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An “unbiased” view of Islam?


My feeling is that the author of this worthy article means well but makes the same kind of philosophical mistake that so many do when promoting a particular agenda, religious belief or greater cultural awareness. Avoiding bias and attaining objectivity probably isn’t possible. Maybe we can achieve degrees of objectivity, but unless we have a pipeline to God, I doubt anyone can claim pure objectivity. That’s why we need to talk, bounce perspectives off one another, and come to working solutions.

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2 thoughts on “An “unbiased” view of Islam?

  1. Indeed, true objectivity is a myth. Experience is always subjective. I think as long as people are open about expressing what the limitations or biases (holes) in their interpretive framework are, then this increases scientific integrity. As true objectivity is impossible, intellectual honesty becomes critical.

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  2. Honesty is important but I think sometimes people fool themselves or rationalize less than noble means to a perceived good end. I usually try to say that objectivity is “probably” impossible because one can conceive of someone having a direct revelation that truly is from God, unbiased and (harder to conceive) not subsequently interpreted. This kind of situation, if possible at all, would be very rare, imo.


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