Time for dangerous, selfish smokers to be stopped

Have you ever lived with a smoker? If you have, chances are your whole home was full of stinky, lethal secondhand smoke. Smokers obviously are turning off their rational mind. One only has to look at the statistics.

It pains me when I walk by my local high school and see beautiful young teens sucking on the weed. I say to myself, “but you did it too back then.” And I did. Thank God I saw the light, hopefully in time.

Ironically, some smokers are avid environmentalists. I find it a joke that they make a career out of saving the Earth when they can’t even control what toxic substances go into their own bodies, not to mention our biosphere.

And weed? Well, in Canada it’s going to be legalized. Has everyone forgotten that it’s just as dangerous, if not worse, than cigarette smoke?

I believe future humans will look back in amazement at this mindless puffing, just as we look back in amazement at past people doing stupid things like bloodletting or drinking water out of lead pipes. The only difference, however, is that we know the difference. Past people were simply ignorant and didn’t know any better. So that makes smoking infinitely more absurd today.



  1. I usually agree with things posted in your blog but not really this time. I am one of those environmentalists that also happens to be a smoker that you disparagingly refer to. Starting with the main thrust of your post, of course smokers shouldn’t smoke in cars when there are children present. I don’t. Most of us don’t. I am fed up with the implication that all smokers are somehow stupid and selfish. In most cases neither of those things are true. Smoking is a vice and a lifestyle choice that, thankfully, adults are still allowed to make in most parts of the world. It is true that it carries with it significant health risks but so does mountain climbing, many other sports, eating rich and fatty food, drinking alcohol, driving a car or crossing the street. I am fed up with the expectation that adults should remain angelic little children all their lives and that their choices should be limited by the bland and the weak.


  2. Agreed that in life we must take some risks. Otherwise we’re paralyzed into inaction. But if a proud smoker were to quit for a significant amount of time, I wonder if their sentiments might evolve.

    When I was younger I used to partially justify the idea of smoking by painting an extreme example:

    “If it keeps someone from suicide, then it is a ‘lesser evil,'” I used to say.

    But today I realize that there are better solutions. So that argument doesn’t really hold up if one takes a dynamic approach to life.


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