Common interpretation and meanings related to dreams about trees or parts of a tree

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By Alex B

Dreaming about a tree represents a symbol related to one’s personal life and individuality of the person experiencing this vision. The shape of the tree in a dream is a subjective representation and reflection of this person’s or someone else’s, who is very close to the person, life situation and personal existence with relation to other people’s lives.

A tree in a dream, depending on its kind and state can be a symbol carrying a lot of meanings, both positive and negative, which can be describing dreamer’s body conditions and state, indication about health and physical wellness, ability to grow both physically and intellectually, personal achievements and progress with work as well as connection to the genealogical tree and immediate family or predecessors.

A tree in a dream can also be a representation of how studying and acquiring knowledge is progressing and even how they might affect the life of a person who happened to dream about this symbolic image. It can equally be a simple way for subconscious mind to tell people about their life course and reflect their direct or indirect relationship with others around them (these meanings will largely depend on in what conditions a tree was growing and what kind of a tree shape it has been seen: large, small, a tree with stunted growth, a perfectly shaped or a dwarf tree, a dry or a dead tree).

Tree branches seen in a dream are a symbol of hidden abilities and secret desires or aspirations. Some sources describe dreaming about a tree trunk as an indication of problems related to the dreamer’s spinal cord and basic health conditions which need to be looked at more closely or with more attention. Upper branches and canopy of a tree in a dream point out our connection to the outer space , ability to express ourselves spiritually and find ways to be able to deal with everyday life while relying on a higher levels of cognition and striving for balanced and self-fulfilling future.

Tree roots in a dream are usually what they symbolize in a wake life, they represent basic needs for our existence, connection with ancestors and inner urge to care about humankind or certain people we communicate with on a everyday basis (family, close friends, co-workers or relatives). Tree roots can also be a sign or financial stability and independence, propensity to accumulate wealth and provide for our family.

Tree leaves with all their various shapes, colors and sizes and depending on what state they were seen while dreaming represent subconscious concerns and worries related to personal private life, something we have been going through recently and our current state of consciousness. It is important to note here that even small details in a dream related to tree foliage can affect interpretation of its meaning and help to uncover positive or negative message these dreams may contain.

The overarching meaning related to dreams about trees can be described as development and growth in time, either for an individual or for relationships and personal connections this individual creates in his or her personal life with other people. Some dream interpretation sources make reference to dreaming about a ‘universal’ tree, an entity which represents the universe we exist in and which carries a special meaning when our mind tries to grasp the fact they exist and learn more about cosmic forces or objects in space which perplex and astonish us by their magnitude.

Lastly, dreaming about trees under certain weather conditions or with seasonal patterns can also reveal a multitude of interpretations and symbolic meanings. Many dream interpretation sources describe dreaming about healthy trees with lush foliage as a sign of personal wellness and material wealth, while dreaming about dry trees stripped of foliage signify times of loneliness and hardship. Depending on a season (winter, summer, spring, autumn), dreams about trees are interpreted as symbols related to the beginning of a new relationship or exciting and fulfilling career or less promising or inspiring outcomes, such as periods of hard work and the need to choose priorities in life in order to succeed or being able to handle many things simultaneously.

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25 thoughts on “Common interpretation and meanings related to dreams about trees or parts of a tree

  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Had a dream last night about a couple of trees. One was a healthy evergreen magnolia. I patted one of the leaves, as I identified it to my companion. The next was a maple, a large old tree with branches close to the ground. The branches were covered with lush moss like you see in temperate rainforest. The leaves were still in bud, but the flowers were beginning to emerge from the moss. I patted the moss; it was soft, even in my dream. And then we walked on.

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  2. Great article. Very insightful. Symbollically speaking, the tree might also be seen as a representation of the human body’s subtle energetic system. I’ve seen energy healer’s and groups that deal with holistic health often using the symbol of a tree, usually with a large rounded canopy and a similarly rounded root system below which mirrors the size of the canopy above. This could beinterpreted to represent a number of things, including the idea of an enclosed self-sustaining system ( a tree is an eco-system unto itslef ) , alchemical principals of “As above so below” and our relation ship with the “World Tree”, the subtle and non-subtle energetic fields

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  3. I had a dream of a very large hard wood tree with no branches and stubbed at the top. It rose high into the air and the base of the tree was extraordinarily large. Then it began to crack and make loud noise as it begin to fall over.

