Therefore practices of contemplation, thought control, mind control, senses control…or any other control, mood making, physical posturing, thinking positively, thinking about nothing etc, are not part of this specific meditation practice. They may have their purpose and function, but not in the twice daily short practice of Transcendent Meditation and its simple technique.

The ancient knowledge & practice of Transcendent Meditation, arose out of the need for those highly active in society and its functions, to be able to evolve their spiritual evolution without having to reject the world and become a recluse. That type of secluded life, is meant for those who are born with more abstract & spiritual consciousness in their physiology than most. Monks & Nuns come into this category on the ladder of human evolution. When they are active in the world, they naturally live selfless lives devoted to the needs of others, that reflects that high point of evolution they have reached.

Note: But, if we are not born with that quality of consciousness, then following that quiet way of life & devotion will impede the evolution of that individual. As well as causing the individual to behave strangely and at odds with others in society and adopt an unreal impractical attitude to life. Because life is incredibly dynamic & creative, we only have to observe Nature in all its ceaseless activity to arrive at that conclusion. Yet, underwriting that ceaseless physical & spiritual activity, is the abstract silent inactivity that we have called Absolute Consciousness…the source of Creation and everything in it.

In can be said, at this point in the spiritual evolution of our species, most are born with more physical consciousness than spiritual or abstract consciousness. In that obvious fact, most are born to be dynamic, creative & highly active in the world. In that born equation, we are a product of the physical primordial creativity of Nature and all its dynamic physical & spiritual laws processing our dual physical & spiritual evolution. Unless we are born with a different equation of consciousness than that, we must not obstruct the physical path of primordial Nature structuring our personal evolution. If we do, our personal evolution becomes obstructed unnaturally, therefore we become at odds with Nature and unnatural in the process.

Being dynamic, creative and active, should lead to a full life and natural happiness in that normal equation of physical consciousness. Yet for many, this does not eventuate…and, there are many reasons for this that can take a lifetime to sort out and for most, never become sorted out. Because once we become at logger heads with primordial Nature, things just go from bad to worse with our evolution through life…and, we become very unhappy & miserable because of it. Even if we try hard not to be and use every distraction in the material product factory to alleviate the problem.

Note: Because the big problem and many other life acquired mind problems, cannot be solved physically…and definitely not by thinking about it. We have to come out of the physical process of thinking and transcend the thought process, to acquire the abstract tool that will eventually solve the problems…without us being involved in its process. That tool, is called Abstract Absolute Consciousness and that, is what is cultivated into the human physiology out of the Correct process of Transcendent Meditation. That fact alone, sets it apart from all other meditation practices that have come out of that timeless original one, but lost the original source in the process.

Q: Where does Religion come into the equation of meditation?

A: It does not. Only if we want it to be included.

Explanation: Religion is a human created ideology. It has been created by human beings, just like all the other ideologies that have been created & lived down through the history of civilizations. Creating an ideology to live out of, is a natural function of our unique human creativity & intelligence. It is prompted from the need (instinct) to survive socially and create order out of chaos in the highly social function of our species. By agreeing in society, to follow a human created idea of a shared understanding and then, putting it into practice by living it, following it, teaching our children about and often, mistakenly worshiping it…and those at the head of it. The very fact that ideology is human created, means it is naturally & potentially dissolvable…just like human beings in fact. Along with everything else that is composed of physical matter & energy in Creation. Yet, physical matter & energy is only a third of the story of Creation. We are dealing with the other two invisible thirds of this Universe in the Science Of Meditation.

The point to be made: So if all human created ideology is dissolvable & potentially changeable, it does not make sense to worship it and become lost in it, infatuated with it, obsessed with it and deluded by it. Yet we do…and what is worse, we are willing to exploit others, to brainwash others and even kill others, to further our specific ideology and reinforce its reality in the world. How crazy is that to many others, that do not agree to following its ideology and created reality. Mainly, because they are already living another human created ideology and its reality that they are happy with.

Q: How to solve the above never ending human created problem?

A: Find an ideology that is not dissolvable, that is neutral to all other human created dissolvable ideologies…yet supports them all. Then, all agree to practice that universal ideology and respect its necessary primal function to create order out of chaos in human society. With the necessary survival proviso, that any other individual ideology we are living, does no harm to society, to other ideologies and above all, this shared planet & Nature.

Note: Because at the moment, many of the dissolvable ideologies we are living, do not support that proviso in any shape or form. Yet, if we put into practice that universal shared ideology of Correct Meditation, it will be found that many of the existing lived ideologies not in sync with that proviso, will gradually & automatically adjust their ideology over time, to accommodate that proviso without enforcing it. That yet to be proved phenomenon, in its Nature driven process & function, can be called the law of ‘universality in the midst of diversity’ unfolding in society. Abbreviated to ‘universality in diversity’ or the Law of UID for simplicity of expression.

Clarification: The above may well sound to good to be true, but unless we put this universal ideology into practice in society…we can never prove it. So how does Science prove its theories, so that they become fact & proven & acceptable in society. They put their theories into practice, collate the results and come up with the facts. If the facts match the theory, they quite rightly say, it has been proven to be true. So in logic, unless we apply this scientific method to test this theory of ‘universality in the midst of diversity’, we are going against the principle creed of Science to explore the unexplored & make it known & proved.

That brings us to understand the official need, to create a new science discipline in the curriculum of Universities, to teach & administer and collate the unfolding knowledge of the Science of Meditation. That includes a much deeper scientific understanding of the quantum function of the Laws of Nature to process life & evolution. If we implement in society, all what has been suggested, then the theory of ‘universality in the midst of diversity’ will be seen to happen in society…and more importantly, proven.

To sum up: It is not necessary for everyone in society, to understand the science of Correct Meditation or the theory of ‘universality in the midst of diversity’. Along with all the endless words necessary to explain its mechanics…only if they want to. Having said that, existing Science must understand them, by virtue of their exacting disciplines and status in society. Because they, are the rightful holders of all scientifically proven knowledge in society. In that great responsibility, it is right that society respects the proven findings of all their disciplines.

Postscript: It may seem presumptuous to many in society, to give meditation the title of a science in this article. Especially when it has not been established as a science by Science. Yet the word science, is not an exclusive title. Because the underlying meaning of the word science, is knowledge. This is new knowledge to the world and as such, is a new science to the world. If asked to justify the truth of this new knowledge to the world, the author can think of no more succinct a sentence, than to re-phrase a line from the American Constitution. Namely, I hold these truths to be self-evident to others out of the universal logic that underwrites their substance.

Kind regards to the reader from the author.

Footnote: If further clarification with unfamiliar words in the Article are required, it will be found on the About page @ The different writing styles & content found on this Web Site, is an attempt by the author to reach all ‘walks of life’ with its new information. There is no offence or disrespect to society as a whole intended in this attempt. But, as the Science of Meditation is a universal ideology, it must be presented & explained to every facet of society and its different levels of understanding. WJH.