Do “super spies” have parapsychological abilities?

I don’t think there’s necessarily a conspiracy to withhold info about spies who might have psi. That just seems too easy. When you think about it, if spies did have psi abilities, the canniest among them probably wouldn’t talk about it. They’d be lone wolves, reading minds and gathering info at a distance. And in a world where espionage is often internally divided, that would be their secret weapon to stay on top of the heap.

Let’s just hope that if psi spies do exist, they’re on the right side.



  1. The only fact is that the CIA has documents what confirms they have Paranormal Investigators. I’m not sure if it is possible to gain the full ability to read someones mind. I believe Telepathy does exist, but I doubt if there’s a possibility for at least the human kind to gain the full ability of reading someones mind. I say human kind, because other conspiracy theories claim that Aliens might have a full ability to read our minds. Our Human kind at least…. If so..well yeah they are more advanced… than we are. But when I let go my imagination: The government can hire ET-spies to get hold of the human civilization… But well… if that’s the case… than anything is possible and we will never be safe or have no privacy at all.

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  2. My feeling is that, if they do exist, there would be two main types.

    1) Those who are trained to enhance their intuition and “remote viewing” abilities. They might become fairly good at it.

    2) Those who recognize and develop a certain gift that they’d had since childhood. They wouldn’t take any courses or receive training in it because they’d just know what they could do. And over the years they had self-taught on how to refine it.

    I guess another distinction that I’ve discussed with those interested in the topic is

    1) passive psi

    2) active psi

    With passive psi, hunches and gut feelings would just come to a person. They wouldn’t make a career out of being psychic.

    With active psi, they could turn it on and off like a switch, and actively focus on people/situations to get a total impression.

    I’m not sure it exists at all. Agreed. Talking to a priest about it once, he suggested that we all get “impressions” but should never claim to know. I agree with that. IMO too many people go off the deep end, thinking that they are picking up info when it could just be their imagination or, possibly, some kind of spiritual deception. But it’s probably even more complicated than what I’ve said here.


  3. I know both the USA and Russia did experiments in the use of psychics for spying and military use but were abandons as they were unable due to inability of control such as accuracy in information in clairvoyance.

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    • Yes, I’ve heard of this and believe it. At the same time, it is possible that some gifted ones had little to do with these kinds of programs. I mean, did Mozart have to attend “how to compose music” school? Well, maybe when he was a kid. But certainly not as an adult.


      • I human being can be born with extraordinary physical and mental traits. Some are natural born gifted in music, science, arts, and so on as it deals with genetics and process of the brain. Yet paranormal abilities such as esp, telepathy, clairvoyance, and so on have yet to be demonstrated as an natural ability of humans. If these talents were, they would have been scientifically proven by now.


  4. It might be that you just have to read a bit more. Most biographies and autobiographies of saints and mystics from various world religions speak to “the reading of hearts,” “the discernment of spirits” and even knowing what other people are thinking.

    I don’t know if this stuff is amenable to the scientific approach, as currently found today. But I think a scientific attitude toward it is indispensable.


    • First just to clarify my position I am in agreement this paranormal phenomena exists in the world. The abilities labeled as psychic are not a natural part of the human being. I have read in the studies conducted over a century of psychic gifts in which remains unproven as subjects are unable to demonstrate control over there talents to manifest for testing. Control is defined as one’s ability to turning on or off that power, directing it, and accessing it. An example accuracy of information through clairvoyance. This had me to conclude that such abilities are not a natural force in the human mind or body. In studying religions, folklore, ancient cultures and legends I found those same powers are granted, bestowed, revealed, summoned, prayed for, taught or stumbled upon by external forces such as spirits, demons, nature, gods, elements and the modern spin aliens. An example the Greek oracles given prophecy through the Olympian gods. This is where I leave off thanks for the talk.


  5. I think we all have intuition. And some believe in revelation, not necessarily huge revelations but also little ones.

    So what’s the difference between intuition, revelation and psi? Maybe in the future humanity will develop an advanced science in this area. But right now, I think we’re in the infancy stage.


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