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Understanding Ghosts, Apparitions, Spirits, And Poltergeists


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By: John Culbertson

In the non physical world interacting with our physical world there are ghosts, apparitions, spirits, and poltergeists.

Ghosts are spiritual presences that, through the use of energy, usually take on a physical form to interact with the physical environment. Most ghosts are not evil or bad, rather they are spiritual energies that have a message which they need to get across to someone. Many ghosts do not, in fact, even know they are ghosts and as such simply helping them to understand this is all that is needed for them to move on.

An apparition isn’t really a ghost at all! It’s more like a memory that, because of the intense emotions and circumstances surrounding it, has been locked into time and place. Thus, when you encounter an apparition interacting with it does little to no good, because nothing is really there except for the memory.

For instance, let us suppose that a man and his wife are having an argument. The man takes out a gun and shoots his wife then turns the gun on himself. Many years later, people start to notice that there is a man with a gun and they hear the shrieking of a woman and this centers around one room of this home. What we have here is not ghosts, but rather apparitions. The memory of the event is firmly trapped that particular room and when a certain amount of energy or a certain type of energy is present; that energy sets off that memory so that it plays out, like someone accidentally touching the start button on a VCR which starts playing whatever tape is in the machine.

This is sometimes called a residual haunting and the best way to end an apparition is via a good clearing, cleansing, and smudging of the area.

A spirit, unlike a ghost, usually does not take on a physical form, but exists around a person in a purely energetic form which is often only visible to someone with clairvoyance. Most spirits choose to interact with our world, to hang around loved ones, and to check in on us. Sometimes, like a ghost, they may not be aware that they have crossed over. It is usually spirits that a medium connects with.

A poltergeist, a word which means noisy ghost, is most often associated with things that people are truly frightened of. Examples of poltergeist activity include chairs moving or pictures spinning. The thing about poltergeists is that they develop due to all the energy that is in the environment. Most often, we see cases of poltergeist activity in home that have children who are just entering their teens. All that pent up sexual energy and all the changing hormones produce energy that is often uncontrolled.

Uncontrolled energy is still energy and so what happens is that uncontrolled energy ends up making pictures spin and things move. When these children learn to control their emotions and energy the so called poltergeists stop being active.

The same can be true in any environment which contains a lot of high stress or high sexual energy. When this energy is not properly grounded it can create results here in the physical world.

What this basically means is that for an estimated ninety-five percent of the population that experiences ghosts, apparitions, spirits, and poltergeists, there is no real change of harm coming to them.

Every now and again, on rare occasions, we do encounter in our physical world something of a darker type of energy that is altogether evil at its very core. These energies usually are not coming from any of the above, but rather are connected to some type of demonic energy that has been allowed into our world. Please understand the following about such energies. These energies, the majority of them, can only hurt people if the people they are preying upon allow them to do so. Likewise, it is not possible for a person to be possessed by such energy unless that particular person meddles with psychic or magickal stuff they don’t understand or they subconsciously want and therefore allow the possession to take place.

Attachments are more common than actual possessions. An attachment is a spiritual energy or entity that is attached to a person and/or vice versa. Attachments can form at almost any time, but are most often seen when a relative that a person was very close to crosses over and neither isn’t ready for the crossing to happen. Understand, not all attachments are bad or negative. They are only considered bad if the attachment ends up interfering in a person’s life of if the attachment attempts to take over or control a person’s life. Thus, just because Aunt Betty wants a person to continue giving money to her children long after she has passed away doesn’t mean that person is obligated to do as they are requested.

There are various methods of ending attachments and dealing with possessions, but the scope of which is too much for this particular article. Consider reading a good book on psychic self defense such as “Psychic Self Defense and Protection: An Energy Awareness Guide” for further answers to these topics.

About the Author

John Culbertson is a Mason and Rosicrucian who actively helps people to achieve success and happiness. He is an accomplished New Age teacher, writer and motivational speaker who has taught courses in psychic development and protection, numerology, astrology, tarot, and many other aspects of the New Age field. His recent book “Psychic Self Defense and Protection: An Energy Awareness Guide” can be found at or here .

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9 thoughts on “Understanding Ghosts, Apparitions, Spirits, And Poltergeists

  1. I agree with the sexual theory of the poltergeist and I am suprised that how few researchers have noticed the direct link between libido energy and the poltergeist.When I was between 11 to 13 years old poltergeist activity occured around me almost weekly and it got to the point the rest of the family stopped getting freaked out by it even thought it was scary.The very night soon after my 13 birthday I had my first wet dream and after that night there were no poltergeist activities in the house which I can only assume there must have been some direct link between pent up energy and the manifestation of the poltergeist and the suddended end of the disturbances in our home.


