Science – the great brainwasher of the 21st century

Dr. W. Pillsbury, Vice-president of the Americ...
Dr. W. Pillsbury, Vice-president of the American Association and Psychology,1914. University of Michigan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s a pretty good critique of science by a leading Oxford professor. Prof. Robinson also lectures for The Great Courses. If your library carries these, I strongly suggest trying some out. If not in the library, there are snippets on YouTube. You can also buy the DVDs or audio files. But these are not exactly cheap.

Watching Robinson’s lectures on the history of psychology enriches my appreciation of just how “human” the science of psychology really is. I took a course in the history of psychology many years ago. It was above average in quality. But Robinson clearly is a master. Not only does he know his stuff in psychology and philosophy, but he’s also up on history, the history of ideas, literature and the arts. A very interesting fellow.

When I first saw Robinson on DVD, I wished I’d had a professor like him when I was an undergrad. But on second thought, I was probably too young to really appreciate the subtlety and depth of some of his observations. So I’m enjoying his work now.

In this segment, I suggest skipping to time: 13:55 to get to the meat of his argument. It’s mostly about his perception of the ignorant, arrogant, arbitrary, cultural, political, profit driven and regimented aspects of science. And as a student of psychology and religion, myself, I can say that some of it resonates here.





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