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  4. I had a dream the night before last & I can’t shake it. I was riding in a vehicle with a female. It was dark but you could see the road & vehicles off in the distance. A big wind came along and blew several very large trees onto the road. They had no leaves they were just huge trees. I told the person driving these cars are going to wreck pull off here. While i was telling her you could see the taillights of the cars swerving & wrecking into one another. I was very calm. We went to a large building & stayed. What does this mean?

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  5. Trees blowing in the breeze, long tall slinder and gracegul, I’m lying on my back , looking up at them, dozenus of them. I hear the sound of the breeze. I see a man I know, in the kitchen, putting food on his plate . I see an animal I can’t quite make out what it is following me. This is most of my dream. I would really like to know what it means.

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    1. Apologies for taking so long to moderate this. It was an oversight. Normally I don’t try to interpret people’s dreams unless I know them and their situation. But other are free to offer their opinions!


  6. A sky scraping thick trunk or vine grown beyond the height of clouds in a night sky, no branches no leaves, looped back down at some unknown point, becoming a winding path to travel or walk upon. What does it mean?


  7. My sister dreamt my daughter was running through the trees. They had no leaves. She is running can see an opening but doesn’t make it before my sister woke.
    She didn’t know that my daughter had broken up with her partner. They had been together nearly 7 years. My daughter ended the relationship because she said they wanted different things


  8. hello I had two visions on my wall the first one was a tree its trunk was very robust and its roots were hug and they were into the growned the color of the trunk was gold and as a light hit it it changed color like a perl but as I looked at its branches they also were robust and long into the sky but it had no leaves on them and in the middle of the tree there was a huge nest with a few eggs in it. the second vision was a black whole on the wall and out of it came a big black widow spider and a hundred baby spiders sreed across the selling as the black widow walked across the walls tords me and the little spiders I was trying to wake up but I had my eyes wie open and I rubbed them and still they were coming at me.


  9. In my dream I was climbing in the tree trying to hide from the gunfire the bullets were coming and I kept dodging them and a person was starting to climb the tree after me and I kept moving from Branch to branch and I looked and I seen a rotten branches and I knew I couldn’t go on that limb and the shooter kept shooting somewhere in the dream I told somebody at a counter that I did not want to die too please tell the shooter I did not know either person or where I was just hiding from bullets in the tree high up. What does this mean?


  10. I had a dream about a big tree being uprooted due to strong typhoon with tsunami and the tree leaned towarsa my cousin’s house but the house was not damage.What does it mean?


  11. I had a dream that I was at the old farm house I grew up in.. There are 2 huge oak trees in front of the house…The one farther was lush and green.. the one closer was green as well but I notice that there was rotten parts on the tree and the wind was swaying this tree closes to me.. I new in my dream that it was going to fall.. I took my mind and shook the huge limbs and they fell .. the the entire tree snapped in 2 and fell as well..None of the tree touched the house and when all was done the only thing left was a huge stump….The center of the free was rotten as well.. But yet there was lushious leaves on the tree.. That was my dream 🙂

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  12. Please I saw myself and my twin brother coming down from a tree, and where been attacked y strange people asking why do we come down, please what is the meaning?


  13. I dreamed of being asked to run a supermarket errand..something I do for my neighbor. I took a quick acrobatic route, dodging traffic and hurdling fences. Ive often had dreams about par cour type activities, usually in some form of being chased. Before I woke up, I climbed a tree and the upper branches began to break. As it fell, I jumped from it onto another branch, and it began to fall, but it was on a lower level and i landed on the ground safely. Someone saw this, and questioned me about it, and then the police arrived. As soon as the supermarket errand appeared to be replaced with this turn of events, I woke up. My first thought was, its a dream, I dont have to involve myself from extricating myself from this situation.


  14. saw some people planted a big tree in front like Raj wadas in front of our home which was painted brown with no leaves branches spreaded medium it seemed like we’re putting there it for decoration And the branches were bit crossed with orange flag on it and I was fighting with working man’s for branches being crossed to make them proper but they were just escaping I was trying fighting hard too tell them and make it proper why? Please reply


  15. dreamt about big forest huge trees luscious green, couldn’t see any trunk .. just branches and leaves. I am tied to a rope by my waist and am swinging from one tree to another, almost flying one branch to next.


  16. My brother dreamt, I was consumed by a tree. The tree is one situated on our family land, an old pohutukawa that is very significant to our family. The tree reached out grabbed me and sucked me down the centre of the trunk. He said he was screaming and crying in pain at the tree to give me back. He said next minute I was gone and the tree went back to normal.

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