  2. I am having huge issues as of late and have come to some conclusions about this. I decided to researach some on the internet today and came across your post. IRONICALLY…I have the psychic Self defense book and I don’t have many books like this. I’m not even sure how it came to be in my possession to be honest. That seems strange to me. Okay, so this is my deal…I’m currently 49 and having these issues again. As a teenager I was EXTREMELY strong with poltergeist energy…but we never discussed it in our family, I ignored it and deneyed things to my paraents and friends. I knew so much and had gut feelings about things that would go awry or phone calls, etc. Even though I knew what was going to happen…I had no control over any of it. For instance…I could suddenly realize…that painting is going to fall off the wall for no reason and within the hour or so…or during the middle of the night…it ALWAYS would occur. HOWEVER…if I tried to manipulate something and make it move, fall or whatever. It was not at all possible. As I got older, I just turned off the energy as much as I could because it really did frighten me a abit. (I have had people come to me in my sleep however that could (and did) physically touch me. As soon as I realized it was real…it was gone instantly…but the knowledge it was not a dream remained. (For personal reasons, I never shared these things) I was in a relationship and one eve after intense lovemaking the spirits went CRAZY in my home. My cat was TRULY freaking out like never seen before and my partner and I sat in bed too scared to speak and truly not moving. At about 5 in the morning we had finially dozed off and my partner was awoken by being chocked by an unseen presence. Many years later…(and single again) I have begun buddhist chanting. It seemed to activate this same INTENSE, electric energy. I have two kittens now and the same type of event occurred last night with the exception I was home alone and was awoken out of a sleep by the current running through the house. It got more active and frightening….I eventually left the house by driving away and eating at a all night diner for an hour or so. Today I am saging my home but what keeps running through my head is I activate all of this. My energy is amped up for some reason (last night it was a group buddhist chant) It triggers the start of this and almost seems like it opens a window for something other than a poltergeist to enter becauase this was truly seperate energies not coming from me. I feel I call them to me and can’t help this at all. I actually enjoy many of my psychic gifts, intutions, feelings, etc….but this is something COMPLETELY anad totally seperate and frightens me. It is not comforting in the least. Can you provide any help or advise? I don’t know where to turn because people don’t understand this often.

    thank you


    • Maybe you could try another path for spiritual protection and deliverance. Myself, I find that Catholic mass and the Eucharist deliver me from bad vibes. I’m not saying that’s for you. But I am saying that I wouldn’t always have considered that approach. I actually converted to Catholicism for that very reason.

      Another thing that may help is good nutrition and regular exercise. That may sound pedantic but we’re total human beings, and any kind of weakness in the system might perhaps be exploited by… well, yes, evil.

      Last thing I ‘d suggest, with all due respect, is seeking some kind of person to person counseling. But I suggest that whomever you find would consider your spiritual life along with all the other factors that make you a complete person.

      I hope these suggestions help.


  3. thank you michael. Today I am a bit calmer from the previous evening and am putting it into perspective a bit. i am glad you brought up the nutrition and exercise because I could not agree more with you on that issue. If we keep things in balance…everything is stronger in our lives, mental, physical and spiritual. Those two things are not an issue for me at this point particularly…life long practitioner here on those fronts. I too have strong spiritual beliefs…(somewhat non-denominational however christian based..I do meditation and recently started buddhist chanting as well) I believe in many forms of spiritual enlightenment actually…and I do believe we have psychic and other abilities that (for me) do not go against my religious/spiritual beliefs. I know not everyone feels the same on that however and respect everyones right to find what is correct for them. I have been a bit afraid about my own psychic abilities all of my life and some of these fears were compounded by my religious beliefs i held growing up. I no longer feel they are in conflict…and was open to actually developing them..They don’t come from a dark place and are not being manipulated for selfish gain. Opening these up however has been a little suprising for me…and in some instances frightening actually. I do feel an attachement of another entitiy to me however and have been told many times over about this by various psychics. It is a protective spirit for me personally but somewwhat possessive. (not a spirit guide and no one I met in this life either) I have been told that spirits sometimes attach themselves for various reasons…this is almost a romantic attachment as it comes more active when i am in a relationship and acts out against my partner….Even as i type this, I completely understand your “you might want one on one counseling” comment because it sounds crazy even to me. I guess posting on the internet annonomously seemed safe because I do truly not speak about this with friends because it DOES sound a bit delusional. (and to answer I have in the past done counseling for various growth areas…I am not currently in therapy but do believe in the value of this) So that is my situation. I am going to ignore the other night. It is what it is…peaceful, restful night again last night and things were back to normal. Life is full of suprises sometimes, eh? Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post. I appreciated it very much.


    • I suggested the counseling more as a kind of spiritual direction. Think of it this way: Even the best athletes need a coach, right? And serious mountain-climbers usually have helicopter backup in case they need another perspective re their climb.

      So why wouldn’t this be so for spiritual seekers? To go it alone might be risky, IMHO, because we all have blind spots that another person, a spotter, as it were, might be able to check for us.

      Actually, I feel that we should be open to critique and perspectives from all walks of life. If we’re truly interested in self-actualization and doing God’s will, that seems to make sense to me.

      All the best on your journey. 🙂


  4. What a great short article on Understanding Ghosts, Apparitions, Spirits, And Poltergeists Most Impressive!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Yes, I agree with the need to get some more specialized one on one help. Both spiritual counseling and a direct intervention by an energy worker of some kind is needed to remove this energetic attachment. This should not be taken lightly. It may require an extended period of energy work in both removing the energetic attachment and then healing the resulting damage it has done to the body’s energy fields through the process of energy extraction. There is likely to be an ancestral connection, in that a person or a number of members of this person’s ancestral tree suffered some intense trauma which was repressed, or messed ignorantly with magic of some kind (as was mentioned in the article) the results of which which were not properly resolved or healed and the person has inherited this and have been called upon by the spirits involved to address this imbalance because of their recognition of their psychic abilities.


  6. what i find hard to understand is, when we die, are we going to be lost energy, how do we know we will not be lost, is there no control in the after life, people who are haunted, where is there family and guardian angel in this? if we die with guilt will we remain earth bound or float about for eternity, i would be so grateful for answers, i do believe in ghosts, i have seen them, but i am confused as to where we actually go, after reading the book by billy fingers, he mentions no devil or punishment, just light, which confuses me as to why we do have bad spirits


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