Arctic greenbelt on increase – climate change

More new plants to compensate for those drying up?



  1. Scary to think that. I think there was a study somewhere a few years back that discussed that at certain layers of ice they harvested they could tell when flora were flourishing in the artic. They realized that it followed a cycle and the last time the artic was green was before the last ice age…
    Scary if you think about what followed that nice flora grow and how we would survive a ice age now.

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  2. Yeah, I think you are wise to look at it from a big picture approach. Too many people, IMO, are reacting too strongly to recent trends. The Earth is a complicated system and, if we can believe the evidence, goes thru big cycles. Somehow I think Canada will fare well in all this. Not sure about Equatorial places though. 🙂


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