Psychics – fact or fraud?

I consider myself intuitive so cannot rule out the possibility that some people could call up a strong intuitive ability on demand. However, anything I may intuit is always passive. That is, I don’t ask for it. And I don’t stare up between my eyebrows and foam at the mouth. I wouldn’t want to. If anything comes, it just comes automatically any time throughout the day.

There’s lot of room for error in this area. That’s why I believe we should be “scientific” about intuition (or more actively psychic abilities) as much as possible.

How can we be scientific?

Well, it’s not too complicated. Just see if what you intuited or “picked up” is actually true. And if it’s about the future, whether or not it comes true. Also, intuitives should openly admit mistakes, just as any good scientist would.

Okay, maybe it’s not quite that simple. The universe is a complicated place and there could be all sorts of soft, indirect or symbolic intuitions. If you don’t get what I’m talking about, not to worry. It likely means you’re more of a “practical” person and don’t have to concern yourself with the finer points of intuition.

I wouldn’t want a medical doctor, for instance, saying “hold on… I just have to meditate for half an hour to get how to treat you.” No. An MD needs to know all the current data about medical science. And that’s what she or he should be doing. Not to say that some degree of intuition isn’t involved in a good diagnoses. It probably is. In most instance it’s usually best to combine the intellect and the gut.

I have no idea if the alleged psychic in this tweet is for real or not. But I thought this would be a good place to add my two bits on the topic.–MC


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