Coast to Coast ‘s three headed human…

I’ve often felt that Coast to Coast is a mix of serious and silly stuff. But this takes the cake.



  1. a black guy a white guy and a white woman all born in 1962 and mysteriously joined together somehow and no mention of it anywhere on the internet other than coast to coasts website. yea this is totally believe able.


  2. George please call me Kevin Kenneth Koehnke check face book tsitter and I have talents and live country. Know history been spraying crops for since I eas 13 apple orchards all corn beans vegtables crops all put me in y show 9208438461 text 9205401981 love you show on ufo my dads seen them and I have also im best story teller im told by everyone call me


  3. WHAT IN THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH EVERY ONE !?!?!? The heads and necks of = One Black guys head and neck, one middle aged white guys head and neck and one middle aged white woman’s head and neck – on one body employed as greeters in a department store?!?!?! WTF? As soon as I saw something like that – I’d turn and run back out again screaming; Oh HELL NO!
    Now the middle head is dead? And the Black Guy and the White Woman what to keep it between them? So essentially, they’d be living and sleeping with a corpse !
    So I gotta ask – what bathroom do they use? BOTH?

    If this is true – then I want the Earth to stop and let me off! WTH?


  4. What about those 2 girls on that most recent television show where they aired Honey BooBoo? Strange 2 heads why not 3? Good April Fool joke


  5. George…..George……George… your show, listen all the time, but….a three headed human? And listeners actually believe it? Obviously an April fools gimmick, but kinda sad that listeners actually believe it!!


  6. I want to know who the three people are that are photo shopped together. Are they coast employees? By the way it is the EXACT photo as last years prank but with Walter photo shopped dead. I especially like the fact that people actually fall for this crap when it is a joke. One guy at work did. I laughed at him and told him he needed some mental counseling.


  7. Its not FAIR……don’t abuse your audience….just like Diamond Head starting to blow according to a popular Facebook person….all on April Fool’s Day…..but you HAVE TO SAY ITS A JOKE AT THE END!!!!


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