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Science gets a new picture of the quantum world


Yet another view of the quantum world. Finally, some scientists are realizing that we’ll may never know how it “really” looks. The shift seems to be moving toward, “what’s the latest picture we have?” I think that’s a far healthier approach than that of some researchers who, rather arrogantly, make sweeping claims on the basis on the latest observations and resultant theories.

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5 thoughts on “Science gets a new picture of the quantum world

  1. I agree ; the word ‘looks’ is always a deep one , but why waste time , effort and cash on the elusive when urgent down to earth problems are surrounding us.

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    • Well, I don’t think it is a total waste of time. I believe these experiments will eventually lead to some kind of greater understanding, perhaps a breakthrough. That will not happen for probably at least a hundred years. However, if we do no research then it won’t happen at all. What I object to is the overreaching claims that some scientists make.

      As for funding I guess it is just a matter of priorities. I know that most governments have budgets for different areas of society, and scientific research gets some slice of the pie. I’m not sure if this research was government assisted or not.


      • Some of the blame lies with the media who imply we are always on the brink of a breakthrough. We all like to think our moment of conscious awareness is unique.
        As for a hundred years we may not have that long if we do not focus on real problems. I believe civilisation will be fragmented and set back.
        Antibiotic resistance is serious as well as climate.


  2. Think of it as exploration. Mankind has always wanted to know more, to go further. Solutions to problems will just as likely come from forward movement instead of from merely treading water. And besides, it’s not as if all resources go into this. Only a slice of the pie.

    Media, btw, also can be alarmist because that sells.


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