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Readiness for enhanced spiritual well-being

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I was just surfing the web, looking for spirituality articles and came across this.

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The nursing diagnosis readiness for enhanced spiritual well-being is defined as an “ability to experience and integrate meaning and purpose in life through a person’s connectedness with self, others art, music, literature, nature, or a power greater than oneself.” (Anonymous, 2002, p. 68) and was approved by NANDA in 2002.

Defining characteristics

A person with this diagnosis may:

  • Having an enhanced desire for hope
  • Feel that there is meaning and purpose to their life;
  • Have a sense of peace or serenity;
  • Surrender love;
  • Be forgiving towards themself, and request forgiveness of others;
  • Request forgiveness from others;
  • Have a satisfying philosophy of life;
  • Experience joy, courage, or heightened coping;
  • Pray or meditate;
  • Connect with others;
  • Provide service to others;
  • Experience connections with nature;
  • Experience connections with or a desire to create art, music, or literature, particularly of a religious or spiritual nature;
  • Experience a connection with a power greater than oneself;
  • Report mystical experiences;
  • Participate in religious activities.


  • Anonymous (2002). Diagnosis Review Committee: New and revised diagnoses. Nursing Diagnosis 13(2) p. 68-71. Philadelphia:NANDA

Article Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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