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By Alain Rodriguez

Whenever speak to someone about meditation I always get the same question. ‘How DO you meditate?’ It doesn’t surprise me that many people don’t meditate at all or don’t even know how to. What surprises me is how they have not utilized it at all. We live in a fast paced society. We are surrounded by the stress of day to day life creating a never ending routine that one day will get the best of us. I believe that meditation is one of the best tools to end the routine of everyday life that fogs us from looking at life as objects that create a whole. Meditation opens our mind to eliminate the stress that we accumulate throughout the day by freeing our mind of its repetitive thoughts. One should begin their day with a fresh state of mind as if each day is spontaneous.

All it takes to meditate is to clear your mind from any issues or thoughts and just focus on absolutely nothing. Now, this may seem like a difficult task, but after some time, one will eventually be able to control their thoughts. Either way, whether you are a beginner or not, just the fact that you set some time to relax is enough to get you started on a stress-free life. I will discuss some methods one can practice either at work or at home even if you only do them for 15 minutes. Just a few minutes of your day can aid you an achieving a sense of peace in your life and will help you see the world in a different light.

Whether you are sitting in your home, office chair, or car, it is best if you straighten your back. Next, I prefer to close my eyes, but I have also heard of people also gazing into ‘nothing’. I believe either manner is fine as long you are able to adjust well and achieve a state of relaxation. We will begin by breathing in through the nose and then exhaling through the mouth. If you find it bothersome to breathe this way, since I have had people tell me this before, you will eventually form a habit. If after a while you still feel bothered, you can adjust your breathing to how you feel more comfortable. Meditation is all about being able to relax. Clear your mind and dismiss any thoughts that might be disturbing you. I personally use a lot of visualization to clear my mind by keeping it busy. For example, I imagine a white light that descends from the sky and surrounds my body. I imagine myself breathing in this light and go into my lungs. I feel it pumping through my veins as all the negative energy I have accumulated disappears. You can do this as long as you’d like if it keeps you relaxed and focused. I believe that visualization as a great method of healing.

Another strategy one can use to meditate is by chanting mantras. If you do not know any mantras, there are a lot of artists who have recorded CDs with several chants. When meditating, if listening to one of these CDs, try focusing on the music and the words being chanted. Eventually this will clear your mind and the music will either become white noise or take on a journey! When reciting mantras, focus on the vibrations of each mantra. Feel those vibrations travel your body. Feel each word exit towards the universe sending a message of peace.

Meditation can take as long as you’d like. Whenever you feel it is right to finish. You can stop, take a deep breath, get up and stretch, and continue with your day. I personally take a deep breath, thank the universe for its blessings, and then stretch by spreading my arms like a tree as if reaching for the blessings the world has to offer. Whenever my meditation sessions are over, I always find myself in a better mood and feel more radiant. I hope you find the peace you desire and may my methods of meditation shine a light to your life.

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Opened his first business at the age of 18. Now 20, he is currently attending Florida International University and is double majoring in Psychology and in Religion. Alain Rodriguez has volunteered for non profit organization Peace Flags in the Wind. Hold seminars in his store discussing the Hindu religion including the stories and myths of several of the Hindu gods and several other topics such as healing with stones, the basics of the 7 chakras and reincarnation.