Finally, a cosmology that includes spirituality

Watched the authors on TV Ontario tonight. Outstanding. They were articulating things that I have thought about but often find challenging to express. One idea I really liked was the notion that even change changes. I think this is valuable on one level. Certainly there are many ways to view the universe or to “slice an onion,” as the old saying goes. But I think there still could be some meta-truths. For example: One of God’s primary attributes is love.




  1. You would totally love Greg Braden’s approach to expressing metaphysical truths. So deeply true to his deep spiritual conviction in the most ancient sense, while at the same time expressing a very profound grasp of modern scientific principals. I recently watched a You Tube video of his about, “The Seven Essene Mirrors,” it was absolutely brilliant. You would love it. It is a profoundly enlightening and healing teaching.

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  2. Thanks for the tip. I’ll check him out. What was interesting about these guys was the idea that the supposed “laws” of the universe can change. If I remember right, they were not just talking about new and better theories supplanting older ones; rather, they suggested that the universe could behave differently than it did a long time ago. And that it will likely behave differently in the distant future.

    Two very bright guys with slightly different perspectives. It was an awesome interview.


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