Lady Gaga’s 20 Minutes with Dalai Lama brings media storm in China

Earthpages is “the real alternative,” so don’t expect me to gush out the usual politically correct stuff about the DL. Personally, I think he’s a bit of a poser. First, I think that the notion of reincarnation is too simple—a manmade theory trying to make sense of a mysterious universe. So basically, we have this kid who bought into the idea that he was the reincarnation of someone important. If you don’t understand what I’m saying here, look up how the DL is selected. Very shaky, if you ask me.

Second, I have exceptionally good reasons to believe in God, and Buddhists say that God is just a human idea. So on those two counts, I distrust the DL. Also, I wonder where the funding comes from in Buddhism. Is it magically free of corruption? I doubt it.

Let’s get real. Organized religions and much of society usually have a dark underbelly. At least the Catholic Church is addressing that issue rather than sweeping it under the rug. And I would imagine that the DL and his group are still in the “cover it up at all costs” phase. I have no proof of this. But just a hunch.

The other reason I would never follow the DL is because I saw him when he came to Toronto, quite some time ago. Yes, there was a perceptible buzz in the room. But it was not the kind of holy feeling that I feel through Christ. It was a different experience. And, for me, inferior.

So as I say, don’t expect political correctness from me. Especially when it comes to, imo, religious posers.—MC


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